The false round table


Why Lord #Rothschild of Britain is never on the Forbes Richest list, yet his family is worth billions?


When they took over the Bank of England they had it written into the charter ( (1694) with the Royalty that they would never have to disclose their profits and so they’re not audited at all.

They’re one of 13. There are thirteen major banking families which comprise the World Bank.

Listen to the podcast here ( Predictive Programming: See the Video of the X-FIles Exposing the Covid Lockdown Tactics Jay Dyer Exposes the Deep State’s Predictive Programming Propaganda Secrets Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon announced the group’s four priority areas on Thursday. RBG 7 fold ret 100 NZ Government is acting without legality Notified and rogue Elections null and void as is Waitangi Day contracts John Keys attempted Treason is on record–what-to-watch-for-in-2023 The elections null and void. At some point you are all going to have to come come to terms with the Restoration All notices out to all appropriate agencies has been done as well. So fake elections Fake Waitangi Days etc is all you have left FAKE and THE FAKE WEF The unelected criminal Cabal It is global and they are all in treason and crimes against humanity they are foreign operated domestic terrorists EF is an unelected criminal cabal that has infiltrated Governments world wide

It is global and they are all in treason and crimes against humanity they are foreign operated domestic terrorists EF is an unelected criminal cabal that has infiltrated Governments world wide – Did you think that it was just Labor that are Deep State Wef Traitors – NO its in all parties

Canadian politicians who work with/for the WEF!

Can anybody spell TREASON?

🇨🇦RCN | Ⓡ
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ All globalist politicians are in treason even when they have removed treason from their countries laws which is treason in and of itself

Twitter Changed Rules to Ban Trump! Big Tech Protected Joe Biden over Hunter Laptop, & MORE

Like NZ changed laws to overcome truth and those opposing their draconian tyrannical and criminal measures, coup attempts and attempted takeover

The man lies – what strikes me is Putin on the world stage has told the truth = All that money laundering to Ukraine with its USA bio labs there – NWO want to destroy Russia like it is destroying every other country including its own The crimes going on here against humanity as vast as ever by NWO – so no not a statesman simply another puppet playing theater Luxon already struck out before the false Elections awe look at that Luxon while Ardern and Luxon the non statesman non truth sayer gives away more tax payer money in the vast money laundering cabal of the deep state The theater of the WEF and USA corruption Luxon shows his true colors like a good little puppet and order taker calls Zelensky the bad actor a current time Winston Churchill while handing over tax payer money to the criminal cabal – A real Christian right! Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense deploys witches to cast hexes and curses on Russian troops. – Just as well declaration made witches hexes curses etc null and void Just like the climate commandments its all folly of man and the rituals are no longer working Bill Gates Announces New Pandemic Targeting Children rbg 7 FOLD RET 100 RBG 7 fold re4t 100 Abyss open Tyrannical Zelensky BANS Ukrainian Orthodox Church With Biden Backing There wont be a D Day for the NWO and in crimes of genocide it is time to ask yourselves which MP’s in any party actually called their crimes out when it counted – The system is feudal and illegitimate it is time to forge the true sovereignty of Aotearoa and its territories and in doing so you will find that the system is not about parties opposition or otherwise but about issues and solutions in the best interests of the people No system is perfect but I remind all that the only laws that apply to all life are Gods so foundations of such (I do not mean religions) are the building blocks for a moral and just society. The Restoration is more than words on a piece of paper legal and ratified they are also Gods Government and have authority unlike all Governing bodies Globally Nations and states are turning sovereign as they exodus The NWO – An apology to the people wont do as the crimes committed are real OH my God that is what’s next – NO baby its recount of 2020 elections The Electoral commission was order to not destroy the votes the ballots and out come the mail in ballots and all that guff First things first, Proven Political crimes are dealt with and then a new system as we do not agree to re enter the old – Its not just carry on regardless anymore – The world has been signed out of the old system both spiritually and physically so its time to face the consequences and the sorting it all out IT REALLY is SIMPLE boys and girls – THE NZ GOVERNMENT A SETTLERS GOVERNING BODY FOR SETTLERS HAS TRANSGRESSED INTO GOVERNING ALL MAKING ALLOWANCES FOR A TREATY THEY HAVE BROKEN OVER AND OVER AGAIN – Maori fighting for their rights sat at the table and made deals they were poor deals and lost more than they gained while never having the true independence that is theirs and has never not been In the mean time the government has stolen elections and now is hijackings Co Governance into their version of what that means and it means Maori being complicit in the crimes of the NWO against their own people – The Restoration eliminates all of this and while simple it is merely a foundation to build on were Maori and Pakeha can be free and sovereign in their country – Its time for all to come together and kick the NWO to the curb – forge a way far better for the future than anything they and their momentary power deals will give
The question is will the people be – when will the police protect them from the axis of evil given the massive harm done already to the people and the country Serial killers usually get more BOLD


Just another example that the United Nations has become a puppet for the Globalists & the Neo-fascist Left that want control over the narrative.

The United Nations have lost the last thread of credibility.

When journalists, highly qualified medical experts, elected politicians and even the proceedings of national Parliaments were being censored, blocked & shadow banned by Twitter, Facebook & YouTube – the UNITED NATIONS was silent.

But now when Twitter, rightfully blocks a few accounts for ‘doxing’ – publishing the address or location of prominent individuals and their families, with the intent of hoping a crazed lunatic will stalk them – the United Nations calls this ‘censorship’ and a ‘dangerous precedent’.

This should be the final straw for the United Nations – they’ve given themselves away. They are attacking Twitter because it protects lawful free speech – something the UN and the globalist cabal want total control over. RBG 7 fold ret 100 RBG 7 fold ret 100 Pentagon war machine doing enough to destroy the world let alone peace Just a reminder Putin sealed by God hurt him and its major boomerang time They all did it Linkedin Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google…….Main stream media Stuff, NZ Herald, Newshub, TV stations including Maori television – took the bribe, took the money sold out the people RBG 7 fold ret 100 The corrupt NWO criminal Cabal is trying to put humanity in prison – TURN THAT MIRROR ROUND

A Digital Prison Is Being Built Around You Right Now
It’s imperative we resist the system being built around us all

Aussie Cops Ask Neighbors to Rat Out “Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists” While NY Mayor Praises Big Brother
This is all about creating a totalitarian system of control in which freedom of thought and expression rbg 7 FOLD RET 100 – UN/WEF Officially Announce Lockdown Of All Major Cities To “Save The Climate” RBG 7 fold ret 100 Arrest those in WEF UNNWO save the world Awe look the money laundering team

Awe Klaus not going so well has to silence everyone cause your cause wont stand in the light of truth Davos falling already before it starts WEF world is getting smaller
Buying up the social media outlets with starlink and brain chipping says it all while free speech actions is nominal really at this point Elon Musk reality One person controlling it all is nonsense – its time for humanity to own these things not a few but the many

The elite play the bad cop good cop game and it is rejected by God 7 fold ret 100 Elon musk is not working for humanities betterment even though he makes out he is. The wealthy team up in good cops bad cops scenario but its not different as a few still control and that is not Gods way at all – true intelligence lays in the heart not the mind which is simply a storage unit for information either good or bad. True effort for the betterment of mankind/humanity is not a few controlling the many, that is not Gods way – God already is perfected creator as creation is living moving all connected – AI is all simulation, poor copies very poor imitation of Gods system which is perfect Fools, learn the way rather than trying to be the way

It is not like God did not warn you NWO now you have lost and throw threats of mutual annihilation MAD reminds me of a husbands threats if I cant have you no other man will – childish, selfish, evil

Countries, Regions states are already becoming sovereign in exodus from NWO beast system Know this it can not be hijacked by NWO as all sovereign regions countries, states will be held to Gods sovereignty and sovereign Restoration on going. To be sovereign is to be under God’s sovereignty and reign -0 Signed – sealed Delivered – God wins

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light, Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa in right of Aotearoa and all her territories Nationally and Internationally, the Logos, Sovereign Queen of Queens of te Ao, Sheba, Mother of the Nations, Te Upoko Ariki (chief of chiefs of the Waitaha people, Kaitiaki Diplomat Te Moana nui a Kiwa, te ika a Maui, Light of the world, in the land of the first light all rights reserved. Live life living

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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