https://banned.video/watch?id=613946b9c886a6142c5057b3 Former War Crimes Prosecutor Lays Out Blueprint to Prosecute Fauci and Co. for Creating COVID-19

https://banned.video/watch?id=613a81482026d11782e4d343 BREAKING BOMBSHELL: WHO/CDC Docs Prove COVID Vaxx Created Deadly Delta Variant – Dr. Richard Fleming We have filed the case in international criminal court to hold these criminals accountable.

https://banned.video/watch?id=6137ea5413dba210bb58d7ca Canadian 1776: Angry Citizens Throw Trudeau Out of Every City He Visits – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was met by a rowdy crowd of protesters on Monday as he campaigned in London, Ontario – DO NOT LET THE UN COME IN AND TAKE OVER THE RESTORATION LEGAL IN INTERNATIONAL LAW AND GOD FREES HUMANITY AND IS GOVERNMENT UNDER GOD.

https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-protesters-gravel-1.6166586 Justin Trudeau said today he won’t let “the mob” control his campaign after he was sprayed with gravel during a raucous protest in London, Ont. yesterday. RBG 7 FOLD RET 100 GOD WILL LET THEM WIN FLASHBACK GLOBALIST HAVE ALREADY LOST

https://banned.video/watch?id=6137e56bf4c3031068f7a05f Australia Announces Permanent Lockdown with Reeducation Camps – RBG 7 FOLD RET 100 ILLEGAL CRIMINAL TRAITORSTHEY HAVE BECOME HUMANITIES EXECUTIONERS – HUMANITIES MASS MURDERERS


https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/scott-morrison-hits-out-at-jacinda-arderns-zero-covid-strategy/news-story/d809b0e7e51ff7eeced913c51ca3b4f3 BOTH PM’S ARE INTENT ON ROLLING OUT THE POISON JABS DONT BE FOOLED BY THEIR THEATER

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-delta-outbreak-mike-hosking-less-of-the-fear-more-of-the-hope-please/H23VD3QOVUBFGJO5B4FWYIVTGA/ FEAR THEN CALM OR AS JACINDA PUTS IT GOING HARD THEN SOFT IS A STRATEGY TO HAVE YOU REACT RUSH OUT GET THE POISON JAB AS THEY TIGHTEN THE CONTROL OVER YOU

Globalist Inside Job: Covid-19 Was Released On Purpose
Find out why the elite unleashed the virus on the world

https://banned.video/watch?id=6137e9aaf4c3031068f806dc its official Fauci Ordered Construction of COVID-19 Virus, FOIA Docs Show

https://banned.video/watch?id=61391e3e92973d1364378ab8 See the Video of Fauci Admitting to Engineering ‘Doomsday Virus’ Through Gain-of-Function in 2012********

https://banned.video/watch?id=613a518afbe6121697e1346a Roger Stone Confirms Trump Will Run for President in 2024 FAUCI MASS MURDER BUSTED AND THEY ARE GOING AFTER HIM AND HIS COHORTS


https://t.me/TheTrueDefender/7945 https://thetruedefender.com/deaths-from-the-covid-19-vaccination-program-fit-the-definition-of-genocide-says-lawyer-anna-de-buisseret/

Senior Employment lawyer Anna De Buisseret spoke with Unity News Network (UNN) about the ongoing court action over the decision to give the Covid-19 vaccine to teens and toddlers.

“We are taking it to court; procedures for judicial review of the decision to roll out the vaccination to 16, 17, and 12 – to 15-year-old age groups have been issued,” a prominent UK lawyer stated.

Leading Medical Journal Proves: THE COVID-19 VAX INJECTION WILL KILL YOU”

https://banned.video/watch?id=613a81482026d11782e4d343 BREAKING BOMBSHELL: WHO/CDC Docs Prove COVID Vaxx Created Deadly Delta Variant***********************

https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-09-06-ama-document-teach-doctors-to-lie-while-murder-patients.html Just published: American Medical Association releases stunning document teaching doctors to LIE to patients while deliberately exaggerating covid death claims… the AMA admits to its own complicity in crimes against humanity

https://banned.video/watch?id=613a804b2026d11782e4c581 Learn Why Fauci Backed Remdesivir for COVID Treatment – It is killing people


https://banned.video/watch?id=613a81482026d11782e4d343 BREAKING BOMBSHELL: WHO/CDC Docs Prove COVID Vaxx Created Deadly Delta Variant – Dr. Richard Fleming, we have filed the case in the International crimes court and will hold these people accountable **************************************************************************

All of these Covid vaccines are unsafe –

They do not cut down the number of cases

They do not cut down the number of deaths

They are causing harm to millions of people




GODS DIVINE INTERVENTION HAS OCCURRED AND NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD TO ACT – THIS IS YOUR MOMENT – YOU CAN BRING DOWN THE GLOBALIST – Their unraveling is there before you and now is the time to push and push harder than ever

1 Ivermectin etc – Treatments mean Globalist lose emergency powers

2. Treason and Coups proven

3 Exodus their system

4 https://temanawa1.com/2021/09/14/tai-hono-i-nga-tai-o-mauri-muri-wai-kapuea/ George Soros owned Surgeon Gneral is heading up the turn the tide campaign – They would not be doing that if they had won or were winning it is they who are weak

5 The Restoration which is the opposite of their Great Reset and done by God

https://www.johnccarleton.org/BLOGGER/2021/09/01/dod-dispatches-hazmat-team-closes-air-space-following-moderna-vaccine-shipment-transport-truck-crash-and-these-things-are-safe-to-inject/ God stops evil delivery flashback evergreen

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/strong-winds-in-the-south-island-cause-havoc-as-trucks-blown-off-roads-roofing-iron-lifts/E4ERRSTIV3BULWJ7OC7PWGZZTY/ No that is trucks cutting off the path of the globalist and a SIGN, GODS WINDS ARE UPON THE GLOBALIST

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-coronavirus-delta-outbreak-military-personnel-take-legal-action-against-vaccine-directive/7SL6RK35GIDAEGDXDJMIIRDZAU/ HOPE FOR THE MILITARY MEANS HOPE FOR YOU – THANK YOU


Dr. Zelenko: The Difference Between Australia and Us is We Have 450 Million Guns in the Hands of Citizens – The vaccines are poison death shots they are a weapon of eugenics

https://www.infowars.com/posts/its-your-body-his-choice-hannity-scorches-bidens-vaccine-mandates/ “It’s Your Body, His Choice”: Hannity Scorches Biden’s Vaccine Mandates 1; NO ONE IS OBLIGED TO FOLLOW ILLEGAL ORDERS 2 BIDNE DECLARES HIMSELF A MASS MURDERER A REAL CRIME FOR WHICH THERE ARE REAL TRIALS AND SENTENCES


SHOCKING EXPOSURE: Doctor Reveals COVID Bioweapon Program! Vaccine WILL KILL Millions!


https://banned.video/watch?id=613932d492973d1364395a5d 10 Million March with Bolsonaro Against ‘Globalist Communist Tyranny’ Alex Jones breaks down the growing resistance to globalist communism around the world as 10 million march with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Victory or death Bolsonaro stands and will not stand down. Covid vaccination driving variants

Reported as thousands it is ten million
correct the tide has turned

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9968187/Magnitude-7-4-quake-strikes-Mexico-USGS.html?ci=QOKprB5JbM&cri=qFvijtAqAg&si=40543049&ai=9968187 Principle of the individuality, 1, which finishes its complete cycle of evolution, 70, having reached the perfection: 7 + 1 = 8.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/watch/watch-grey-seal-hugs-scuba-diver-in-adorable-video/vp-AAObWA5 WHO ELSE NEEDS A HUG, SEAL AND DIVER HUG IT OUT

Life is beyond the moment

Build on truth for lasting foundations

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [11.09.21 16:17]
https://banned.video/watch?id=613beb2c0c29361bde378e17 President Biden Has Officially Established A Federal Dictatorship In reality all installed globalist Governments globally are illegitimate nothing official about them

September 11th 2021 I Debra Ann Potroz known as TeManawa do hereby make declaration as the word and will of God that the New World order and all globalist declarations are null and void and can not be created onto the fabric of life as I declare it as I ………………so it is and so is and so it shall …………………….now and forever more


https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14425644 Meet Iroha, the giraffe calf with heart-shaped spots on her neck – The heart is in all creation

https://www.doc.govt.nz/news/media-releases/2021-media-releases/seals-making-a-comeback/ Hero Seal


Telegram (https://t.me/TheLightTruthPaper/3487)
The Light Paper
JUST IN – PM Boris Johnson will announce this week that he is scrapping plans that would have required vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs, cinemas, and sports grounds. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/covid-vaccine-passports-scrapped-for-winter-by-boris-johnson-5g2fdb2zn

https://banned.video/watch?id=613fbabd87ff8b241942d602 UK Government Says Vaccine Passports Integral to COVID Winter Plan Day After They Were Supposedly Scrapped – be optimistic you the people Globalist wont be able to turn the tide against the unvaccinated – The tide against the globalist is high and fast running . The gig is up.

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-coronavirus-delta-outbreak-nz-to-have-vaccine-passport-by-christmas/BWHHR6BDTFXWDXFQOLKCY7KKTI/ REJECTED BY GO 7 FOLD RETURNED 100 #UnitedNonCompliance #JustSayNo #EnoughIsEnough

This is what #UnitedNonCompliance looks like – Australians fight back

https://www.infowars.com/posts/australia-hundreds-of-maskless-beachgoers-ignore-covid-karen-threatening-fines/ Aussies fighting back #UnitedNonCompliance #JustSayNo

Infowars (https://www.infowars.com/posts/australia-hundreds-of-maskless-beachgoers-ignore-covid-karen-threatening-fines/) The people wont pay them – globalist have lost the power to control the people
Australia: Hundreds of Maskless Beachgoers Ignore COVID Karen Threatening Fines
The people have had enough with these tyrannical control freaks.

https://banned.video/watch?id=613f890113839c20f6a66f1a COVID Early Treatment Pioneer Joins Infowars To Share Secret To His Patients’ Recoveries Doctors saving humanity Governments killing humanity its pretty simple Doctors have the answers Government following China’s strategy

https://banned.video/watch?id=61412df0ab92022af981c529 UN Graph Shows Vaccinated Dying En Masse PROVE VACCINATION CAUSING DEATH AS UN RELEASE REAL FIGURES**********************************************************************

Thank you but Maori are Independent and have sovereignty It is the illegitimate NZ government that is in TREASON and coup. Under The Restoration room is made for all Kiwis, the NZ Government has been attempting to hi jack this for quite some time yet they can not no matter what they do or those in Maoridom who go along with the carrot. 2040 is way past the 2030 agenda of the globalist and Maori need to consider how many Maori will actually be living for a start because this and any globalist installed Government will betray you all as they now are by jabbing you with an experimental gene therapy that breaks you RNA and changes your DNA – Let that sink in people especially with your links to your tupuna. Will you even be Maori by 2040 if you happen to be alive. Like ISRAEL committing genocide on its own people due to being controlled by Cabal you have used Marae to vaccinate your own people and now BroShot, it might not be guns this time round people but it is as lethal. And of course paying media from the Government ensures the people see only what Jacinda wants them too

https://www.infowars.com/posts/the-vaccinated-sheep-are-being-taken-for-a-ride-how-long-before-they-jump-off-the-train-never/ They keep claiming the vaccine will protect you against severe illness and hospitalization, but…the clinical trials of the three major vaccines were structured to show the shots would only prevent MILD ILLNESS. Chills and fever, or a cough. They still haven’t told you THAT.

You were wrong.

You’ve chosen to ignore the destruction of freedom by vaccine mandate, by lockdown, by devastating financial ruin for millions of people. You’ve kept your mouth shut. You’ve settled for protection by obeying the rules and taking the shot in the arm.

A curtain of lies has been raised all over the world. The fraud is awesome. The fear is mindless.

Hard to watch and even harder to have to tolerate those that believed they knew better in their five minutes of ego rather than true and real service to mankind, worse experiencing those that had sold out and dropped hints as though they were prophets and not in on the plan

https://www.infowars.com/posts/covidland-the-lockdown-new-trailer-out-now/ Because of the globalists’ grip on censorship, it’s more important than ever for everyone to have their own private, high-quality archives of what’s REALLY going on!

https://banned.video/watch?id=6143c22bfee688051d2f59b2 David Icke Issues Emergency 2030 Alert! ***********************************************************************************

https://banned.video/watch?id=6143c308fee688051d2fe937 Explosive! Constitutional Attorney: Your Rights Explained On Fed Mandate – The President does not have the power to mandate Vaccinations

Just like the beehive is in NZ

https://banned.video/watch?id=61450e1c60f45409b31f3b53 How The Feds Became An Organized Medical Crime Syndicate – Doctors becoming murderers as Hospitals turned into genocide centers.They are afraid to lose their license not comprehending they will not have jobs or licenses as this all plays out . It wasn’t an excuse in the Nuremberg trials so doctors need to think twice

https://www.infowars.com/posts/covid-vaccine-earthquake-top-fda-scientists-write-letter-to-lancet-warning-against-faucis-booster-shots/ How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart. 

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-delta-outbreak-hospitals-brace-for-endemic-covid/P3DGPEHHVH7J5MDQ2YRWDONTVY/ JacindaJabs Media Hospitals are planning how to cope when Covid becomes endemic in New Zealand and the unvaccinated turn up seriously sick.

https://www.infowars.com/posts/bombshell-testimony-from-fda-vaccine-hearing-reveals-injections-killing-more-than-saving-driving-variants/ BREAKING NEWS House of COVID Cards Collapses: FDA Vaccine Panel Comes Out Against Deadly InjectionsSeveral doctors from the Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

“Today, we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that vaccines were perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

Kirsch also explained that in nursing home death data shows about half the vaccinated died, while none of the unvaccinated died. It was mass genocide – The kill shot

https://iconnectfx.com/view/37c8b3ae-2318-ec11-9969-0050568299de?mcvalc=en The Plan is Set in Motion in Israel With an Iron Fist – ISRAEL CABAL EVIL EXPOSED AS IT HEADS NEW WORLD ORDER

https://t.me/nzdsos/135 https://nzdsos.com/2021/09/18/ice-creams-fun-and-smiles/ Hungary choose Freedom, they remember Tyranny and simply quit the narrative Hungary broke the spell – well done and thank you –


The state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has the equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been declared COVID-free, the state government announced last week.

There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 241 million people.

“Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while the positivity rate came down to less than 0.01 per cent. The recovery rate, meanwhile, has improved to 98.7 per cent,” Hindustan Times reported.

https://nzdsos.com/2021/09/19/an-open-letter-to-the-government-from-an-award-winning-new-zealander/ An open letter to the Government – It wont be reported by main Stream media but main stream media reacts with their counter moves to all notices sent to The government stating opposition to the narrative of the government and that is the due to the agreement Jacinda made in funding the Main stream media

https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-delta-outbreak-the-90-project-who-of-our-mps-have-been-fully-vaccinated/WYTIZMZVQEEMABUMBJWRDXWLQU/ I doubt those figures given the New Zealand Doctors SOS is fighting against the vaccinations and Government dictates to the medical profession

https://banned.video/watch?id=6147fcaaaf548d0d63f29ac7 Alex Jones FDA comes out against Covid vaccines these are not vaccines they are GMO drugs they are not safe and have failed. Australia huge awakens to criminals actions of Government and police BREAKING NEWS HUGE WINS FOR THE PEOPLE *************************************************************************** new world order devastated


https://banned.video/watch?id=614bb11e0fafae0ac37aadc8 Biggest Story of the 21st Century!!!!! DARPA/Pentagon Have Blown Whistle on Secret Plan to Release Covid-19! WOW IT HAS BLOWN WIDE OPEN – ITS OBAMA

https://banned.video/watch?id=614d050865407e0dd32b457e 9/23/21 – New Docs Confirm Globalists Released COVID-19 on Purpose

https://www.infowars.com/posts/exclusive-report-a-war-for-the-world-has-officially-begun/ Exclusive Report: A War For The World Has Officially Begun Riccardo Bosi of Australia gives a warning that the entire world needs to hear

https://www.infowars.com/posts/30-facts-you-need-to-know-your-covid-cribsheet/ Key facts and sources about the alleged “pandemic” that will help you understand what happened since January 2020, and enlighten any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog.

https://www.infowars.com/posts/4600-doctors-scientists-sign-declaration-accusing-covid-policy-makers-of-crimes-against-humanity/ 4,600 Doctors & Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – THE DOCTORS DECLARATION – SEALED

if your not sick dont get tested and if you need to get testes saliva only

Gods patent, is you, your hair, your finger prints, footprints, you yes all of you – unique, individuals – Patent date pre dates all others in existence

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light Mother of the Nations

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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