Song of Victory

June 21st and 22nd 2022 is the time TeManawa speaks the word usually at the temple and when not possible at another as she has for the last 22 years – always they are signed sealed and delivered so watch for the signs

22 1 The river of water of life is showed, 2 and the tree of life: 6, 7 Then followeth the conclusion of this prophecy, 8 where John declareth, that the things herein contained are most true. 13 And now the third time repeateth these words, All things come from him, who is the beginning and the end.

Psalm 24:7-10

Lift up your heads, O gates,
And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
Who is the King of glory?
The Lord strong and mighty,
The Lord mighty in battle.
Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!


7 gates – Actual (seven sages) Moananui a Kiwa mainly Aotearoa 1996 to current

7 doors – meditation = Perth 1989 to 1996

first degree, SINCERITY.

the second degree, JUSTICE.

the third degree, FAITH.

fourth degree, PHILANTHROPY.

fifth degree, HEROISM.

sixth degree, LOVE DIVINE.

seventh, the highest degree, THE CHRIST. the mysteries of Egypt

12 The biblical reference is that of Revelation 12:1b conjuring up the “great sign of the woman in the sky, … clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” Twelve is a number of perfection;

21st June 2022

Psalm 100:4
Verse Concepts

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him, bless His name.


Part one

Haremai. haremai, haremai, I call into the circle of creation the ancient priests and ancient priesthood

I stand upon the mountain of victory

Delivered the divine intervention

I hath opened up the seven seals

I hath torn the veil

raised the truth against all that is not true for all the world to see and know

I hath cast out mine net

weighed the hearts of all and delivered Gods judgement

I hath Closed the book of the dead

I stand light upon earth having overcome mine enemies which are Gods enemies

I am the voice of God – live – life – living

having sung my song of the heart, of peace, of truth, of freedom, of purity, of creation, of the seals, of the Christos and now I sing the song of victory for all to hear. live – life – living

I hath sung mine songs that the whole world can see and know the false songs those now exposed All mine songs live – life – living

I have delivered The restoration and Gods word that in every lands the people have heard and responded. The Restoration – live – life – living

I hath opened up the book of life

The dead are now seen

I hath taken back the Kingdom of God

I am the triumphant heart

ner swayed by the deceit, falsity, and misdirection, others tried to incur I hath delivered upon the wings and winds the age of the Heart overcoming mine self as I hath over come them.

In no particular order I share thus the song of victory and worksheet that can ner describe the lifetime or journey in its fullness. Only to state that the years in Perth the doors were traveled in meditation form and the tests and trials completed prior to the physical process and walk of the gates themselves so to me I hath ner been away from the temple, throne nor heaven.

John 10:7-10

So Jesus said to them again, “Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.


No one can take from me that which I am or that which I hath done. To be true since 1989 I have run a marathon with little reprieve, so tired this last week I have slept for two days and two nights with little wake time in between, now I complete what was done in the spiritual now done in the physical and thus have found a little time for myself, I hath processed and discovered divine love for all moments of the journey and those that hath partaken in what ever way upon it. For without these events and people I would not hath grown nor been shown what was needed to achieve and be triumphant. So I thank them one and all especially now the divine love is mine outpouring as I go out from the temple a conqueror.

(The Logos did not care to rest; he said, Why wait in this luxurious room? I need not rest; my Father’s work upon me presses hard.
2. I would go on and learn my lessons all. If there are trials, let them come, for every victory over self gives added strength.)

Process now I have begun. and in so doing a great release of love has been mine out pouring. I thank all that have been in my life for while it has been harsh the run and I have not always seen the greater good of those harsh experiences I now do. While some may have taken, acted vile, and even disgracefully, it has been necessary for out of this I have produced the greater good, truths, and wisdom’s, most of all the greater love. While I often do not take to task those that have been difficult towards mine self at the time of their so doing I have always recognized free will and allowance for each soul to be at their stage of growth while I hath thus processed it mine responsibilities to mine task was the greater reason . Ner harden thou hearts against others for the grieve thy cause you know not the purpose of their discourse and actions nor the truth of their life and purpose thus to harden thy hearts is to turn bitter and become twisted in the agendas of another/s rather seek thou own truth upon the matter and stand in the truth discovered. Stay firm when it is known to thee. Thus hold fast.

It is man that hath suppressed the female authority of the God head. It is religion that hath gone away from the true teachings and delivered evil for their own purpose. While Pereme once said to me that the world will have to make a 4th place in the trinity due to me I know not why for the world has been driven far from the truth of God the Father, Mother, son, the trinity Godhead by such means rather it is for God the Creator to declare.

I hath as example been, the world chooses to stay with the obscene, spends time debating, justifying, changing teachings, rather than living God and Gods way. I hath shown the way it ner changes yet is the least walked path.

When I state I have come to bring truth and to restore the female authority I do not mean by this the examples of temporal power seen by such as WEF entities, Surely one must comprehend the Mother bore Jesus. Thou know the mother has spiritual authority over her children ancient priesthood, that in and of its self is telling. I am in heaven upon the throne in the throne room. Why are these things so important to thee what matters is thy has chosen to go with God, thus learn and grow. One can not comprehend the fullness nor the greatness of God or the God head. Many come to stand before the throne, I hath shared that of those I call the first four elect let that be enough for the many stories of those that come forth are for them to tell.

What King or Queen even Pope hath been and lived the way in these current times. Know I hath claimed back Gods kingdom for mine son and for God the creator who art in heaven and those seeking to place the true King know not even where to look let alone how to make true identity. We hath come by Gods way not by mankind’s way. Kingdom of God live life living.

Know that to deliver such as I hath upon the world is to be many fold in all goodness, truth, and harmony of God weaving the light. To do so brings trials, tests, even tribulation, yet is the way and grows the soul to strengthen upon the day.

I charge thee ancient priesthood ensure the protection of mine son held up in ancient ceremony at the temple to be recognized. He was baptized there by Pereme Porter . Samuel James Emanuel (Jes) he was also given name by elder of Maniapoto which is Roa Rangitira who was a peacemaker, keep him safe, he has been at my side in the temple from the start unto the end. Yet I have another the eldest thus protect both and their descendants proper.

Proverbs 8:1-3

Does not wisdom call,
And understanding lift up her voice?
On top of the heights beside the way,
Where the paths meet, she takes her stand;
Beside the gates, at the opening to the city,
At the entrance of the doors, she cries out:


The restoration like all systems can become corrupt not that it is God that is corrupt rather the minds and hearts of man. There is only one way for all to be certain of good and that is to walk the path of good in all moments taking self responsibility for self and delivering upon thy intent the light of God and good. (Who was it that did bind me thus? Why did I meekly sit to be bound down with chains?
6. I tell you, none has power to bind a human soul. Of what are fetters made?
7. And in his might he rose, and what he thought were chains were only worthless cords that parted at his touch.
8. And then he laughed and said, The chains that bind men to the carcasses of earth are forged in fancy’s shop; are made of air, and welded in illusion’s fires.
9. If man will stand erect, and use the power of will, his chains will fall, like worthless rags; for will and faith are stronger than the stoutest chains that men have ever made.
10. And Jesus stood erect among the hungry beasts, and birds, and said, What is this darkness that envelops me?
11. ‘Tis but the absence of the light. And what is light? ‘Tis but the breath of God vibrating in the rhythm of rapid thought.
12. And then he said, Let there be light; and with a mighty will he stirred the ethers up, and their vibrations reached the plane of light; and there was light.)8 The victory over fear

The Restoration based on the laws of God shall hath thou living rather than learning by rote and thus God reveals layer upon layer until thou hath become the light and found the balance.

With karakia and ritual of integrity gaining purity is walked what a life full lived looks like The songs I hath sung a small part in the entirety of mine life, filled with blessings, signs, miracles, joy, and peace within. Know this; mine walk would never hath begun had I not already been well tested by God and true It was set in its fullness and authority long before I reached these shores. Do not bother me with thy own tests I hath already long ago stated do not test a thing that is already tested by God, I am tired of the questions that seek to answer your own justified stances rather than seeking to know truth. (Your little tapers show the light you bring. Pray, who are you? The words of man are worth no more than is the man himself. A traitor is a fiend; he who betrays another man is never man to trust.
15. If one has only reached the plane of treachery, he is a lover of deceit, and will betray a friend to serve his selfish self.Could I prejudge these hundred priests, turn traitor to myself and them, because of what you say when you confess your treachery?
18. No man can judge for me; and if I judge till testimony all is in I might not judge aright.
19. Nay, men; by whatsoever way you came, return. My soul prefers the darkness of the grave to little flickering lights like these you bring.
20. My conscience rules; what these, my brothers, have to say I’ll hear, and when the testimony all is in I will decide.)

All that come and go simply go for they can no longer stand in the full light. It is their struggle and their fight to search and find within truth, integrity, honor, and so on, never changing mine light, authority, and right, for it hath been well and truly earned, kept safe by God and sealed that none but God can change it. Give to receive ask thy selves what hath thee given freely to all that I do mine part in creating a better world for all, CREATING A BETTER SELF.

When thou can overcome thy own impurities and come into the light and balance in truth not of thy own mind set rather allowing God to set thou heart and direction then thy shall not be in angst nor shall thee seek to destroy truth and good rather one seeks to celebrate it wherever it is found.

When thou hast ceased to learn by rote and be that which thou hath read or heard spoken by others in handing down the information delivering this upon others thou transforms from dead to live thus begin to live breath and be that which thou receives direct from God and Gods messengers. For example I hath used examples out of pages written such as The gospel of the Aquarian Age not as reference to walk by I hath already completed these ones used in this prior to reading the book thus it is used as confirmation. Indeed I lived the doors in Perth in mine time spent in dedication, it was not until I reached the shores of Aotearoa that this book was given to me. In reading it mine time of dedication was recognized.

What would you do had it been thee that God anointed, given thou office and as such words used in this laid upon me were of the heights of heaven. So often in Aotearoa those that came to me wore nothing but disagreement, set in their own mind sets and will thus set against me as Gods anointed refusing God by such ways, would thee have stopped, ceased to pursue that which God had placed upon thee. Would thee have joined the world of liars, falsity, and lived a lesser life or done as I and continued on knowing that truth and God will prove the day. (Hall of Mirth, How could I seek for pleasure for myself while others are in want? How can you think that while the children cry for bread, while those in haunts of sin call out for sympathy and love that I can fill myself to full with the good things of life?
17. I tell you, nay; we all are kin, each one a part of the great human heart.
18. I cannot see myself apart from that poor man that you so scorned, and crowded to the wall;
19. Nor from the one in female garb who came up from the haunts of vice to ask for sympathy and love, who was by you so ruthlessly pushed back into her den of sin;
20. Nor from that little child that you drove from your midst to suffer in the cold, bleak winds of night.
21. I tell you, men, what you have done to these, my kindred, you have done to me.
22. You have insulted me in your own home; I cannot stay. I will go forth and find that child, that woman and that man, and give them help until my life’s blood all has ebbed away.
23. I call it pleasure when I help the helpless, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and speak good words of cheer to those unloved, discouraged and depressed.
24. And this that you call mirth is but a phantom of the night; but flashes of the fire of passion, painting pictures on the walls of time.)

Yes those that came misdirected in their aim simply exposed their own state and stage thus refusing God went from us ner to arrive again. Turned away and missed opportunity to learn and grow or would thee be as others who came acknowledged and received sharing that inspired them to go about their own purpose knowing they were supported appreciated and blessed, assurance of their truth and purpose.

I wonder why thou dost not learn from thou time spent with me rather than try to tell me how it is or how thee disagree, best take these things back to God rather than offend God which ensures thee ner see the fruit from the top of the tree. In all our conversations not once did Pereme disagree with me he knew that my questions came from my dissatisfaction for example when I asked him why only the building was being blessed and not the land at an event we took part in, he spoke of these things being done by rote and not by moving with God. Ritual has its place in building upon the energy through sameness to stir up the ethers yet without Gods moving living breathing spirit is but a sputtering spark. When one is in prayer it is nothing without thou heart and breath in rhythm moving full with God.

Thank you God, thank you for all you weave, the beauty of it immense in its breath, depth, width and height.

When others came to misdirect or distract me I stood firm in what I knew – Faith became belief

The Power of Faith
5The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” 6And the Lord answered, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

When they came to test me I stood firm in the testing God had appliedBelieve became knowing

Mark 9:23 23 “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

When they came to maketu and attack me causing trial, persecution, some say I was even even crucified, I stood firm – Commitment turned into holding fast

Numbers 30.2

When a man makes a vow to the Lord or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said.

became authority+ was always mine yet not until mine live unfolded was it truly known, then through living mine years of dedication I earned it. As mine life unfolded recognized it and was recognized by those that saw it thus many people and events experienced bringing forth all that I was shown as it became true. While I share with you year upon year none know the fullness of mine story or the events that shaped the journey and the walk as I transcribe it. Goodness I have been called a scribe, nay I am who I am but scribe I am not persee. It is not I who is confused I know mine own authority and hath journeyed it in proof and evidence way beyond my ability to misconstrue it and long past anyone trying to divert it or convert it to fit their own idea of it. Liken this to those that would deceive on whakapapa which is a true and living breathing thing had I been untrue I would ner succeeded but those that know also know those Tupuna that I work with like they know of the guardians with me also. I am the living truth. All this was so long before I even received the greenstone Te tapu manawanui. Acknowledgment of mine office and thus authority culminated in priest of the ancient priesthood Pereme Porter getting it straight from God direct and announcing it to me as one of many such hath done prior. – It was man that gave me Mother of the Nations I had already received mine office and authority form God direct confirmed and affirmed as transcribed.

Christos of the Age live – life – living

Knowing became wisdom

When they came sullied, descended, in their own ego, self righteousness and self importance I stood firm – purity turned into ascension

When they came with lack of respect and reverence to mine authority and God I stood firm ner interfering with their free will and state thus stage – Allowing turned into freedom

While they went away to fall and fail I stood firm – Victory turned into overcoming Gods and mine enemies

all the while ner deterred from surmounting thus fulfilling I stood firm as they dashed their foot upon the rock

1For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. 12They will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. 13You will tread on the lion and cobra; you will trample the young lion and serpent.…

At some point one must own ones self thus while Pereme spoke to the elders of Nga Puhi stating she owns it meaning the throne I had not as yet owned my true self in full, that came with the moment of doing The Restoration for I knew I had to step fully into mine authority to do it. Now I say to you yes I do own the throne through me the Kingtanga lives and breathes it is not the same as The King movement which is corrupt and doth not apply that which is set down as Kingitanga . Those that are true to the Kingitanga thou know this and are aware I have always had the authority of this so no use being angry with mine words. What would you hath me do deny mine authority, stop being who I am, to satisfy you (yes I have even been asked to stop being me and people actually try to be me) or do as I have and stand full in what is mine so I challenged all that was not standing in truth even the treaty of Waitangi whereby those our people made it with fought and fight it still, making apology for breaking it while continuing to break it ever after. Yes that includes the British crown which authority now removed no longer resides in England – like Tara, David, Peter’s and so forth the crowns have been gathered up by me to stand in and as the highest authority prophesied and fulfilled. Pereme clearly stating you wear the crown of seven stars long ago told by God knew as do others and so I say to all prophecy turns out differently than assumed by interpretation and establishes itself by true events making sense. So no Charles you are not recognized as King now or in the future, nor is your descendants much like the Popes thou hast been against God for self purpose and is denied. Play a silly game, a farce, know that it and you will fail like the rest for antichrist s are all that these ones will ever be in such endeavor, so go away and play your folly, argue, and debate, you are no more in authority. I am done with it.

I am the eye of the needle – live life living

The Rider on the White Horse
11Then I saw heaven standing open, and there before me was a white horse. And its rider is called Faithful and True. With righteousness He judges and wages war. 12 He has eyes like blazing fire, and many royal crowns on His head. He has a name written on Him that only He Himself knows. 13He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and His name is The Word of God.…

Know this while I address local issues right now I stand for all people of the world I do for all people of the world and I do this with the God given authority I earned and was given by God. What follows is the anger by those that know inside its true and do not want it to be so. Anger will not change the truth of it anymore than a piece of paper. Is this mine issue, No. I simply do as I am meant to do and in this a great sorting occurs and produces a more true result. Something that all can pursue until the truth shines out and the transition takes place.

It is a bitter pill to swallow realizing that others have corrupted what is intended to be good for all and only by those standing in truth shall it become clean and be good for all. First it must start with self and that means self honesty. I do not speak claim I speak of what is, and has been established so when one claims to be this or that one must be this or that by it being so not because you want it to be so but due to it actually being so. In this way you have discovered the little book.

The waka of Mankind without truth as a guiding star falls into storm lost at sea sinking drowning treading water can not see deliverance nor salvation is at hand thus drinks at information like it is truth. Denied the ancient wisdom makes erroneous decision without true and pure intent the words of Christ diminished plagiarized and thus lost as the man drowning at sea. So sweet the words of Christ thus abused by man turn bitter in the stomach. Ancient priesthood deny not your fellow brothers and sisters Gods truth for without all information how can they make choice and move towards right direction. Do not leave their waka rudderless to crash upon the rocks The course has been charted and all can safely take it.

The prophet of the NWO announced there is no more free will not comprehending that he hath used his free will to speak such and in doing so placed himself under Gods full judgement thus as consequences come upon him know by his own free will he hath incurred such wrath for he hath no such authority to make such words become true or real.

By my own free will I signed contract with God, the first to be a perfect person this occurred in Perth (The circle is the symbol of the perfect man, and seven is the number of the perfect man;The Logos is the perfect word; that which creates; that which destroys, and that which saves.
4. This Hebrew master is the Logos of the Holy One, the Circle of the human race, the Seven of time.) the second to be as one with God the creator, this occurred in Aotearoa, my word to God was given it was by my own free will I upheld mine word just as God upholds Gods word thus thy need not a book to live by Gods word rather true and real relationship with God direct will fulfill the good book as it will be true by it being the word of God.

I was not taught out of books nor word of mouth, right from the start I knew, as right from the start I was puzzled by why people did not know and why they could not see the obvious simple answers and yes it still puzzles me today. Why would anyone not seek the truth of God and live the wonders, peace, and joy of it rather than walk around in the murky world of deceit, lies, and betrayal where dishonor lives and breaths. It is ugly, brings horror, hardship, and disappointment where no one wins, all lose. And so the legacy left behind by those is one of war, genocide and harm, people suffering needlessly for the sake of the few bad ones left to weld their corrupted power upon the masses. Nay let mine legacy be that which is of good intent and purpose to flow forth unto the generations that they may learn and become their fullest potential under God, free and limitless. .

Mine temporal trials were not of Gods making simply they were by those that wanted me to fail and to not be right, destructive they sought to hurt me and sometimes they did yet it was not by mine doing rather by their own and they sank into further ill repute. What are you all watching now around the globe, yes those sinking further into their ill repute by their own corruptions exposed before the world. They over played their hand and went from faltering to outright failure.

I knew the history of mine people not by being taught this through another I knew it within my own being and just as I knew Gods will for me and lived it thus I hath worked in purity hence when I began in earnest in 1992 I simply sat down and received the information directly setting aside time each morning and night. Throughout the day I was open to receive the information, synchronicity, and manifestation thus the confirmations and affirmations. Laying aside my mind and will until I knew my own dedication and commitment through allowing and accepting Gods moving living spirit to produce fruit. If a thing is real the truth of it will be revealed, hence the proof. Sincerity live life living

Taken through testing as I advanced in faith I entered doors such as sincerity, until I reached the stage of Masters acknowledging this journey. First came Sai Baba’s messenger from India then Chris of the Hare Krishna faith, the tau master from China, and so on until the ancient priesthood culminated this.

I returned to New Zealand armed with mine journals written of the future I would walk. If it was real it would arrive and it did. I tell of events that hath occurred not for fame; I seek but to share mine story and aid those walking towards God. Give the glory to God. ( the Hall of Fame, Yea, what a man does for his selfish self will make no markings on the credit side of life.
19. The good that men for other men shall do becomes a ladder strong on which the soul may climb to wealth, and power and fame of God’s own kind, that cannot pass away.
20. Give me the poverty of men, the consciousness of duty done in love, the approbation of my God, and I will be content.
21. And then he lifted up his eyes to heaven and said,
22. My Father-God, I thank thee for this hour. I ask not for the glory of thyself; I fain would be a keeper of thy temple gates, and serve my brother man.)

Then I walked the gates in the physical and like the doors transition and transformation took place. First came the gate at Maui where I ceased searching the future and changed to breathing it, then came the gate of resurrection and the opening of the hall of records followed on by the gate of creation where mine songs are sung for all.

Many a time there was doubt yet doubt is good for it brings forth the search to find Gods truth and adhere thus unto it

patience applied one waits upon God and makes not a move until one is supplied

signs are given, direction is certain outcome also delivered and as these very things occurred for me the change that took shape was signs for all. Perfection applied.

So every day in every way I lived and breathed Gods will and spirit thus applied this to the day as I walked the way.

Many came to view, all came with their own intent, most in desire of their own will being more right, some to misdirect on purpose, some to take and be the one, others to feel their own superiority, most came without reverence for God the creator, many without respect, and most without true believing and so I became hoha with it. (My brother man, would you come here to teach deceit? Am I within these holy walls to learn the wiles of vile hypocrisy?
18. Nay, man, my Father scorns deceit, and I am here to do his will.
19. Deceive these priests! Not while the sun shall shine. What I have said, that I have said; I will be true to them, to God, and to myself.)

Some came knowing thus walked with respect even reverence one such was Pereme Porter who knew and was told directly by God, yes I had my Simon, Peter moment yet know he was John the Baptiste and ye did not know he walked among you. Only two knelt before me, one was he God putting him on his knees before me, the other Ken who held the stone for five years waiting for me. These moments were a harmony and the playing of it opened up the way for me as I hath opened up the way for thee. I ask that you sing this harmony rather than the clatter of being out of tune. The song of the heart is uplifting reaches heaven and God in light, in reverence and worship, it never tells God you are wrong, I know best or that God does not exist rather it serenades God in wonder of Gods creation, and glory and it is where truth, wisdom, love, purity, and perfection lives with the living moving breathing spirit of God in a glorious dance of light that ensures beyond the moment, life, and all is right. The ancient priest and priesthood knows this, guardians of the gates of heaven, ensure that thy all live it.When found so it hath been my greatest delight and moments to celebrate.

The Lesson of the Lamp
16No one lights a lamp and covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he sets it on a stand, so those who enter can see the light. 17For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light. 18Pay attention, therefore, to how you listen. Whoever has will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.”…

I am the living stone – live life living

Like so many of you do and will I experienced the doubters, tricksters, insincere, even those that made attempt through maketu to stop me. Death threats and the like. Had I stopped due to these ones like so many do simply in the face of adversity withdrawing and retreating I would not now be singing the song of victory secure in mine knowing that it hath come and that you are in transition from one world system to the next, open now to fight for thou rights and to overcome those that would take them from you. That they use foul means in their war upon you and God – hold fast.

Like I saw the masses against me you now see them too and like I knew they sought always to see me fail thy sees this now also for thee. They hath not stopped me nor shall they stop thee when the true journey, precepts, principles, and laws universal, are applied. Seek only good and light yet always seek God and Gods ways, aware now that thou must pay attention to those in temporal power for by their actions words and deeds thou are affected quite directly. Thus mankind begins the journey I hath walked it wont be easy but thou are not alone and like the pioneers of old the way has been opened for thee. Thus ancient priesthood thou are charged to guide them on their way. Now is handed over to you just as it is to the the people to bring forth for all – Follow in mine footsteps and bring forth thou song of victory.

Recently a prophet delivered unto the people a message that once the eagle hath gone from the sky the sky has no impression of its passing just as a ship leaves no mark of its passing upon the waters I say to thee this is not so for those that took the time to see the eagle fly hath its appearance in the sky within their hearts moved by such vision ner to forget the grandeur of the moment just as those that witnessed or upon the ship sailing upon the waters gained from such occurrence. A master feels the flap of a butterflies wings across the other side of the world, life is moving all about and within one and it never leaves those that it imprints upon especially when a sign. Life is beyond the moment.

I walk upon the earth a body, mind, and spirit and carry within a wealth of true experience and knowledge gained by such moments they live in mine heart forever and shall ner die just as the worlds peoples hath lived the nightmare of the darkness now exposed that was upon them and used their free will to say No it lives within them the knowing, the light, and shall not pass away when the darkness hath gone. In this the darkness fades away ner to return.

Losing my only daughter to death grieving the loss upon loss as needless it had been and those around her led her to such outcome to hurt me and they did yet hurt their own beings in ways of such destruction more. It ner stopped me from moving in mine journey nor serving God or the people rather caused a great determination to bring forth change of good for all. Know that butterflies flapping their wings are all over the world doing so and realize thus that in other lands the wars, strife, conflict, terror, and transgression playing there hath spread by those simply ner being stopped by those that stand in light in this great evil spreads. Do not give it wing in any lands thus for all it can not take flight.

Hath I not stated peace within shall bring peace for all. The conflicts of the world is thus those at war in conflict within their own being allowed to rage hath so to manifest in such tragedy as war on the outer gathered to them through their own fear, selfish will and wrath gathered others weak and lost in inner battles feeding on each other now mass strife descended unto evil and in this delusion operate in illusion and self destruction multiples unto this group and spreads its wings to take flight upon the world. Simply consuming until consumed by the light their darkness is no more.

As a Medium (you label) I had a working team of what you call guardians from God directly, actually it was the disciples Peter, John the beloved and so forth, messengers and a gate keeper thus always in alignment with God the creator and the light was ensured of full and utter protection to walk among thee, thus I say to the mediums keep vigilant. Look around you at all the sinners and know that to communicate with sinners is to compromise self thus always ensure it is Gods messengers thou communicate with. Know that a great many mediums work in the light ensure those gate keepers and guardians do too. Do not malign those true to God and Gods ways. Mediums of the spiritualist churches profess their purpose to provide evidence of life after death, be certain thou knows what this means (there is such a thing as dead in the spirit realms also). I say it is to bring people to God and direct relationship with God that prophet and Gods way is known. be certain thou knows the doors and the gates and applies this otherwise thou are lost among the dead.

“But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” (John 14:26, NIV)

[Jesus speaking] “When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me.” (John 15:26, NIV)

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” (John 16:13, NIV)

Spiritual guidance can only come from God, the Christ, and holy spirit.

By taking the journey one packs the suitcase of soul treasures this is what one takes into the next world beyond this life ensure those treasures are of beauty and true worth then sojourner on earth thy life experience will not hath been in vain.

Isaiah 45:1-2

Thus says the Lord to Cyrus His anointed,
Whom I have taken by the right hand,
To subdue nations before him
And to loose the loins of kings;
To open doors before him so that gates will not be shut:
“I will go before you and make the rough places smooth;
I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars.


and the true temple

Revelation 21:25

In the daytime (for there will be no night there) its gates will never be closed;

As to the Restoration people, ensure that thee demand of those in places of authority the same vigilance as thee must also demand of thy selves, then The Restoration can breath in its fullness. For example basic universal income with true intent ensures all security without enslavement by insuring it is done in proper method such as shareholding in the country and in work position, acknowledgement of work includes that of Mothers at home taking care of households and care givers aiding those that need it. Ensuring those in positions of Governing take what is required for the running of the country the giving then is looking after its people for the benefit of the people and not that of world Government or themselves and not for purpose of war or enabling the wealthy to become more so then freedom is breathed in right order as give to receive a spiritual precept lives. One thus is learning to live and breath with God the creator – No greater teacher can there be than God -live – life – living

When issues arise such as population increase there is always an answer positive thus one always has a a choice ner is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ask God, society can think for its self let the people put forward resolutions and one or more answers will come forward that is best. Ner must it be depopulation that is to go against God the creator commandments THUS ALL MUST DEMAND of others and of self the victory of moral code and universal precepts of Gods laws to breath. It is a first step into a true direction of good and on going good for all by all. It wont be easy it is not meant to be yet it will be fruitful it will bring out the best in each and over all for all.

It is thy right to demand that those Governing and in positions of authority have righteous and good morals thus good example is set. You might at this point say its too hard, really? many countries rejected the WHO treaty because it is too evil, in doing so set example of what is not acceptable and right for their people, Saying no to poor bad and evil is not hard. Through exposure of the evil and its existing Satan’s system being rejected and seen now by all, one knows what one does not want and in that defining begins to seek what one does want. Thus set about attaining it. As basis and foundation for all with all contributing in endeavor to succeed within themselves and for others true sharing caring nurturing spreads . It is not hard to know the better ways for God has placed laws to enable such The ten commandments a true compass. Jesus added to these and the tablets of the heart too, bring these into the light that all may be, breath, and live in such manner. Tablets of the heart live life living.

The legend of the matrix live life living. Long after I am gone they shall breath just as the hearts in creation shine a reminder of all that hath been given of mine journey shall exist forever more in the hearts of man. So I shall say to you what God once said to me reach for the stars they shine for you. It is for man now to take the steps upon the path in right direction for in truth no system ever lived created by man that is of truth and true freedom. Thou hast nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain. When the hardship comes pause and wait upon God it will pass and thou shall move forward always forward and upward be thou way.

While the journey is a testing, can be of trial, even tribulation, the growth in right direction gained by adhering to these very precepts and principles applied produces great peace and joy, wonder and knowing thus overcoming self and standing true in the light overcomes those seeking to destroy good and God, and Gods creation, truth, and love. (And Jesus was the master of the phantom forms of prejudice and of treachery.)

So many do not know love, only desire and selfish want, have no love of self ner self worth and leave the journey to descend into the lower ways of life thus settle for half hearted ways and never reach all that is there to be attained. When one loves ones self one likes ones self this stems from making good choices in so doing is example, is shared, and spreads. It is not hard I raised my son on “do good things and good things happen” making it very simple for him in his youth to understand the precept of do unto others as you would have done unto you. (A love-flame had been kindled in his soul, and he was brought to face the sorest trial of his life.
17. He could not sleep nor eat. Thoughts of the maiden came; they would not go. His carnal nature called aloud for her companionship.
18. And then he said, Lo, I have conquered every foe that I have met, and shall I now be conquered by this carnal love?
19. My Father sent me here to show the power of love divine, that love that reaches every living thing.
20. Shall this pure, universal love be all absorbed by carnal love? Shall I forget all creatures else, and lose my life in this fair maiden, though she is the highest type of beauty, purity and love?
21. Into its very depths his soul was stirred, and long he wrestled with this angel-idol of his heart.
22. But when the day was almost lost, his higher ego rose in might; he found himself again, and then he said,
23. Although my heart shall break I will not fail in this my hardest task; I will be victor over carnal love.
24. And when again the maiden came, and offered him her hand and heart, he said,
25. Fair one, your very presence thrills me with delight; your voice is benediction to my soul; my human self would fly with you, and be contented in your love;
26. But all the world is craving for a love that I have come to manifest.
27. I must, then, bid you go; but we will meet again; our ways on earth will not be cast apart.
28. I see you in the hurrying throngs of earth as minister of love; I hear your voice in song, that wins the hearts of men to better things.
29. And then in sorrow and in tears the maiden went away, and Jesus was again alone.
30. And instantly the great bells of the temple rang; the singers sung a new, new song; the grotto blazed with light.
31. The hierophant himself appeared, and said, All hail! triumphant Logos, hail! The conqueror of carnal love stands on the heights.)

Those descended ones endeavoring to take over in world Government do not have intelligence are not right in their endeavors and their own thought patterns are so corrupt they are blind to their own descent for example they want to control the minds of the people via brain chips and with propaganda but the mind is the great deceiver and not the soul or spirit of man which can never be controlled by another. They are doomed to failure from the very start hence force and violation occurs by their hand as they seek control.

Thought is a creative power yet it is not the authority of God which overcomes thought by this I mean think upon the billions of thoughts ideas and supposed answers to deliver upon the globe for all and there will be multiple divisions set forth by souls at differing stages of growth and thus understanding rather think upon the answers God provides and true answers are delivered for Gods truth is the same for all and in this light wisdom stands.

Population being an issue by example – reach for the stars, change war to endeavor of exploration and taking with humanity the laws and ways of God, brotherhood and good guardianship.

Anyone can write a book and hath it sound good, the difference is to live what one is writing as I hath done sharing year by year mine journey and the work sheets if thy will of mine shared writings along side the declarations. WWG1WGA the words written by another thus live them, go in right direction on higher planes of endeavor seek out the path put aside greed and pleasure a five minute state that leaves one empty rather find the treasures real, of life, the wonder and joy. When love comes peace comes, secure in the giving and receiving one is full.

When one is full one is not alone vulnerable nor unhappy for one is supported by God, Gods messengers, signs, wonders and within one knows one is fulfilling ones purpose destiny and path. One is walking always in the right direction. Satisfied that one has taken charge of ones self and being, self responsible hath delivered this before God as thou song of victory thus sing before the throne of God thou song of victory and know God delights.

Gods Governing live life living

Part two

I Debra Ann Potroz known as TeManawa do hereby make declaration

God the creator open up the way for those seeking thee

Give the children of light, the remnant those with you courage strength and bravery to stand upon the day rejecting all that is evil Let their words of No mean no and stay those that would enslave them, harm, and destroy them.

Give them thy true laws and ways that they may travel upon the journey safe and protected by thee, that they may be true, purify, find, and know the way, life, and light.

Let them hath thou true direction that they may grow their soul true and straight in the ways of thee

I declare that in true endeavor they shall always have this right and thus deliver them upon the shores of liberty and freedom with all their inalienable rights God given

let the endeavors of mankind be for the higher good of mankind delivered upon thy shores God the creator and ner to waiver in adversity stand strong and true in thou ways and laws universal

let them grow true commitment dedication and allowance that they may come from faith and believe into knowing and wisdom.

let wisdom and truth be applied that love grows for all life and living

let them be by example shining lights that heaven may see their brightness and humanity may know true light upon earth and let the light thus spread throughout the lands of earth as the good word doth.

Let them of God bring forth good unto the matrix, the womb of God, endeavors of ongoing good for all mankind.

let them build on truth that true love may light and show the way. The song of truth live life living

let the mockery of God, God’s Kingdom and creation be gone

Let those in true creation with thee be given authority to show the way

let The Restoration stand in thy glory

Let the children of light dance and sing before the throne of heaven

let signs of the heart light their way and give true and right direction

let those nations that hath rejected the WHO treaty come into delivering their people unto liberty and freedom proper

Let those nations with God the creator come into delivering their people into liberty and freedom proper

The song of liberty and freedom live life living

Let those nations seeking peace come into the tree of peace and deliver their people into liberty and freedom under its branches ever sheltered

The Tree of Peace Live life living, The song of peace live life living. The prince of peace live – life – living

Let the song of the heart sing in the hearts of all as the heart beat of all nations and man kind

The song of the heart live life living

The song of creation live life living

Let thy kingdom come

let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

My pure heart my triumph heart I hath sung mine songs before the throne of God the creator The song of purity live life living

I hath walked and lived in mine authority which is Gods authority The song of the Christos live life living as I have opened up the seven seals live life living

Sealed by God – The song of the seals live life living

God takes back what is Gods – Gods timing is perfect as is Gods plan.

I sing thou victory song of the heart

All creation is singing it. All life is breathing it in

rejoice, rejoice, Gods song upon life

lifting all life to Gods heart and word

I am your victory, your victory God. I am your song.

Let those that are deaf hear and those that are blind see.

For until one does one is not in truth nor in a place to discover it.

Build on truth for lasting foundations

I TeManawa stand once again in the circle of creation. Winds still to my command, listen to mine words. The sign of fire has come, having been called forth, and now resides, the fire of Gods baptism, the holy spirit. I affirm and confirm this as I do all declarations I hath made past present and unto the future, in the land of the long white cloud, the land of the gates of heaven, out of the shadows and into the light before the world thou light is now shown. Children of light now gather.

As always humans strive for glory and to be the one ruling over all, yet that can not be, as it is and will always be, God the creator who fulfills this.

The world is singing it and those not are against God, creation and humanity. Give the glory to God and know that all are embarked on the Age of the heart. Lift thou hearts to heaven and sing thou song of the heart, it is the voices united in love and truth that is heard before the throne of God

God, a pure heart, a pure view.
A heart of gold that is true
the wish I make humanity say goodbye
to betrayal deceit and lies
Open thou hearts, be reborn anew
Human is the Heart descending far below
Divine is the heart rising aloft

I am on the wind

I am the mark of God

Signed sealed and delivered

Spirit is a way of being, a way of life

To deny this is to deny God

To deny God is to live a falsehood

To live a falsehood is to deny truth

To deny truth is to have no lasting foundations

Let it be known No one can attack truth and live to be victorious

May you find the way and live it

May you reach peace within

May you live joy and wonder

May you find true purpose

May you be fulfilled and know true love

May you find contentment and true happiness

May you live free and reach limitless potential

May you live by Gods truth, laws and way always and know that these very things are yours by so doing

May you know God

May you live breath and move with God as one

God bless all so doing

Revelation 22:14
Verse Concepts

Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city.


(Being aligned with God and faith ultimately leads to winning results. 

Push through the negativity and chaos you see in the world. Renew your mind daily on how great God is to all his children.

There are so many instances of miracles and breakthroughs. 

Being aligned with God is like beautiful music. All the instruments unite to produce a glorious sound of praise )

Prophecy fulfilled live life living. A life lived true is a life fulfilled live life living I simply tell what has been, what is and what is to come.

The work of Jesus in the Chamber of the Dead was done, and in the temple purple room he stood before the hierophant,
2. And he was clothed in purple robes; and all the brothers stood. The hierophant arose and said,
3. This is a royal day for all the hosts of Israel. In honour of their chosen son we celebrate the great Passover Feast.
4. And then he said to Jesus, Brother, man, most excellent of men, in all the temple tests you have won out.
5. Six times before the bar of right you have been judged; six times you have received the highest honours man can give; and now you stand prepared to take the last degree.
6. Upon your brow I place this diadem, and in the Great Lodge of the heavens and earth you are THE CHRIST.
7. This is your Passover rite. You are a neophyte no more; but now a master mind.
8. Now, man can do no more; but God himself will speak, and will confirm your title and degree.
9. Go on your way, for you must preach the gospel of good will to men and peace on earth; must open up the prison doors and set the captives free.
10. And while the hierophant yet spoke the temple bells rang out; a pure white dove descended from above and sat on Jesus’ head.
11. And then a voice that shook the very temple said, THIS IS THE CHRIST; and every living creature said, AMEN.
12. The great doors of the temple swung ajar; the Logos journeyed on his way a conqueror.

Matthew 7:13-14

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – live life living

Ark of the Covenant – live – life- living

The mysteries of God revealed – live – life – living

Signed, sealed, delivered – live life living (this is not specifically for the USA whose eagle is their nations symbol)

As I declare these things this day so it is so it shall be ……………………… now and forever more

Amenie A surrender to God and to the Christos – Sealed Mānawa maiea te putanga o Matariki / Hail the rise of Matariki

Mānawa maiea te ariki o te rangi / Hail the lord of the sky

Mānawa maiea te mātahi o te tau / Hail the New Year

I call into the circle of creation the Guardians

Holdfast mine commands and time within the temple, all that hath been witnessed that none may embellish it but simply hold to the truth of it.

What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open. 8I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door, which no one can shut. For you have only a little strength, yet you have kept My word and have not denied My name.

I call into the circle of creation the Gods

thou lusts, jealousies, and wars make thee no more than in ego and as mankind in lower self becomes no more than beast. Gods creation works the same for all and so to doth Gods judgement with no exemptions thus when one welds power in abuse and lower energies one becomes less in ones potential and authority. No different than those fallen angels whom so wanted to be above God the creator yet ner did become so, heed the warning all life aiming to be more than God the creator leads to downfall and lowering self to be less than thou own potential as God created thee to be. You fail thy selves and all life thus stand tall and deliver upon all life the very best of thee.

To all the armies of heaven at mine command, continue as commanded, yet for this little while celebrate the victory as all heaven hath.

God bless thee all

21st July 2022 I command that all emergency powers of world Governments, the self elected one world Government are null and void and can not be created onto the fabric of life as I declare it ……… Rest time is over

1 – previous 2 latest 3 previous

I Debra Ann Potroz  known as TeManawa in the authority God the creator who art in heaven has invested in me which is Gods Authority do hereby declare the end of the Antichrist  and antichrist reign having taken back all authorities Lucifer welded from Satan’s Kingdom, principalities, thrones,  armies, and all those upholding the Antichrist reign and beast system, the 24th of September 2022 to the 27th of September 2022 inclusive. All false believers, pretenders, and all inverted double speak, inverted laws and words, symbols and signs temporal or spiritual are null and void and cannot be created unto the fabric of life the corrupt one world Government and one world religion and all those of the antichrist authority reign and systems are null and void and all their authorities and anointment’s are null and void having taken back these authorities The Dragon family, dragon lines and reign upon earth inclusive, I am the dragon slayer and declare the Christos and office of the Christ supreme, perfect living and alive, I am wisdom, I am truth. I am Gods light, I am Gods Authority, the living stone I am the door keeper thus in the name of God the creator who art in heaven, as The Christos, as I speak it, as I say it, so it is and so it shall be now and forever more- Ameni

The Jubilee Great reset has been rejected by God the creator in full, all powers of The Great Reset and all authorities of The Great Reset is null and void TeManawa has declared the Great Reset world system is rejected and no contract into it will be recognized by God the Creator our farther who art in heaven thus in the authority invested in TeManawa by God the creator proclaims and declares God the creators “The Restoration” live life living – The Restoration stands

God the creator, our farther who art in heaven let the reign of Christ begin on earth as it is in heaven.

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light, Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa in right of Aotearoa and all her territories Nationally and Internationally, the Logos, Sovereign Queen of Queens of te Ao, Sheba, Mother of the Nations, Te Upoko Ariki (chief of chiefs of the Waitaha people, Kaitiaki Diplomat Te Moana nui a Kiwa, te ika a Maui, all rights reserved. Live life living Five planets line up in rare planetary conjunction

24th June 2022 I was given a book to read, it is small yet I recommend Our people read it and take note it is called Kingitanga The oral Diaries of Potatau TeWherowhero. I wish for you to be extraordinary. Take this moment in time to start the journey back home. It seems an appropriate wish as Matariki becomes a day of celebration for in upon our shores and note that it is also The American Eagles holiday not only that but the planets align today what a good note to finish on – Arohanui TM It happened due to it being a declaration done by God thou shalt not murder being upheld like all the declarations done this is simply another now manifest – and the world changes – Sealed A Victory for Life and Liberty – Sealed Satan’s Temptation: World Elites Want To Take God’s Place / Control Population RBG 7 fold ret 100 Elite are fallen It is not possible to take Gods place end of story – Seemingly the elite can not get their minds around the fact that they have lost that things are not going according to their will

28th June 2022 World soul is being purified – watch the water Learn How Historic Super Cycle Comes To An End In Our Era


Threat of a big bank July 4th RBG 7 fold ret 100

Seems I have flushed out the looking glass See previous declarations CHOPPER VIDEO: Georgia Guide stones Blown Sky High – Alex Jones breaks the news that the new world order / depopulation monument outside of Atlanta, Georgia has been blown to pieces by explosives. God does not make a mistake there are no accidents in the universe maybe its simply a sign, a manifestation that it did need to be destroyed that symbolically the end of NWO has been made manifest before the eyes of the world 7th July 2022 7th of July 2022

Some days are just great days and moments to look back on as ones of notable joy as the song of victory rings out today let it ring out for God the creator always

Look back at the declarations and you will know what is coming
As people take back their countries Ensure you go after the people behind the NWO politicians you know Gates, Schwab, Obama, Rotheschild, Rockefella Prince Charles Clintons Soros Fauci Bidens etc Arrest and put to trial WE ARE WINNING! FULL SHOW 7/11/22 – Hunter Biden Phone Leak Signals Collapse of the New World Orderyep – sealed Hunter Biden Phone Hack Proves Biden Working For China BEAU BIDEN FOUNDATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN, INC. Non Profit :: District of Columbia (US)

Collapse of the New World Order and those running it behind it – SEALED

Chinese people have started to waken, they are fighting now with the people of the world against the CCP and the NWO
Ardern recent visit to both says it all
The chargers against these NWO puppets and those behind them remain the same High Treason, pre meditated mass genocide grievous bodily harm malfeasance sabotage theft and so forth – BILL GATES CHINA BUYING UP FARMLAND IN USA – STOP THE STEAL #StopTheSteal #ChinaOwesWorld #UNNWO
Just imagine on million of your own solders coming for you CCP them imagine one billion of them
wef is an organized criminal org and look who rears their ugly heads again the Clinton Foundation Bill Gates United Nations and DAVOS – The people are taking back their countries and they are coming for NWO Alex Jones Documentary Tops ‘Elvis’ on Apple iTunes – wow the world wide awakening against the NWO has exploded – we have God and our ancestors on our side and we will prevail – All glory goes to God – Change, Now after those that are behind the puppets The Answer to 1984 is 1776! Learn the Truth Behind the Powerful Rallying Cry – 7 years after TM = 777

I have been so aware of this recently so many people in the brain heart convergence are falsely believing with the new understanding of the universe their awareness of ones consciousness and connection to all means there is no heaven hell or God the creator making all the same and it is simply not correct. While how it operates is the same for all not all are the same at all. While masters do not cast pearl as such before swine sometimes it is done and my journey is one such It covers everything so no little task then, Authority thus leadership is real as is heaven, as is hell, and within you all know it so put aside that ego driven nonsense and do the hard yards like all have too. Who ever is promoting the shortcuts is misleading others into repeat cycles as the miss steps of progress, growth, and so on. No other could have done mine journey, frankly no one would have wished to in so many ways oh well it belonged to mine soul mine spirit and the authority God invested in me so yes I can scribe, I see so I can be called a matakiti or psychic (of the soul) I am a prophet in my own right and I can heal, I have been anointed and christed so what label do you give me for I have those given direct form God to others that also apply Does one need to have a label that makes up the whole nay an office of authority a tittle and in the circumstances of the spiritual relevant only when earned. No man can determine that only God. God seeks not mans permission to go about doing

I understand the Gods and Egypt those that came before the Christ of the last age thus you will if you take the time to read mine actual words find all forms of the spiritual have been expressed, the book of the dead Egypt, Hermetic The book of the dead Tibet July 2022 – The Bible Revelations – The Gospel of the Aquarian Age 1997 – The Torah, Koran and so on yet never did I read them full . What is discovered is this all have truth and are relevant thus warring over ones religions are obsolete. The churches required to find the common threads not make a one world religion based on evil. I know of the Angels, watchers aliens and so on not from having reading about them and would say to those following the fallen angels and or aliens they are not made in Gods image go back to God direct. When these things have been referenced by me in my shared writings it was to affirm and confirm for those reading my words which are mine words in mine authority which is Gods authority. Active and operative direct. Pure manifest

For example it was mine to share information yet it is but the tip of the ice berg How I go about my authority is not shared One must earn these things and thus at many points I have remained silent. In other words I have done my duty as given to me, fulfilled prophesy as meant to be, and earned the right to be by God not by man. Sharing what I do is neither ego driven nor self centered and know it is mine purity that accesses otherwise these very things would not have been opened up for me. I know that much of my journey is not comprehended and even what I have gone about in its fullness has yet to be seen but it will be seen.

I encourage all to be who they are and celebrate the milestones of each, right now a major milestone has been reached and its worth celebrating don’t you think. Globalists Panic, Unleash MASSIVE Disinfo Campaign to Counter Alex Jones’ Pro-Humanity Speech! Alex Jones breaks down the REAL battle of Good vs. Evil the globalists are tirelessly working to keep hidden from the masses! The Future is the Birthright of Humanity

…26And to the one who overcomes and continues in My work until the end, I will give authority over the nations. 27 He will rule them with an iron scepter and shatter them like pottery— just as I have received authority from My Father. 28And I will give him the morning star.…

Fe means iron

Its happening all over the world the people are awake

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [29/07/2022 8:55 AM] We have to come together under a code of freedom liberty and justice – Alex Jones: The Human Supremacist Alex Jones Responds to Critics of his Epic Human Supremacy Speech – Those that attack the elect have very real consequences – keep speaking the truth Alex

sealed Fauci I have some really bad news for you _ Unvaxed 64 Covid positive Winter and day 5 no major health issues from your Covid 19 as it is no more than a light cold from experience PS DR Zelenko remedy works It also needs to arrest those that have imposed the crimes against humanity arrested and charged for their crimes in other words accountability and it needs the new leaders to work to bring about a righteous system that allows for sovereignty yet gets along with other sovereigns one world under God – The Restoration Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne: Fauci Should Be Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity- A message for everyone that has gone along with the WEF politicians committing the crimes against humanity and the war crimes – The worm has turned Send them to arrest Fauci Schwab Bill Gates Ob ama and so on

The people agreed with God and thus God is moving – Good leaders are not only standing they are moving and thus the worm has turned It is time to cease watching all the deviates and be exposed to their low energies rather it is time to celebrate the good and decent expose yourselves to that and feel the difference.

We must put aside our differences and resurrect our unity and our laws.

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [10/08/2022 10:06 AM] Never forget that God is in control, not the New World Order! We have FORCED the globalists to overplay their hand and operate out in the open in a desperate move! The blueprint to defeat the NWO is coming! Pre-order Alex Jones’ new book about The Great Reset before it’s too late! Link in this article!

The smoke and mirrors of the media and globalist minions must be shattered and those committing this atrocity against humanity must be held accountable NOW! Steve Bannon On Infowars: ‘They Cant Stop The Great Awakening’ Top Russian Anti-NWO Thought Leader Discusses The Fight Against Globalism We are now post Globalism as NWO in retreat – SEALED It’s Official: The Entire Covid/Poison Vax House of Cards Is In FREEFALL COLLAPSE & the Rats Are Leaving the Sinking Ship! – SEALED

Deliverance activated 28th August 2022

TM made declaration and gacve command so its been in effect since then, now awareness comes of its existence and work in co operation with this has now begun – great confirmation Tim, well done and bless you

A couple of JOURNAL REFERENCES – excerpts only

(May 23rd 2008

Taut is the bow aimed well now you can do it.

17 March 2021 This is a turning point for the upward march union amongst many individuals shall ignite blind no more they come in their droves

we have placed the arrow taut in the bow  now it fly’s free straight and true to hit its mark. Prophecy will begin to seek its own rewards as others begin to see and understand what has happened and what is to occur

The people are awake and aware world wide and they are standing thus they are doing and now The boomerang effect in play is like all TM declarations holding fast and thus the Ekklesia prophets Prayer intercessors and so forth are now doing.

15th September – There has been a surrender in the spiritual of Antichrist, NWO globalist The great reset to TM and God – Reminder it to manifest in physical and will at the appointed moment

Who said anything about a Republic – take a good look at USA right now and how the intended destruction of it is occurring. Ardern is using this as a pacifier – We are already free of UK so that’s not much of a surrender Ardern best be careful how you lay that sword down. The numerical values of Hebrew word HLL meaning to pierce or to be pierced, HS meaning to have the compassion, and LVLB meaning a branch of palm tree, gives each one 68. The words royalty and battle are used 68 times in the Bible. Symbol of the mercy of God.

Lady Gaga forced to stop show amid lightning storm
The star was performing the last night of her Chromatica Ball tour in Miami when a storm descended. rainbow is Gods promise to humanity and has nothing to do with saying farewell to Elizabeth quite the opposite it is a sign that God is receiving the peoples outpouring. Scientists Discover 380 Million-Year-Old Heart, Stunningly Preserved Alex Jones also covers the Great Reset shutting down civilization and the symbolism of globalists gathering at the memorial of Queen Elizabeth II — tune in and share this link! – THE NUMBERS ARE IN 99% OF PEOPLE SAYING NO TO COVID VAX SINCE JANUARY – THIS IS VICTORY AGAINST THE GLOBALIST – SEALED

99 PERCENT SAY no TO NWO AND GREAT RESET lockstep vax GENOCIDE THERE WILL BE NO tide turning or SPRINGTIDE Charles – signed sealed delivered

Epic! A Salute To The Unvaccinated

War Room |

October 5th 2022, 12:12 pm

‘They suffered a measurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation, but they kept on going’

A news anchor named Brad Wylder provides a very powerful message about the importance of standing your ground in life, especially when the masses begin doing things that go against your beliefs or values.

Speaking about citizens worldwide who refused to bow down to the massive Covid-19 vaccination program, the reporter said, “They did what others could not. They were the tree that stood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. They did it because they thought they were alone and they believed they were the only ones.”

He continued, “Banned from their family’s tables at Christmas, they never saw anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money, but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation, but they kept on going.” A news anchor named Brad Wylder provides a very powerful message about the importance of standing your ground in life, especially when the masses begin doing things that go against your beliefs or values.

“Now, we all know who are the best on the planet Earth,” the anchor told viewers. “Men, women, young, old, rich, poor of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible Ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.” GOOD NEWS: PayPal Cancels Social Credit Score Beta Test gets such a backlash they say sorry and withdraw (Winning) And Florida Surgeon General Warns Against Covid Death Shots (Winning as narrative now falls and science data proves the kill shots are just that (winning) – 95 percent of people not taking the booster shots (winning) –

19/9/2022 God has won – signed – sealed – delivered

The river of life each bend more beautiful than the next.
Against all odds For. Māori, the totara is a very special. tree, brought into being by Tane Mahuta, the atua of the forest. Symbolically, this very important tree can be viewed as representing everything that roots us, anchors us, identifies us and locates us in the Māori world. Renewwal by fire The fires and lightnings signs Maori elite leaders are not anchored in who they are they are hooked into caught up in Pakeha corruption and systems that have led them to betray the people and become what they detested most about their being colonized – Not for much longer

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light, Sovereign Queen of Aotearoa in right of Aotearoa and all her territories Nationally and Internationally, the Logos, Sovereign Queen of Queens of te Ao, Sheba, Mother of the Nations, Te Upoko Ariki (chief of chiefs of the Waitaha people, Kaitiaki Diplomat Te Moana nui a Kiwa, te ika a Maui, all rights reserved. Live life living

May 2000

You said I was no good

When all I am is so

You took away from me

All I live to be

You’re only way Deceit to do what you have done to me

I will be back

And when I am, beware

The truth of you shall be seen

When you least expect it

I will be there

And when I am, beware

And the anger burns

Deep within

And the fire grows

With the force of truth

Fanned by your lies

And the power grows

Surging with each moment

I face each loss

And the anger lights

I have been wronged

And the fire grows

You knew what you were doing

And the power grows

Irrevocable damage

What it would mean for us

And the anger lights

But the truth remains

And the cause is born

You cannot hide the truth

And the cause is true

You can’t hide from me

While you fuel the fire

Truth the funeral pyre

While you fuel the flames

Remember my name

And all you did

I will come back

The truth to claim

And the anger lights

Of you and all you have slain

I will come back

And when I do

Only truth and I will remain

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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