Soul Directions

The greatest secrete of our time. The greatest trick on humanity now revealed – You Are The Healing Heart Of The World.

What you think, speak, and do, every day, in every way, determines what is created in this world.  Listening to your own inner compass, your soul directions will release you from the insanity that has destroyed our world and left our children and theirs with a questionable future. It is not up to others, it is up to each one of us to decide a better future for the future generations.

The Earths Heart Beat And Yours Are One, when your heart beats are one with God in trinity  then You Tune Into This. You Open The Gateways Between This World And Heaven. All Hearts Have Been Attuned To The Spiritual Now All Must Attune To The Physical To bring heaven and earth together.


3 Responses to Soul Directions

  1. Kate Baker says:

    Katanga to you international convention have task me to form a new Maui crown sovereigns government party to go under the the declaration. Their is a bit to this process but have the answers. I believe I’m only the messenger I am looking at 60 people to hurry up and get into this election. As this will be a new contract tikanga/ kawa and kings bench commonlaw I have no interest in politics but trying to save the declaration and kings flag time is of the essence.


      • TeManawa says:

        Do not waste your time with Mauri crown nation entity it has broken rahui Maui on the other hand – glad to see you standing – be pure and all shall be well – Do not re enter the old world system – do not make contract as it has been broken and re entry is not ok the contract is debt and sin on paper of dead on paper people – God has the answers. Be clear you have those answers and they drive your actions.Everyone is under judgement right now and it will not go well for those false, fake, with ego and self will over Gods will. you have written me because you already know the falsity and where it lays.


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