Sovereign documents of liberty and salvation 2013


 I Debra Anne Potroz known as TeManawa Heart of Heaven, Heart of the world, Queen of Queens, The word made manifest (Logos) declare these are God made these many names are divine and belong to the official office of salvation.

 Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa and all her territories – The Seal of Covenant between God and Gods people’s.

Mother of the Nations granted by the elders of the council of elders given in recognition official office held man-made.

 I Debra Anne Potroz known as TeManawa Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa and all her territories Nationally and Internationally declare Sovereignty of God as the Logos on behalf of the peoples of the world and as the Mother, as Sovereign Queen of Queens of te Ao and in the Sovereignty of Aotearoa on behalf of the people’s of Aotearoa as sovereign Queen of Aotearoa in Gods name and in my name as Debra Anne Potroz hereby known as TeManawa (The Heart)

I am the one known as the heart

By Gods light I am the beacon the light and the way. By Gods Love I am the true and pure heart. By Gods winds I am the word the Breath and blow the seeds of creation to be planted By Gods will I am life and live and manifest and am manifest. By Gods being I am protection protected Keep and am kept safe

By Gods power I am upheld and overcome my enemies which are Gods enemies. By Gods Truth I am Truth Understanding and wisdom I am chosen and remain thus eternally. By Gods Authority I am authority in both worlds physical and spiritual. By God I seal and am sealed

By Gods laws I am liberty

 How brave the heart that stands to be true that stands to be pure and is both that stands to create in purity peace and love in truth wisdom and freedom no greater leader shall there be no matter what others do. No matter how hard it is to follow it is the only path to liberty and for mankind to be truly free.

 God’s way is the only way and listening to God following God is the perfection we all seek. I make declaration that all seek within to connect directly with God thus Let us unite and raise up the people lead the people and unite the people and the nations as never before, let us move forward and be the destiny we are to be for the higher good of the people and the Nations and the world.

 Having landed on top of the pyramid let these things within this document be the beginning and the message and the teaching, Balance is not the Light force against the dark, for one gives way to the other. It is the balance of the light within the heart weighed against the feather and found as light.  See attachment Taurus upon earth.

The symbols of God have been misused they are not for limitation oppression or suppression but limitless co creation and must be filled with light not dark. This is what will bring the truth of them and the Mothers balance.

 By divine principle the laws of the universe all things given within this document have occurred by the laws of three the trinity – Information Synchronicity and manifestation and by witness same.

 Part One

Sovereignty of God (Logos) See Attachments – Declarations of the word 

 Tapu Tapu – See attachment – Tapu, The throne of Heaven – The Jade Door – Immaculate Heart Fatima, Pope Praises.  Time Line

 Waka o Tainui o te Ra

 The Sovereignty of God is the biblical teaching that all things are under God’s rule and control, and that nothing happens without His direction or permission. God works not just some things but all things according to the counsel of His own will (see Eph. 1:11). His purposes are all-inclusive and never thwarted (see Isa. 46:11); nothing takes Him by surprise. The sovereignty of God is not merely that God has the power and right to govern all things, but that He does so, always and without exception. In other words, God is not merely sovereign de jure (in principle), but sovereign de facto (in practice).

 I Debra Anne Potroz known as TeManawa do hereby declare the Sovereignty of God in my office and authority as Logos,  Queen of Queens, The Heart of Heaven and The world, having taken up this office officially May 10th 2000 and actively utilizing such authority in this office on going. As defender of the faith, spokesperson for God, trustee of all Mauri for the lands of the Nations, the spiritual people of the lands is with guardianship of the people is with the responsibility…

 See Attachment – The Journey Time Line

 “What is meant by [the sovereignty of God]? We mean the supremacy of God, the kingship of God, the god-hood of God. To say that God is Sovereign is to declare that God is God. To say that God is Sovereign is to declare that He is the Most High, doing according to His will in the army of Heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth, so that none can stay His hand or say unto Him what doest Thou? (Dan. 4:35). To say that God is Sovereign is to declare that He is the Almighty, the Possessor of all power in Heaven and earth, so that none can defeat His counsels, thwart His purpose, or resist His will (Psa. 115:3). To say that God is Sovereign is to declare that He is “The Governor among the nations” (Psa. 22:28), setting up kingdoms, overthrowing empires, and determining the course of dynasties as pleaseth Him best. To say that God is Sovereign is to declare that He is the “Only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords” (1 Tim. 6:15). Such is the God of the Bible.” God made manifest as Logos See Attachments The concepts of Sovereignty

 God does not need permission to move and act accordingly, thus this is upheld by God and by TeManawa as Logos and Supreme Ariki Nui and by covenant restored to the peoples of Aotearoa respectively.

 The people of earth are lost undermined by those who gain control by influence of that old and ancient serpent known as the spirit of Evil. All those knowingly or unwittingly upholding these persons who have made such input of such sin into the world and among humanity shall like these ones who are intent on incriminating those in the realms of Earth through criminalizing God and making attempt to cease all creation shall find upon their demise, they shall go from all existence they shall be no more with only opportunity for redemption and salvation to those who has unwittingly be lured to such destructive force.

 Those who have committed treason and crime against God and all creation invoking acts through thought, word, and deed, causing crimes against humanity.  Those involved in social engineering and technology of ill intent. Those destroyers who set in motion destructive forces are the devils spawn and have no redemption but go from all creation without opportune of redemption. Those who so unwittingly were compromised by aligning to this destructive force will have opportunity for redemption and salvation.  See Attachment – Declarations of the Heart the Terrible Judgment

 The human has 10 senses the same five in Heaven as in the world together these combine to make IO in alignment with God the divine.  These are the directions of the spirit and the access to these senses is within

 Prophesy – Many exist and many have claimed only one stands.  See attachment Nostradamus

 The Pope shall no longer sit upon the throne of Peter for it is now that of the Logos confirmed.  The Immaculate Heart – See Attachment – Fatima, The Throne of Heaven, TeManawa established now as head, Gods highest Authority existing on the earth completes as above so below with the throne of Heaven and of earth, Vatican City, The Catholic church and its estates and holdings assets chattels and incomes shall be transferred to TeManawa as sovereign God existing and shall be consecrated to God through her name.  Those of the faith abide by the commandments one and all. See attachments – Vatican City. Ten Commandments

 Kings and Queens

No more shall King or Queen sit upon a throne who has not come by divine authority

Take charge as before to lead the people of your Nations and have the servants of the people take responsibility of your Declaration. For you shall have the power to Declare in authority for your country and your peoples once more, but know this the word shall be held fast and you shall be held fast to the land and the people for of all servants you truly are serving.  Thus be Stewards on Gods name.

 British Crown Moai is buried beneath Buckingham Palace thus let it be known that the sovereignty of British Crown has claimed what can not be claimed for these things belong to the Sovereignty of God and not the Crown of Britain.  To have such item there is to submit to the Sovereignty of God and as such this estate and all its holdings worth and value is claimed by TeManawa as Sovereign Queen of Queens who shall take up position as the head of the Commonwealth.  People of Britain uphold your Magna Carta See Attachment Magna Carta. Head of the Commonwealth.

 United States of America uphold your declaration of Independence and constitution you are so named a sovereign country as all countries are to be. Uphold the laws of liberty you hold symbol to be free. See Attachment USA Declaration of Independence 1-4


It is recognized that an effort has been made and in true heart may have paved the way yet it is found to be an illusion as those embarked on this Endeavor plan to entrap all of humanity in global colonization. Who dares such as this when all Gods creatures are born free shall find this now before the people of the world in crimes not simply against humanity but against God and all creation.  These ones exposed through their endeavors are the heights of human sin in the depth and breathe of greed murder and violation and can be found easily for the vast stock pile of abundance freedom and acclamation that has been denied to all others.

 World Leaders

I make declaration that the kingdom of heaven come down upon earth

Decisions for the people shall be made by God and the people shall know Gods decisions through Gods messengers and follow Gods decisions That none shall go against Gods decisions universal law shall rule mankind and mankind shall learn these and abide by these

I make declaration that those thinking of themselves ruling the world be removed from their positions and authority and replaced with those in authority that think of bringing the world together. The greatest wealth of any Nation is its people and politics shall not save the world or the people it shall be saved by the people let all people unite in saving the world.

NATO Five minutes that silenced the world and yet still not heard even though those present listened, it is time that you did. Listen to the words of the children Take not the light from their hearts nor their purity. They are closer to Gods Throne, hold truth and of all the crimes against humanity to rob them of these things among the greatest sin of all.  See Attachment Five minutes that silenced the world – Tablets of the heart

Agenda21 shall cease and desist immediately. There is to be neither corporate take over of neither humanity nor ownership of humanity through corporate means nor subversive or open means.  It is not acceptable to God or the people nor is it acceptable to the Mother.  Creation of war, rule through dictatorship, control of humanity through nefarious means and fear and ownership of the worlds resources stop now. Those who have manipulated humanity through sustainable measures as a means of doing so shall be considered having acted in crimes against humanity and bear the accountability and responsibility for full restitution.  These people have names and are known. Wealth nor positions of Authority shall not be their shield nor protector against such measures See attachments United Nations A21, Bilderberg 2013

As the Heart I TeManawa on behalf the people of the world give instruction to the United Nations known as NATO to uphold your charter to humanity.  See Attachment – UN Charter The prosecution of all persons who have and are embarked upon crimes against humanity and creation through design of enslavement of humanity and manipulation of those enslaved by subversive and destructive manipulation of politics economy and religion, effecting Mother earth and all upon her, including economy, weather, health and well being of humanity and the world eco system, creation and its ongoing evolution towards God. All assets, holdings, corporations, trusts, bank accounts, Gold, Silver, resources, minerals, shares, stocks and bonds, indeed all things of value and worth shall be ceased from those so prosecuted and used to return that stolen money which belongs to humanity to the sovereign individuals making up humanity directly. No person can hold vast wealth out of extreme proportion to another under universal law it is so named a sin called greed Let ten billion be the cap for any individual and corporation, business, trust or charity beyond the running costs and share profits of any corporation, business, trust or charity, which shall now be the people not an identity and entity separate that all shall be held accountable as a whole should the corporation, business, trust or charity falter.  No monopoly can be placed as each individual sovereign is a shareholder in the country’s and the world’s wealth. Local purchase to support local business shall be established and the respective country and the well being of its people shall come before that of International.

 Know this you all take on the responsibility of others which is not yours to do. Each individual person on the planet is responsible for self and theirs to do. Your role here is to ensure this and the on going well being of those you care for, to have all humanity set free as individual sovereign with all the rights and protections of well being, the fair and just distribution of the planets wealth.  This is not hard to ensure for you have all been given colors and with thus a care in relation to these things from long ago. These are what you will call your foundations to build upon and from this there will be no more war. 

 Native American Indians are our brothers and our sisters their plight is that of our own. They are sovereign Individuals in their sovereign country and this must be restored to them in full.  See attachment – Declaration of Native Indigenous


The European Convention on Human Rights

ROME 4 November 1950

And its Five Protocols

PARIS 20 March 1952



STRASBOURG 16 September 1963

STRASBOURG 20 January 1966

As the Heart I TeManawa on behalf the people of the world give instruction to the Council of Europe to uphold your charter to humanity.  See Attachment – Council of Europe

 No world Government shall be large or established without the will and voluntary permission of the people known as humanity nor shall any Governments suppress the peoples rather they shall create elected representatives chosen by the people for the people and in this serve the people and thus God and no body, group or individual shall intercede, groom, control, be invasive, or manipulate these things.

 I make declaration that anyone who attempts to or takes a life respects not their own they respect nothing so the cause and person becomes noa for if you can not respect your life are willing to take the life of another then you have broken covenant with God who placed all upon earth. We all have the same father.

 All countries peoples lay down your arms plant them beneath the great tree of peace and pick up the weapons to fight the battles upon your soul and upon our world existing our planet is dying. Return back to basics simplicity for world economies won’t exist if the planet does not. Let the Great Tree of Peace be planted for all. Let all cultures sit therein. And let this be placed where it lives in the land of the greatest eagle among the Gods the place of creation. Let all countries sit therein. Reward for doing so shall see a transformation as the tree planted takes on the role of war to save the world and all its plants and animals. Birth a new world off world and let it be sought the permission for democracy from the ancestors that it may be blessed and the great tapu nui be invoked for all.

 The Military including navy, spy agencies, and police shall be transferred into restorative units to build infrastructure, shelter, replant forests, clean waters and purify the atmosphere, making restitution to the Mother and her creatures including human in the worst and most stricken areas coming first. Beyond this their duties and responsibilities are clear to defend the earth and peoples of it against off world invasion.

Thus put away your thoughts of war and turn them into peace for it is the war upon the spirit of humanity that must be won.

War is a thought of mind and man, and as thoughts are the creative force we must turn our thoughts to those of positive peaceful loving Endeavor that promotes restoration of Mother earth and all upon her in healing and in balance with the creator, God. See attachment – Weather weapons treaty 1976

The Balance When one has freed oneself from darkness the balance is restored, thus endeavor must be made to be free of greed and all forms of violation. Trials and harm need not be the way to grow thus the victory of the soul is to remain within the light thus producing harmony aligned to God and all creation. Apply the golden rule.

The law is founded on making more as the thoughts of those in power and authority are centered on this too. It is time to think of refining those simple laws of common good and universal as basis for all humanity not creating more that is no good. A person has a compass within that shows the way it is there for purpose of what is and is not right and this is what must be explored or rob the heart of human kind of truth and love and God. 

International law UN and Treaty Let it be known that the New Zealand Government is not legal thus every Treaty signing up of law and or agreement is not valid this includes Agenda 21 and the Succession of change for Queen Elizabeth’s line.  The Gold buried that is Queen Elizabeth’s shall be held in payment of treaty settlements as it must be from her and not the tax payers of NZ. These things that have been done all have been subversive and nothing less than entrapment.  Let it be also known that might does not make what is been done right nor wealth or position.

The Police shall go about protecting and serving humanity. The Military and Navy shall do the same. That the third world war is no more than that of the individual upon the battle field of their own soul and for each to win the prize of peace within shall see the peace for all begin.

A global treaty of sovereign Countries/principalities shall be done committing to non invasion of another countries/principalities area and global assistance by all countries to any country seeking it and in the way the people of that country request it in shared world community of assisting all who live in the world and upon the world. Humanity must not go against the natural order of creation and so it is.

 The IMF( World Bank) having being misused shall be delivered back to it’s rightful owners who hold title this being Maori who shall set in place a decentralized currency for global use pre set with shareholding of all individual humans upon Mother earth to be used for shareholding distribution for the well being of the Mother and all upon her.

 Those who have stolen monies of the peoples of humanity through centralized banks and business tax to accrue in volume to a few shall have these persons involved their entire bank accounts assets and wealth frozen. It shall be returned in full to the IMF restored to Maori and from their shall be dispersed to the people of the world.

 All religions shall have a single council of meeting for common good between all religions including tohunga that understanding of the different spirits moving and Gods spirit moving can be comprehended.  There is truth in all. Lay the foundations as those laid for Aotearoa.

 Under the Sovereignty of God I TeManawa do hereby declare humanity free in this same way which is upon Aotearoa and as such the people of Earth call upon The United Nations to uphold their charter in accordance with the values and principles of God and to TeManawa through the Consecration of Humanity to the Immaculate Heart I declare the return of Sovereignty to  all lands and peoples to whom it belongs and the return of the lands to the sovereignty for it is (mother ) to its people.

 Sacred sites and lands Return the sacred land to the guardians (Indigenous) around the world

And release the sacred sites to those guardians each a po in the matrix known as the meridian of Earth and of Heaven aligned to the Meridians with each individual being upon the earth as the spirit is aligned in heaven and maintained in balance reflecting the triune trinity of Godhead, thus restoring balance to the world and all upon it.

 Women are the heart of the family she is creation moving forces and close to God

She holds authority in spirit over all her children. Sacred is the heart to God honor her with all respects and cares for her the same. 

 Woman shall care for their man and children in the home as the man shall care for his woman and children in the world. If the man and woman are no longer married the Mother shall care for the children in the home and the man shall care for the children in the world and the Mother.  A good Mother knows her  Child’s heart thus for those who are same in a two parent unity one must take the care and role as Mother but can not have the authority which belongs to the biological and one that of the Father.

 China You do not own Tibet return it to its owners you walk upon their ancestors and it is violation of what is sacred in the world and to God.

Palestine and Israel you have fought over holy ground violating this until it is no longer holy it belongs to the ancestors whose dust returned to it and upon which you walk in anger and disrespect. In this light all land shall be returned to the ancestors whose dust returned to it thus the indigenous nations take up your lands and return to the sacred sites, teach the children the ancient ways and stand in the guardianship that belongs to you.

 While each country and its people have its principle set all are in common under God and Universal law let this be the guiding light, the beacon for all countries Consequence of such Violation of these laws inclusive Universal law shall apply.

 The factions fighting in the Middle East, you need each other why because without each other how do you know who you are. Being in partnership uniting doesn’t mean letting go it means moving forward finding common ground for the good of all

 There is no such thing as over population, thus God has provided a new world created for humanity to reach out into the universe and grow.  I was there at it’s beginning  thus place your thoughts upon this and know that this is also true, when you go off your world and look back you shall realize that you have always been a  part of heaven, as you will always be a part of heaven thus as you walk upon the daughter of the Mother, a new home and heart beat found remember you are walking on sacred and holy ground that belongs to God first and then all nations of your earth and. in this you are untied as separate sovereigns thus tied into one . Make this a united effort for humanity and thus learn before coming one sovereign nation.  

 While other enterprises lay claim to Sovereignty of creation bonding humanity to voluntary freedom it is God through the logos who declares these things are good and humanity consecrated to the Immaculate Heart declares all humanity is now free and no more bonded. OPPTIN See Attachments – Opptin Documents

 Under the sovereignty of God I TeManawa do hereby declare humanity free in this same way which is upon Aotearoa and as such the people of Earth  to make call upon The United Nations to uphold their charter in accordance with the values and principles of God and to TeManawa through the Consecration of Humanity to the Immaculate Heart declare the return of Sovereignty to those lands and peoples to whom it belongs and return of the lands to the Sovereignty for it is (mother ) to its people.

 I TeManawa declare an open and co operative global society as the basis for humanity to thrive upon where no man woman or child is left out or behind and each individual shares in the abundance upon earth which the creator provides for all under universal law.

 All upon the earth shall live by the Tablets of the heart See Attachment – Tablets of the heart

 All inclusive shall be the declarations of the heart in part within this document and written spoken elsewhere in the past present and future See attachment – Declarations of the heart

Part Two – Sovereignty of Aotearoa

(It is my duty to know the future and my responsibility to open the way and bring humanity back to the path should they stray, this is part of my office as the logos, the word upheld and world upheld today it is 3 June 2013 and I am asked to do the sovereign document with attachments for October 2013 delivery at Waitangi

 See Attachment – Preamble

Declaration of Independence – See Attachment – Declaration of Independence, Concept of Sovereignty, Declarations of the heart.

 The confederation of united tribes includes those settlers of Queen Victoria and is known as the Wikitoria hapu with all the rights and privileges of any other hapu within the tribes of Aotearoa. It’s IWI being The British crown. (Corporation in London) or Britain (be advised on this one) the people of Aotearoa shall be free and remain so while the lands of Aotearoa exist.  

 Aotearoa being the lands of the Gates of Heaven both the beginning gate of creation being born through the first rays of the sun and the first rays of light and the end gate of all leaving the realms of earth to advance to the realms of Heaven or the underworld is the place of Gods spirit moving in creation force upon the earth, humanity, and all things found there in.  Here is found the Gods, the Guardians who protect the gates to the kingdom of Heaven, thus Aotea is the new dawn and what was hidden to be kept safe now restored to the world that Mother earth and all upon her shall be too. This is not something that can be attained by any other Nation Race or peoples yet found around the world at the sacred sites the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth and those guardians that protect this belong to their lands and gates as we do those here called the guardians and gate keepers the sacred knowledge holders are found in all Indigenous Nations they belong to the Matrix the Meridians of Mother earth and Heaven as these energies travel around the globe on entry to return and exit.  Thus we are the guardians of Earth

 Maori one and all take your place restored to the world – Stand and deliver.

 I TeManawa declare Aotearoa in the sovereignty of God The lands, waters, foreshores and sea beds, air, assets, resources, minerals and income, inclusive in what is known as the Nations of Aotearoa a sovereign country within which are principalities determined by Tribal area known as waka areas each having it’s own Chief, chieftains otherwise known as King or Queen , With its own existing constitution known as Tikanga and it’s peoples sovereign individuals in their own right and each waka area embodied by it’s own parliament which sends representatives to the United waka parliament known as The parliament of Aotearoa.  The settlers of King George and his successors Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth are known as The Hapu of Wikitoria and are inclusive as a Nation within the Nation of Nations of Aotearoa.  

 A United Nations of Aotearoa is to be created out of the waka areas as a waka area for all Indigenous Nations in the brotherhood and sisterhood of Humanity. This makes up the Nations of Aotearoa and all her territories belong to us all combined. 

 The laws of our country shall be simple and not many for the laws of God are our foundations set and our inner truth the compass is our bearing – See attachment – Tablets of the heart, Tikanga

 With the truth all shackles begin to drop away, Freedom is found. Burdens begin to be laid down. Potential is lived. The light is shone into dark places and harmony begins to breath. The greatest sin is not living by within. The only way to peace upon earth and good will to all men is peace within each individual.

A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.[1] These rules together make up, i.e. constitute, what the entity is. When these principles are written down into a single document or set of legal documents, those documents may be said to embody a written constitution; if they are written down in a single comprehensive document, it is said to embody a codified constitution.

Constitutions concern different levels of organizations, from sovereign states to companies and unincorporated associations. A treaty which establishes an international organization is also its constitution, in that it would define how that organization is constituted. Within states, whether sovereign or federated, a constitution defines the principles upon which the state is based, the procedure in which laws are made and by whom. Some constitutions, especially codified constitutions, also act as limiters of state

Power, by establishing lines which a state’s rulers cannot cross, such as fundamental rights.

Tikanga are the customs and traditions that have been handed down through the passages of time. They come from tika, things are true and not teka, things that are false. Hence the word is tikanga not tekanga.

The foundations of Tikanga rest at the dawn of time, when events were happening, the worlds were being made, domains being decided, the balance was being put in place and English was not being spoken. All Tikanga stems from this time. I nga wa o mua translates as from the times of front but this phrase means the past. Therefore the past is always in front of us, there for guidance and the future is behind us, as very few can see the future and what it has in store for us. See Attached

This is the constitution of Aotearoa

With its citizens deemed free and sovereign in their own right under the mantle of the Sovereignty of God upheld by TeManawa as TeManawa is upheld by God we are the Sovereign Nation of Nations named Aotearoa. Each Nation within a principality named a Waka Area

  All Waka Areas each to their own had their  waka’s brought upon the land thus the law of the lands is no longer Maritime but law upon the land and is not the same thing as the maritime law of King George and his successors.

 I Debra Ann Potroz known as TeManawa Declare the treaty neither legitimate or legally binding yet is acknowledged for its intention and history in our country and among our Nations See Attachments – Treaty of Waitangi,

The Treaty of Waitangi never valid having never been signed by the sovereign Crown of Britain has been broken on many occasions and while apology has been given upon occasion and restitution has and is being made through Treaty settlement this has been done outside the laws of God and land.

The crown law is Maritime belonging on the high seas not the land and holds no sway upon the shores of Aotearoa where laws of the land have existed since the time of creation and the occupation of humans known as man. Whereby waka for each waka district was brought and held upon the lands it is these laws that are practiced today just as they always have been held and guarded by the guardians throughout all time.

The laws of the land as written in the Tu Ture  Acknowledging the British Crown and the Treaty of Waitangi Te Tiriti o Waitangi  are at odds  with the constitution named Tikanga which may be the guiding light to transference from the system of the Crown to the Sovereignty existing and inclusive in this Declaration of Sovereignty and freedom which is now our founding document- Te Ture See attachment –  Te Ture, Declaration of Independence , Tikanga See attachment – Treaty of Waitangi  Te Tiriti o Waitangi  but the Treaty of Waitangi  Te Tiriti o Waitangi while part of our history is not a founding document of the Sovereignty of Aotearoa simply acknowledged as part of the History of New Zealand.

 A principality (or princedom) can either be a monarchical feudatory or a sovereign state, ruled or reigned over by a monarch with the title of prince or by a monarch with another title within the generic use of the term prince.

I could through the process of a

Private Act

A private Act is an Act that deals with the particular interest or benefit of an identified person or body, e.g. the Wills’s Road Hall Act 1935 and the Sydenham Money Club Act 2001.


Private Bill

A private Bill is a Bill promoted by a person or a body of persons that becomes a private Act if enacted.

Inside the Government of New Zealand go about such things but this Government is not legal has no binding on these shores and to enter such a process makes contract. No constitution stands within it, no mandate form the people it operates outside due process having passed laws to cut all ties with the British crown in 1986 and before this. Where the crown it self included New Zealand in laws off shore by way of Australia and has never held sovereignty here through all this subversive action. The New Zealand Government through out has been an act and a delusion.  See attachment NZ Government, NZ Sovereignty26, Parliament brief, Preamble of NZ Draft Constitution, Rule of Law

The Treaty.




A formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries.



agreement – pact – contract – covenant – compact

Believe to see. Monies shall be delivered direct from the Crown not that of the people’s taxes for it is the Crown who must make restitution not New Zealander’s and not the Maori people of Aotearoa. Thus all monies owed to Tribes through Treaty settlement between the Crown and the respective tribes is a broken settlement as no monies form the Crown has been received and all treaty settlement monies must be settled by the Crown and not that of the New Zealand Government collecting taxes form the New Zealand people.  Thus the gold situated here in New Zealand belonging to Queen Elizabeth shall be held as part payment of treaty settlement direct to the tribes. Those monies so far received by the tribes are viewed as part payment of the Birth certificate bonds returned and must go directly to the individual sovereign persons while the Crown establishes proper settlement directly with the respective tribes.  (Why was a law made in Australia when Treaty was made In Aotearoa?) In the New Zealand Government breaking all ties with the Crown in 1986 we now have an illegal Government making Treaty settlements this is in no way restitution by the Crown and begs the question what is really going on? A people who brought their laws upon the land, made a declaration of Independence and were operating a constitution never gave away their sovereignty thus tenure of the lands of neither Aotearoa nor their Independence.   See attachments Treaty events, Land Tenure

I TeManawa Declare The government known as the New Zealand Government is non legitimate with no standing constitution and through – see Attachments – Laws 1986 Australia and New Zealand and in this repeal the law upon the seabed and foreshore.  See attachment April 5, 2006 Seabed

I declare the peaceful dissolution of The New Zealand Government which is not a legal entity acknowledged through the above sovereignty. The New Zealand Government shall honor the debt it has occurred without permission of the people and transfer all tittles of lands including tenure, waters, air, assets, resources, minerals and income, inclusive back to the sovereign peoples of Aotearoa and all laws passed by the Governments at time of making them are hereby revoked See attachments – Seabed, Thus the Crafer farms, sea bed and foreshore inclusive are retained by the people of Aotearoa.

All Maori Politicians shall step down from office as MP and all Maori Council members shall step down from office’s held to break the contract they have entered into illegally with an illegal Government known as The New Zealand Government and shall have opportunity like any other sovereign Individual to stand as nominees in their respective waka areas for election by the people for the people and to serve the people but I give heed that you have all been exposed to the ways of politics from of old and this may be detrimental to the new way now found upon us.  

The Military including navy, spy agencies, and police shall be transferred into restorative units to build infrastructure, shelter, replant forests, clean waters and purify the atmosphere. Our Armies Navy and defense forces shall be the builders of infrastructure restoring the damage of drought or flood earthquake afflicted areas

Beyond this their duties and responsibilities are clear to defend Aotearoa and her territories and peoples from off shore and off world invasion.

Thus put away your thoughts of war and turn them into peace for it is the war upon the spirit of humanity that must be won.

War is a thought of mind and man, and as thoughts are the creative force we must turn our thoughts to those of positive peaceful loving Endeavor that promotes restoration of Mother earth and all upon her in healing and in balance with the creator, God.

The Police shall go about protecting and serving the people of Aotearoa. The Military and Navy shall do the same. That the third world war is no more than that of the individual upon the battle field of our own soul individually and it is for each of us to win the prize of peace within thus we shall see the peace for all begin.

Birth Certificates A retraction of all enslavement formats are to be implemented without delay. All birth certificates held by the Government of New Zealand and bonded on the stock exchange shall be returned to the sovereign individuals directly.

 All monies bonded by the old birth certificate shall be released back to the sovereign individual all monies existing held and owed through such bondage shall be paid back to the individuals directly.

 Implementation of new Identification with the degree of being a free and sovereign individual shall be included upon them. It is declared non use of bonds that create bondage or worth shall also be applied to all paperwork corresponding with said issued certificate and is to be of use for the purpose of identity and no more

All other certificates Drivers license, Marriage, Death, Passport and all other certificates shall be inclusive.

 Data Collection No data collected from these things can be used for any other purpose than what the source content is for.

 Privacy All sovereign people of Aotearoa shall have their privacy with no attempt made by any to be invasive. Children are under guardianship of parents until they are of age and thus parents are inclusive in decisions made on behalf of their children having the final say. Servers and social networks shall be created for our land and territories without invasion to a person’s privacy.   

 The individual right of DNA is God given and no man upon t he earth shall lay a  claim upon it for it belongs to creation and that created and to God., Thus those patents are  illegal and offense against Nature, humanity and God and is theft and crimes against these things.   See Attachment – Bill of rights

 Bill of Rights The Bill of rights shall be retained and addition made to have all Sovereign peoples of Aotearoa free to pursue their happiness and destiny and purpose as given by God.  See Attachment – Bill of Rights

 All technology and sciences applied in the process of collecting data for identity that invade a sovereign Individuals right can not be used against the sovereign Individual  but may be used for and only for purpose of validation of identity and information gathered only pertinent to the reason required for the collection of such data 


No man on earth shall pass a law upon another.  To maintain good simply place the checks and balances. The victims will no longer be punished for their role by being required to relive the event over. The persecutors will stay the sinners.  All disciplines will deal at core issue level, know then that the symptom will perish. The sins of the fathers shall no more be passed on.  The sins will stay with the sinner And in this the sinner will be held unto the person makes restitution admits to responsibility and then comes good and delivers honor.

 I make declaration that no man woman or child may take by any means the purpose destiny or life of another for God hath given this and no one but God may remove it.  


No person shall be held or taken against their will

Should a person break the law of common good they shall make restitution or lose the privileges upon the shores of Aotearoa. In matters of violence it is the duty and responsibility of the Police attending to meet with immediate family and apply what restitution is decided by the family members and the victims yet must not break the laws of God. – See attachment – Privileges

 There will be no more peer pressure to be the same as another,  for all of you are unique and wear your own true color thus acceptance tolerance and understanding shall arise.

 I Debra Ann Potroz known as TeManawa make decree as part of the Constitution of Aotearoa, the Nation’s sole and sovereign right to issue its own coin, credit and currency which shall never be usurped. This shall be applied by a non centralized form of currency until such time as this is delivered upon the people the Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand shall maintain.

 For generations humanity has been misled by those who knew thought is the creative force upon which existence moves in creative manifest. Used against the masses of humanity to enslave and suppress populace it is now a triumph for humanity as a whole that this self generating expression of God moving is now before all. Thus the peoples of Aotearoa are actively in an open and co operative society based on the sovereignty declared this day.  

 Our Leaders

Build on truth for lasting foundations else corruption allows what is most corrupt to rise to the top. Rule by love not fear the precepts are quite clear, allowance, trust, faith, belief, Tolerance and acceptance.  Applied with commitment, dedication and a true heart will bring true justice. For those who are true and straight adding philanthropy, heroism and divine love all these things will  be your guide.

 One can not hide all the facts then expect a person to make decision based on less than all the information it is no more than taking away the free will of a person in this way  all must be revealed by all Governing and agencies – All humanity  has the right to free will

 No more will there be suppression of the people. Those who fill positions of authority

Will do so in divinity.   All efforts to take responsibility for another shall cease this day your efforts are to be applied to implementing and maintaining the Sovereignty and system with the precepts that embrace the Individual Sovereignty of each person and their rights.  See Attachment – Human Rights, Bill of rights

 Learn to ask and receive permission granted before you take from the sacred.  Learn to give when you receive If you take you must give back.

 Election of representatives

Anyone with a true heart and service to the people may stand. Seek them out by their daily meditation and a heart in balance to good and right for they are of the light.

Our Farmers shall grow and feed the nations before profiteering internationally and the sovereign Individual has the right to do the same and share the produce with whom so ever.  Build upon the lands farms of waters filled with eatable fish feeding plants that the production supply will meet demand. The seeds may be gathered and stored as natural law of nature and as such are not owned by patent or any other burdensome laws of man. You need no permission from another to gather and plant your seeds just as God needs no ones permission to blow seeds and plant them when they land.

Local Gardens Plant fruit trees along the street and fruit vines upon the fences let the children eat and dance as they go about. Place your produce at the fence for sale or for sharing. Do this at schools and even local parks and reserves to feed the Nations. The seeds may be gathered and stored as natural law of nature and as such are not owned by patent or any other burdensome laws of man. You need no permission from another to gather and plant your seeds just as God needs no ones permission to blow seeds and plant them when they land

Our Woman shall care for their man and children in the home as the man shall care for his woman and children in the world. If the man and woman are no longer married the Mother shall care for the children in the home and the man shall care for the children and their Mother in the world.  Our woman will source the spiritual; our men shall make this occur thus creation both spiritual and physical shall in this way be aligned.

 Our Men shall care for their woman and their children in the world ensuring that they walk safe and free where ever they may go.  The man shall provide for his family. What determines a man if a man can lay down for five minutes to make a child he can stand up and be a man with all the responsibilities incurred for life.  

Our Children will remain in their family units and all assistance shall be given to that aim. The care of the children will remain with the Mothers. Let the kaumatua restore the feminine to her authority and place, protect her as she walks among you for she is the heart of hearth and home with an authority all  her own. She carries this for thee as that authority was given over her children long ago and you are but a child of woman each and everyone.

Welfare encompasses all those things that make the whole complete and shall be the right of all sovereign Individuals of Aotearoa to be shareholder in all the Country of Aotearoa shall bring forth. Thus all those disabled ill unable to work or all those retired shall be given dignity and assistance to lead a viable and happy life with all effort to their well-being both spiritual emotional mental and physical made.  Celebrate each other and others success and lay foundations set not to fail or cause failure. Thus all limitation, suppression and restriction are now lifted.  Free choice of thought and well being over your being is yours once again. Your spirit, soul, mind and body now your own.  Dare to dream expansively and believe in all your shown. See attachment – Formula for life

Taxes shall be a set amount either taken from all banking transactions daily or on payment of purchases and shall be set aside for the running of and funding of the Nations known as Aotearoa and thus the IRD shall no longer be.

All Business shall be of conscious capitalism whereby employees are shareholders and ceiling limits are set for net profit. All profit beyond the ceiling shall be shareholder profit to a set limit (percent per person) and the rest remain within the Federal Reserve Bank until the decentralized system is installed. (Look at a decentralized system here) for the running of and funding of the Nations known as Aotearoa and the well being of her peoples. New business growth for Industry shall circle round the natural replacing chemical and thus detoxifying the earth, waters, air and the animate. Keep our businesses on shore do not chase the cost and profit. A Crowd funding platform shall be placed to support local and national business.  Concentrate on food and water, shelter, health, and Infrastructure. Power shall be free.

Banking New Zealand Mint shall be returned to the people of Aotearoa and will mint our coin for a decentralized system. The foundation of this shall be our gold green-stone, resources, and minerals. A Bit coin type system shall be designed encrypted to replace the New Zealand dollar. 

Power shall be free by technology and not made cause to purchase what God has given.

Education.  Educarte to draw forth from within. Do not teach the children what you will for you deceive yourselves as well as them the truth is there for all accessible within thus teach the children the basics and to know where they belong, support the fruits of their pursuits. It is the schools purpose to draw forth from within, teach the basics at this point let it end Schools and staff has no rights to private lives neither access the private family lives nor have ability to be invasive in personal matters of the life of their students.  It is imperative that students do not enter into life as adults bonded by debt thus into slavery in form so education shall be free unless of a specialized nature.

All technologies and sciences shall be deemed usable only for the good and betterment of man kind positively and proactively enhancing creation and life in thought word and deed as co creators with God or be deemed unusable and destroyed with commitment made to never return such destruction back into the world, while leaving such defense to keep those in the world safe from off shore or world invasion.  Make available to all those things withheld to benefit humanity such as free power for no creature of earth is charged to exist the supply and demand is the right of every individual.

Science and Technology is to be used positively by and for humanity and unable to be used as weapons against humanity. Neither Biological or Chemical weapon nor those of mass destruction shall be kept but destroyed and be no more.

 Environment is as above yet I Debra Ann Potroz known as TeManawa make decree that No GMO, Chem. trails, Nuclear power, produce and product including those made by those enslaved or any other thing with the potential to destroy creation and humanity and well-being shall be placed upon or in the Sovereign Country of Aotearoa or her territories or the sovereign individuals of Aotearoa.  Do not spray poison on our native wasp or bee

 Forestry. Cease to cut our natural and native forest down. Learn to ask and receive permission granted before you take from the sacred.  Learn to give when you receive If you take you must give back.

 Fisheries Go with the seasons, let the tohunga pronounce where and when there is to be fishing and learn once more to talk again to nature. 

 Medical, Health and well-being activities technologies and sciences shall be deemed usable only for the good of humanity positively and proactively enhancing creation and life in thought word and act as co creators with God and betterment of humankind in the natural good or deemed unusable and destroyed with commitment made to never return such destruction back into the world. The wealth of any nation is its people and all shall be given to upholding the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health of sovereign individuals without invasive intrusion but through multiple options that sovereign individual may chose from.  Investing the health of our people ensures the wealth of the nation thus medical services shall be free unless of specialized need that must be accessed internationally.  The doctors one and all must uphold their oath to save life by all means with no boundaries set on age or condition unless the individual has made choice to stop all treatment and intervention this is their right. The sovereign Individual has right over their own body and ability to heal themselves in all aspects. Those incapacitated and unable to make sound decision through that incapacity for themselves shall have these choices made on their behalf by the members of the immediate and current Whanau guided by medical advice. The establishment of Healing centers shall occur – See Attachment Temple of the four winds, Wilson center, Door of Light Foundation for training and services natural and spiritual.

 Drugs the natural environment has always been used by humanity with dedicated purpose and shall not be deemed criminal with the breaking of the law of common good based on impairment. (Note this is still being worked on) Grow hemp for useful purpose and medical conditions, eliminate dangerous drugs and place spiritual meditations to cause the natural high that users seek.

 Media shall have all the rights and privileges of freedom of the press without influence in free thinking and expression but shall be given access to interview and sourcing material that all facts are made known to them and they shall be obligated to ensure they take this upon themselves in integrity of reporting to the peoples of Aotearoa

Message to the general public in media and on signage is to be positive and reaffirming in alignment with the law of common good.

 All meetings of waka Area Parliament and UNA shall be televised for general public those who wish to view thus be it of the lower upper houses or the UNA it shall be the responsibility of the people to make aware through their representation the issues of the day and any weaknesses of the common laws of good that must be rectified. In this way all are involved in the keeping of the law and the honesty of all representatives to the Sovereignty of Aotearoa  

 Privacy Each sovereign individual has the right to privacy without invasive measure of the Parliament and may seek assistance when required at their discretion. All children who are at risk shall be protected by their extended families until the immediate family circumstances can be brought to balance once again.  

 I Debra Anne Potroz known as TeManawa do hereby declare the release of all imprisoned sovereign individuals back to their familes/whanau once they have made restitution and the victims are satisfied the perpetrators are true and have completed restitution in full the perpetrators shall confirm and commit to keeping the law of common good or lose all rights and privileges upon the shores of Aotearoa until full restitution is fulfilled.

 Religion All religions shall be deemed such by their book of Holy Scripture and as the sovereignty of God exists upon the shores of Aotearoa it is clear that our country is  one of salvation and needs no one religion  to make a claim of faith.  Find the common bonds within each religion for the spirit of God moves the same and it is simply the spirit of the faithful who is different, thus through the Sovereignty of God

 Light workers – Their book is the Gospel of the Aquarian age the tablets of the heart and of The Golden Arrow The establishment of learning within the Healing centers shall be done the door is a place of transition from one place to another and is also a known name for gate.  Both being the entrance way. Soul Directions are the teachings of TeManawa and carry their own seal See attachment Soul Directions.  Door of Light, Golden Arrow, Tablets of the Heart.

 I TeManawa declare the churches to show their congregation the way to connect directly with God from within for God is accessible to all be they gathered in a formal congregation or gathered 3 or more in God’s name. No greater teacher can there be than that of God. No greater learning than direct experience, and no greater truth than eternal.

 All those in commune with God are received by God no matter what religion they belong too as a country founded on Gods ways all persons are free of religion bond to be an individual sovereign being a spirit free to learn and grow in the ways of heaven and the universal laws of creation. To practice and become familiar with direct commune with God and to become attune within to the door that they may enter and pursue their destiny as driven by God and Gods divine purpose for them. Abiding by Gods laws   

 Makatu and Utu is banned cease practice of it for you reside in the lands of God heavens gates upon the waka of the Gods and TeManawa.

 Transfer back to the sovereign peoples of Church congregation all church properties; assets and income through shareholding of such individuals that make up the congregation of each church applied the ten percent effect. Any profit beyond the 10 percent over running costs of the church is that of the share holders shall be deemed owned out right by the individual peoples.  

All corporations’ businesses charitable organizations, societies or churches shall make shareholder of the individual (contractor’s subcontractors excluded) and employees and or members with any profit over ten percent of the running costs to be paid directly to the individuals in share holding this is to be known as conscious capitalism.

Beyond the ten percent share holding and the limits of the profits set all monies shall belong to the reserve bank for the running and well being of The Nations of Aotearoa. No person can go beyond $5 Million dollars in personal wealth no business be it corporation, trust or charity beyond $10 Billion after net profit

 The sovereign Kings and Queens who have converted and diverted their roles through crimes against humanity and the lack of care for their people shall no longer be King or Queen and shall transfer all assets holdings and income to their respective peoples directly providing for themselves and their family 1 percent of these things as personally owned. 

 The Queen of England known as the Crown and her successors no longer have ties with Aotearoa and all laws of the New Zealand Government since 1852 are repealed along with those of the 1947 Statue of Westminster Adoption act and the 1986 to current date and any on going through acts of presumption by The New Zealand Government. The New Zealand Government is unconstitutional and unlawful by these things.  See Attachments – NZ Government, NZ Sovereignty26, Parliament brief Sovereignty of the Native Assessors Court, The right to secede.

 Tuheitia (Paki) is also non legitimate as Maori King of Aotearoa and Tainui due to the converting of his role, the discontent upon his people and the political enforcement of his placement in complete disregard to God, the Tupuna and his predecessor.  See Attachments – Charter of the Maori King, the Challenge 21 August 2012, Conversion documents – Notice of Restoration, submitted to Tania Martin by registered mail to the Tainui Parliament, note advisement of the elders of Tainui at the premises known as Tewawa as well as Media. These having not been contested within the last twelve months now passes the Restoration into law and is legally binding.

 The Great Seal of God and of TeManawa and her council shall be used to make legitimate these things and only their signatures accompanied by these seals united shall make it so and be confirmed as true and valid.  TeManawa the Word established, God the Manna established and Elders the Land secured.  The Crown Privy Council and thus its seals is not law within the lands and territories of the Sovereignty of Aotearoa.  These seals shall be used for International use in the Sovereignty of God and apply the same as for Aotearoa.

 King George, Queen Victoria nor Queen Elizabeth neither paid for title to land within the country known as Aotearoa and her territories nor is their law any but maritime and not applicable upon the land and territories of Aotearoa thus nothing here remains if ever it existed of their claim to the lands and territories known as Aotearoa and all Aotearoa Territories. While colonization was the passage of these sovereigns to bond in slavery causing crimes against humanity and creation as their guiding frame thus now held before the world and found guilty of these things they have no bearing on this country free from all that has been attempted to have Aotearoa and its peoples bound.  Thus no legal tenure of title upon the lands and territories of Aotearoa exist so all its laws herewith are found not legal and are revoked upon the lands, the country and territories and the people of Aotearoa. The tenure of the lands and territories of Aotearoa belong to each Sovereign waka area in the care of its guardians therein.

 I TeManawa declare an open and co operative society as the basis for humanity to thrive upon where no man woman or child is left out or behind and each individual shares in the abundance upon earth which the creator provides for all and thus is applied to the sovereignty of Aotearoa.

 World Navigator

God has elected a Navigator to charter the future on behalf of Humanity, established and active.

Succession of the elect Navigator to guide and shelter humanity shall be deemed by God and is validated through the process of that election known to the guardians and the chosen elect of God.  All I have to say is each master comes to earth with a mission of their own. Jesus came to teach of love yet all masters must walk the same.

 Sovereign Navigator of country shall be deemed by the people as their sovereign King or Queen Chief or Cheiftainess and transferred through a chosen descendant worthy to hold such office upon death of the reigning office holder.

 There shall be those so chosen for each Country with exception to Aotearoa which has been chosen so already by God but shall be done for each waka area thus all leaders now will be called Sovereign Waka Navigators whose authority is upheld by God and whose power is known to be Gods and not that of the Navigator. It is to be a life time service to the people of the world/Nation. Principality without dictatorship but as guardians and Navigators that charter the waters ahead having knowledge of the past and tie these in the present.   

 Waka Areas

All principalities are to be known as waka areas, each with its own Parliament.

All aim is to decrease in the number of Hui over issues of debate or action with the emphasis to take the strain off the people, not control them is to be the foundations set.  That the rule is based on love not fear.

 Each principality will have its own parliament and Prime Minister and Governor General holding a lower house and from which the representatives will be elected to form the upper house of the Aotearoa parliament.

The elders of each waka area shall elect three from among themselves in each waka area to be guardians of the lower house and from these ones three shall be selected to be guardians of the upper house. It shall be their duties and responsibilities to guide and navigate those house representatives on matters of tikanga and lore, to give advice to member/s elected and to officiate the removal from the respective office that member on the third occasion incurred of any warning and officiate the election of another to take the persons place should these warnings not be heeded through the process of by the people for the people.

The three elders will keep the fires of Parliament burning and there shall be a regular set date and time for Hui thus no announcement of Hui is required by correspondence. The three elders may call emergency Hui where and when appropriate.

There are no parties in this system not left or right or down the middle for simply there shall be an issue and the house/s shall go about debating this and find solution based on the betterment and benefit of the people of Aotearoa and their respective waka areas.  The aim is not who is right or wrong or who has more or less power. It is all about the balance and easily ascertained by foundation of core question. Ask God what God wants when you can not know the way thus all are free to seek advice from the Logos.

The lower house representatives shall receive a set amount no one less or higher than another and the upper house representatives shall receive a 3 percent increased amount than that of the lower also set that no one receives higher or lower than another as their payment for services rendered to their waka area and Nations Parliament of Aotearoa.

Sovereign Hapu waka All Sovereign Hapu shall be set the same and send their representatives to the waka area Parliament – The Lower House. 

Waka Sovereign

Succession of each Navigator for the waka area shall be deemed by the people as their sovereign King or Queen, chief or chiefteness and transferred through a chosen descendant worthy to hold such office until death of the reigning office holder.

 Succession to the Parliament of Aotearoa from each Waka Area shall be deemed by the people as their Prime Minster in waka area and shall be so elected by the people for the people and hold office while the people are content.

 The regent TeManawa shall have ability to warn the Prime Minster and Governor General twice before removal from office and elected replacement by the people for the people takes place including the Parliament of Waka Areas and The UNA.

 In this way all people’s of Aotearoa by attending to the meetings of the respective waka areas have ability to be involved and included in the shaping of their waka area and country’s well being.

Sovereign Parliament of Aotearoa

It shall be the duty of the Prime Minster and Governor General of the upper house and the elected members set these things in place on behalf of TeManawa and the peoples of Aotearoa and whose responsibilities and duties will be advised by TeManawa as Sovereign Navigator and her council of elders and to advise TeManawa and her council of elders on the affairs of the Nation. TeManawa shall have office in both UNA within Aotearoa and internationally while a representative shall have seat in the upper house being the elected Prime Minister who shall be her representative to the people.

All transparency, responsibility and accountability of the affairs of the Upper Lower House and United Nations shall be open for public viewing and scrutiny including the financial records which are to be kept up to date and in public view at the location of the Houses both lower and upper and the United Nations and for the Aotearoa Parliament combined. All financial records for TeManawa and her council of elders shall be subject to the same.  

Keep your buildings and your tables round to form a circle that not one is above another for declaration has been done that the round of a circle is representative of God thus entering enables access to all that is divine.

Hapu shall send forth its representative to Lower house and from this select 10 to represent them there and 10 again 1 from each waka area of Lower house to go forth to Upper House. The waka sovereign 10 in all shall go forth to the UNA.

Now the formula is so 13 being the heart beat of the Mother 10 shall sit in each house be it upper or the lower or UNA in addition there shall be 3 elders who shall sit to advise on law/ lore and Tikanga when you multiply that by three 39/12/3 you have with your regent the balance the final number 49/13/4 which is the four directions.

Thus 10 in lower 10 in upper 10 in UNA = 30 each with 3 =39 then regent 10 = 49/13/4 Add in addition Sovereign Queen = 50/ 5 = the balance.

To unite in the house of waka area lower house Upper house of Parliament and to the U NA house by entering the building is not enough. All must unite in this building as one people one heart one voice. Open dialogue is always a good start to any process yet it often brings one side working harder at this than the other and to each side the role of offensive and defensive interchanges. When one has the core conflict of the inner in sight this can be expressed appropriately and both sides may then debate to find a path through to resolution.  The woman shall advise and the male shall place it.

 Each waka area is to be responsible for a portfolio i.e., Where the greenstone is placed the financial portfolio thus the bank  (South),  where the aggressive is place the defense portfolio (North) and so on thus all can be interdependent and keep the other  well. 

The conflict within each tribe must be resolved before this is done. Conflict on the outer is the symptom of conflict on the inner. So each tribe must go within and discover the core conflict heal this and then come to counsel. There will be resistance to this step but as the baby attempting to walk practice and experience makes for perfection until running on ones feet and legs is accomplished expertly. Thus when conflict arises within these buildings the same format must be used. 

 It matters not which waka arrived first for all left the source as one peoples bringing with us, our lore, laws, and customs from the beginning as we shall live it to the end. Protected safe and hidden from the evil minds of men. This has traveled from the dawn across the seas of Ranginui, been placed upon the land of the earth to take up the earth was carried back again across the waters to the beginning in the taking up of the lands of Aotearoa. Our lore and laws and customs  placed upon these lands these things in great ceremony was established by the pulling from the waters of our waka and the placement upon the lands of Aotearoa all our lore and laws and customs in this way now stand upon the lands of Aotearoa and Territories

It is the degree of TeManawa that all shall be ensured to look after the people of Aotearoa first and foremost in all matters only then shall offshore or foreign matters be attended too with what resource or produce product or service is available for this.

The foreshores shall be for all people unless privately owned/leased thus being public and all public foreshores available to the people of Aotearoa are to be easily accessed by them.

All people of Aotearoa shall have input into the affairs of Aotearoa through their input in their waka area meetings and through their representatives elected into the lower house of the parliament of Aotearoa. They may attend these meetings and be involved.

The wealth of each individual shall remain within the lands of Aotearoa and those who have wealth undeclared or sent offshore shall declare this and pay back taxes or the set percentage which ever is the least amount to the Reserve bank of Aotearoa for the funding and well being of the people and of the Nations of Aotearoa.


No more shall there be false Prophets And when a true one comes along He or she shall be delivered of all things required in honor of their divinity to be taken care of that they may be enlightened and give good counsel. All I have to say is each master comes to earth with a mission of their own. Jesus came to teach of love yet all masters must walk the same. My mission is to teach truth and set the spirit free to open up the way through the gates. I have gathered my elect from the four corners. (Rongo – The Peacemaker) Stand up all ye spiritual leaders and announce to the world the gates have been opened. The hall of records released. The veils all now have been lifted.

Land. No more shall there be ownership of land for it shall return to the people of the land the custodians and care takers and you shall have permission from them to do upon the land for only they shall be able to Declare that which is to come.

Home ownership Each adult is entitled to ownership of their own home if you must build open high to stop the urban sprawl then take nature with you. Fill your homes with open light water collection soil plants for the eating and the eye that all can partake of nature and her rhythms.

Employment Each Sovereign Individual is free to pursue their chosen field of Endeavor in work and employment and so entitled to an income from their efforts this includes raising children by a parent in the home looking after ill and disabled and charitable work which while voluntary is now no more less than any individuals work.  

Immigration There shall be no more offshore persons entering into permanent residency within the shores of Aotearoa for the next 12 months while these things set this day are placed and a settling time upon the peoples of Aotearoa has taken place. Then by the peoples will this shall be lifted and addressed.

Foreign ownership of business and lands The lands and all upon her in Aotearoa belong to the people and shall not be sold to off shore interests.  Any operating business that is from off shore shall not be entitled to make claim it is Aotearoa made and while they may lease land and buildings can not own these things for they belong to the peoples of Aotearoa. 

Sovereign United Nations of Aotearoa (UNA)

A United Nations council of Aotearoa shall be created Declaration shall be made from what occurs in the UNA which is the council of Sovereign navigators of the tribes, the Waka Area Sovereigns and it shall be their duties and responsibilities to public relations upon foreign affairs on behalf of all people of Aotearoa and shall be paid the same set amount as the representatives of the upper house who shall have one seat also among those elect so named Father of the Nations and in this shall be set 3 percent being the highest sum received in acknowledgement of extra duties. TeManawa as Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa and Mother shall take her place here.

The Final Flag of Aotearoa shall be selected by the people yet the flag of TeManawa as Sovereign Queen shall be flown until that has occurred upon which time it shall remain as symbol of the sovereignty of God and flown along with the flag so selected by the people as their own for the sovereign lands and territories of  Aotearoa and shall always fly above the nations flag selected by the people as a symbol of Gods sovereignty and the security that all the people’ s of Aotearoa as co creators along with God and in accordance to God. And God shall in this covenant uphold the lands of Aotearoa and her peoples as the first to receive the light of the sun and the light of God in continuance of the covenant with the people of God as guardians of the gates of heaven and earth God shall bless this union and protect all within the sovereign Nations of Aotearoa – See Attachment – TeManawa’s flag

Each waka area shall have its own flag to fly over its principality known as a waka area and thus all combined reflect the triune trinity of God Head. Each shall form the circle (10) UNA and Aotearoa and TeManawa (3) and Gods shall stand within the center.

Sovereign of Aotearoa and sovereign God

I make declaration that the Kïngitanga document which is a spiritual one and covenant between God and the people be restored and that through Te Tapu Manawanui the heart this is sealed thus tying the knot between heaven and earth between God and the people

 It is the right of TeManawa Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa and her territories to be consulted, to advise and to warn. To appoint a Prime Minister to form Parliament for the people in her name.

 It is the duty of TeManawa Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa to attend ceremonial duties, and make speeches to the Nations and the Nation

TeManawa shall receive as sovereign Queen of Aotearoa a set amount so named by her council of elders and her representative upper house of Parliament  who shall meet and decide this on the basis of her duties and responsibilities to the people of Aotearoa and their representation both within Aotearoa and her territories and those Internationally.

I make declaration that in so doing the winds will settle the weather conditions return to and remain stable and calm.

 I make declaration that the people be held calm through this their salvation I make declaration that Maori cease fighting each other and fall into line beside each other in aroha Nui that in fighting for life lands restoration of their culture and guardianship they can not take life or order another to take a life for any reason or purpose for  we need our people more than these ones need their  way

 I make declaration that all Maori stand up in their full aroha Nui for all others and in their thoughts words deeds display this to the world that it be known world wide as genuine and by no thought word or deed by any Maori be made non genuine or false that Maori are to lead never follow and raise up to this for such purpose

 I make declaration that the opportunity for all Maori to stand up in their lights fully and move into their place in the world in greatness be opened

 I make declaration for the full force of Maori spirituality for good be placed fully upon Maori once more. Rise up people and be true to the heart and to God

 I declare Maori to be united

 TeManawa shall have a council of woman of her own choosing. God asked that I move across my heart and ask for what is in it thus I did and found not for myself but for my people to be represented  

 The Auckland War Memorial Museum is to be refurbished as the palace of the Sovereign for International standing and for reasons of the people having passed through its building its history of New Zealand sheltered there.  It shall be known as The Heart of Aotearoa from now on and owned by both TeManawa and the people in shareholding. This shall be the meeting house of the UNA for which rooms shall be provided.

 The Mahurangi lands of the Peninsula including Sullivan’s bay shall be returned to TeManawa and her Whanau as her lands her estate upon which she may reside and go about her duties as Sovereign to the people and the Nations.  

TeManawa shall have a private residence on the lands of Mahurangi Sullivan’s Bay which shall be returned to her Whanau along with all the lands of their claim.

All that TeManawa accumulates and owns shall be passed onto to her heir and successor already named being Samuel James Roa Rangatira Potroz who shall follow her into succession as Logos and as Sovereign King of Aotearoa and  all territories upon the passing of TeManawa.  This succession shall be so delivered into the future generations decided upon out of the issue of the existing Sovereign from their issue and should this not be done prior to their passing from the eldest born be the child male or female or the eldest surviving child at the appointed time of succession. 

Her eldest surviving issue Tristan Anthony Pascoe shall be Prince in name but not entitled nor his issue down the generations make to claim upon the throne unless Samuel name of God shall not outlive him and have no issue then he may take up all that Samuel was entitled as heir apparent if no other has been sent by God to hold the office of Sovereign but can not hold the office as Logos that shall be for God to name. 

The office of Sovereign of Aotearoa shall always remain with the chosen line of Gods sovereignty upon earth. Should the Sovereignty of God come through another line in the future this shall be proven in the same manner as The Logos and Gods chosen one must be recognized validated and confirmed in the same way as has been shown By God through the signs in Heaven and upon the earth then shall they secede to the throne as sovereign of Aotearoa joining to the existing line as in a marriage that both lines shall remain together and not apart into the future. 

For generations humanity has been misled by those who knew thought is the creative force upon which existence moves in creative manifest. Used against the masses of humanity to enslave and suppress populace it is now a triumph for humanity as a whole that this self generating expression of God moving is now before all. Thus the peoples of Aotearoa are actively in an Open and co operative society based on the sovereignty declared this day.  

 Great ceremony shall be made by the people of Aotearoa in the first part to grieve and let go the past by both Maori and their fellow country persons for in the common bonds of threat now found upon them they may unite. And in the second part to celebrate the birth of a new dawn for our country of Aotearoa and the first light of the new world upon us giving praise  to the glory of God and Gods covenant with us now restored. This Day shall be held upon the dates of Waitangi and from hence be known as The Sovereign Day of Aotearoa, the day God blessed. Now that these things have been seen Let the Glory of Gods Kingdom and of God be celebrated

Thus Aotearoa is an open and co operative society sharing and caring with and for each other. Each sovereign individual shall respect all others and treat all others with dignity and kindness.

All citizens of Aotearoa shall treat our foreign visitors with the same consideration respect and dignity as if they were our own

I reaffirm The Restoration and the Challenge has passed into law through non contest and reaffirm the signing of the declaration of Independence and of secede the same.

The Restoration See Attachment -Time Line

I Debra Anne Potroz known as TeManawa do hereby  reaffirm as declared The returning of trusteeship back to the rightful owner, Te Manawa, as defender of the faith, spokesperson for God, trustee of all Mauri /Maori for the land of the Nations, the spiritual people of the land is with guardianship of the people is with the responsibility.

I Debra Ann Potroz known as TeManawa do hereby declare Aotearoa and her Territories a Sovereign country within are Sovereign Nations and her peoples sovereign Individuals.

 Thus the New Zealand Government was never made legal with the return of New Zealand sovereignty to the people and no standing constitution.  Thus as Supreme Ariki Nui  I TeManawa as Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa and the whole lands and her territories  in full declare the New Zealand Government and the crown  as having been an illegal Governing body since becoming  independent from the United Kingdom in 1947 (via various Acts of Parliament) and again through the Constitution Act 1986and declare peaceful dissolution of the entities known as The New Zealand Government all encompassing  and the transference of all assets, including state assets, crown land,  foreshore and seabed’s,  mineral and resource rights, the Reserve bank and all cash assets, Tonga, chattels,  state agencies including defense, SAS, and police to the New Zealand People under  the sovereignty of TeManawa whose parliaments both national will take up  the buildings of the out going entity known as The New Zealand Government  and be known as The Parliament of Aotearoa and whose waka area parliaments shall take up the buildings known as council buildings  by the out going council members  and be known as the  “-“, Waka council of   Aotearoa by area

 As sovereign Queen of Aotearoa through all ties being cut from the Crown and The illegal governing body known as The New Zealand Government do hereby declare Aotearoa and it’s territories and peoples a Sovereign Nation within which are Sovereign Nations known as Waka Areas, and it’s peoples as individual Sovereign persons. As Sovereign Queen at and as it’s head as defender of the faith, spokesperson for God, trustee of all Mauri /Maori for the land of the Nations, the spiritual people of the land is with guardianship of the people is with the responsibility.   God bless our lands and territories, our peoples, Nations and our freedom.


As of ——–Day in the month of ———- AD 2013


Witness Signatures





Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light Mother of the Nations all rights reserved


Way of living 5 April 2006Seabedattached19 17 December 2012iNDIGINOUSDECLARATION 24 June 98Goldenarrow 2004-12-14.Sovereignty of the Native Assessors Court re Margaret Wilson AD2012TheTablets of the Heart AldebaranJadedoorattachment22 Attachment 2 preamble of NZ draft constition attachment 4 opptin1 Bilderberg2013list Bill of rights 1990 charter-of-the-maori-king CharterUNattachment9 constitution_1_of_4_630 constitution_2_of_4_630 constitution_3_of_4_630 constitution_4_of_4_630 COUNCIL OF EUROPE Declaration of independanceattachment9 Declaration of independence 5th February ADattachment1 Declarations of The Heartattachment 18  Five minutes that silenced the world formula fo life Immacualte heart fatima In relation to The Rule Of Law By The Law of The Land Land tenure attachment12 Liberty is the value of individuals to have agency Magna Carta Translationattachment17 nOSTRADAMUS NZ Sovereigntyattachment24 NZGovernment illegalattachment23 OPPT_Press-Release-One-People-s-Public-Trust-Foreclosure-on-Major-Corporationsattachment5 Parliament Briefattachment 9 Pope conscrates his pontificate to our ladyattachment6 Pope Praises Preamble and introduction Sealsfinalproof Sovereign documentAotearoaMasterdraft Tapuattachment46 Taurus upon earth Ten Commandmentsattachment TeTureattachment13 The Concept of Sovereignty attachment11 The Head of the Commonwealth attachment6 the right to secedeattachment10 The Treaty of Waitangi attachment 7 Tikangaattachment24 Time Line Treaty events 1800 Tuheitiaconvertedroleattachment20 Tuiheitiaconverted2attachment21 United Nationsa21 USA Declaration of Independance Attachment3 Vatican City attachment 83436120-UN-1976-Weather-Weapon-Treaty

Note: These documents contain declarations as of 21 June 2013. Copyright – Soul Directions 21 June 2013. Let the truth stand. The final document is now (The Restoration) on line and was used to notify the following; –

Select Constitution committe

Maori Affairs Committee

Maori Law Society

United tribes

Corporate New zealand Government (John key)

The Crown

Governor General, thus Queen Elizabeth

Maori Parliament

United Nations Peace Palace

Those sent receive papers and links to documents proving the illegitimacy of The Corporate New Zealand Governments and the end of British Crown Governing and all their claims to sovereignty of Aotearoa (New Zealand)  all rights inclusive.

Non challenged they were ratified in 2016 and are sign sealed delivered. Sealed by God

Gods patent, is you, your hair, your finger prints, footprints, you yes all of you – unique, individuals – Patent date pre dates all others in existence


Gods patent, is you, your hair, your finger prints, footprints, you yes all of you – unique, individuals – Patent date pre dates all others in existence

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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