Australia and New Zealand Alert The Globalist Cult of Destruction is Advancing on Humanity Kiwis and Aussies you really need to get it and #JustSayNo #EnoughIsEnough #UnitedNonCompliance Alex doesn’t realize he rejected the globalist agenda at the hill of life but I do The World Wakes Up To The Great Reset/Covid-19 Agenda Australia Officially Joins Dystopian World ID Social Credit Score Control Grid – Jacinda Ardern called out as she is exposed

So it must be time for a distraction and or more test runs? – Both on the same day! – mmm as The Government prepares for Border control Domestic pass port control Cell phone ID location and the Muslim police force intended was this a ff distraction away from truth of ivermectin ad Governments knowledge of harmful spike protein jabs they continue to rollout? New Zealand Prime Minister Responds to Islamist Terror Attack by Worrying About “Backlash” Against Muslims – No compassionate heart there, not from vaccine roll outs with spike protein to extreme abortion laws and where is the concern for everyday Kiwis Testing for false flags then? RBG 7 fold ret 100 AUCKLAND AIRPORT BREAKS THE NUREMBERG CODE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY That’s force and a criminal act breaking the Nuremberg code Victory!!! Europe/ UK Ban Covid Injections For Children 15-Years-Old & Younger Physician in Viral School Board Video Joins Infowars to Expose Medical Tyranny’s Fake Science Doctors threatened and suppressed

[Forwarded from Voices For Freedom]


Medical Director of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners issues a threat to GPs over Ivermectin use. 🚫

Some days you think it’s impossible to be gob-smacked any more than what we already are, but this evening we were utterly slack-jawed to read this “update”. 🤯😱

Not only have the RNZCGP failed to acknowledge the wealth of scientific research available for this product, but they go on to inform their members that they will be flying solo should they be stupid enough to prescribe it off-label for their patients.

If you think this is as outrageous as we do, why not consider getting in touch with the science to bring the RNZCGP up to speed? You can find a whole lot of that research over at 🤓📚📖

Stay informed: 🤸🏽‍♂️

ALERT – PROOF OF SUPPRESSION OF TRUTH IN NZ PROOF OF INTENT TO DENY COVID TREATMENTS IN COMPLICIT ACT OF GENOCIDE in NZ as a hoax site takes off the real New ZEALAND DOCTORS SOS IN AWFUL ATTACK AS SEARCH ENGINES MISLEAD YOU TO IT AND SUPPRESS THE REAL DOCTORS WEB SITE THIS IS THE ATTACK WEBSITE THEY EVEN HAVE A FACEBOOK NZDSOS.CO.NZ you think your so smart yet your now under Gods full judgement so No your simply lost souls living on lies and weakness now complicit in the crimes against humanity

Recently Jacinda attacked New Zealand Doctors SOS stating one vaccinated teen death not related to taking the vax when multiple deaths of teens occurred in one week and the question was asked is it related, a fair and reasonable question. Jacinda used the opportunity to attack the unvaccinated Politicizing the entire announcement–CDC-Admits–09-13 Here is the answer

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [07.09.21 09:37] CHALLENGING EPIDEMIOLOGIST MICHAEL BAKER ON FACE MASKS & MASS MASKING UN in massive crimes against humanity none is obliged to follow illegal criminal orders

Bringing human rights into Australian law

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [05.09.21 10:47] Bringing human rights into Australia law Walls Closing In on Fauci After 2 Senators Call for His Arrest – SEE CRAIG KELLY TALK TO DOCTOR ZELENCO – TOO EVIL FOR PEOPLE TO COMPREHEND ITS REAL Australia Officially Announces a ‘New World Order’ Shocking the Planet During a press conference, Australian public health chief Dr. Kerry Chant remarked, “We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order.” Major shortages are taking hold down under, with grocery workers forced to isolate in their homes due to the country’s draconian COVID measures. USA Truckers also striking

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [05.09.21 10:48] while NZ Parliament works to destroy your bill of rights Australian government is now formally denying unvaccinated people medical care, as well as “locking them out” of participating in society! From Lockdown to Lockedout mandatory is not legal end of story Middlemore Hospital staff made the decision to leave a man – who later tested positive to Covid – alongside other patients while waiting for his test results to come back, the Health Minister has revealed. This is the same hospital that took the original delta case from Fiji – Incompetence not likely now is it Not bizarre absolutely modern day out of the book protocols Powers of Perception: Globalists Using Mass Psychosis to Collapse Society Alex Jones breaks down the power of perception and how the globalists are waging a campaign of disinformation to induce mass psychosis in order to make the public easier to manipulate.

Natural Health News Channel, [13.09.21 09:55]
[ Video ]

Plandemic Crisis Actors…
Yes, crisis actors are a real thing.

This pandemic is soooo scary that they need to hire people to be sick.

Wake up!! Alot like your Prime Ministers and their advisors

West Virginia – VACCINATED PEOPLE DROPPING LIKE FLIES Countries Around the World Ban COVID Shots for Children and treat populace with ivermectin – Humanity Awakens – Jacinda and Scott you have lost Dr. Zelenko: The Difference Between Australia and Us is We Have 450 Million Guns in the Hands of Citizens The Covid vaccines are a weapon of eugenics They are poison death shots Government pushes Vaccines while cheap effective treatments available. Vaccines Not even economically viable let alone safe Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys the Official COVID Narrative In-Studio with Alex Jones Covid vaccine never meant to be a vaccine or for human use Using it has made the outbreak worse we were better of before Covid vaccination VIDEO: Australia Officially Announces Medical Dictatorship RBG 7 fold ret 100 Globalist narrative has fallen Red Alert: FOIA Docs Confirm Fauci Created Covid-19 “Chimera” Bio-weapon and Lied to Congress HUGE BREAKING NEWS MUST WATCH Globalist Inside Job: Covid-19 Was Released On Purpose Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021 IT IS A POISON ************************************* RBG 7 FOLD RET 100 AN ABSOLUTE ACT OF GENOCIDE WITH HOLDING KNOWN SUCCESSFUL TREATMENTS FOR COVID Australia senator Malcom Roberts, who is also a doctor calls out big pharma for taking over government officials stating Ivermectin should be available without it the government has blood on its hand Australia – Plandemic Crisis Actors… GLOBALIST TRAINWRECK! MSM’s Attempt To Discredit Ivermectin Implodes – Save lives, get the information out with an effective treatment Globalists lose emergency powers ***************************************************************************************************

“It is also clear there is not widespread transmission of the virus in Auckland.” ask why people – Whole country locked down for a non widespread of virus Does that include all the adverse events and deaths ffom the Covid vax (Gene therapy) itself Does that include the adverse events and deaths from taking the Covid vax (Gene therapy) seems that’s not the case in NZ, the only country in the world to not experience adverse events and deaths after taking the kill shot! its a miracle NOT, just full on propaganda giving it time Kiwis is not ideal as the push to vax increases and your mislead into taking it

All it will take a is a leader that is determined to stand with the people and against the UNNWO agendas The photo is of the tree of evil neutralized by TeManawa long ago yet another sign their rituals no longer work

The rise and rise of Seymour: Could he really lead NZ? – NZ Herald
Listener: He was once a social media joke. Now, polls tell us he’s second choice for PM. I would say its a lot like the 2 Middlemore patients and to expect an outbreak in the south island since the south island has not had a case in almost a year and we cant have now can we! The picture too big to insert is of Jacinda and The wanaka tree. The Wanaka tree is a relevant as its also known as the tree of evil given many come to pray evil prayers while the locals call it a tree of hope. The globalist rituals no longer work 3 strikes and your out globalist politicians – yes its not about a party The Destiny Church leader took aim at masks, vaccines and testing in the online sermon. Excellent well done UN Graph Shows Vaccinated Dying En Masse PROVE VACCINATION CAUSING DEATH AS UN RELEASE REAL FIGURES********************************************************************** JUST SO YOU KNOW PEOPLE THEY WONT BE ABLE TO COVER UP THE MASS DEATHS THEY HAVE COMMITTED WIHT THE VACCINES SO THEY WILL BLAME IT ON THE UNVACCINATED AND THAT IS THEIR LIE AS IT IS ALREADY WELL ESTABLISHED AND PROVEN IT THE VACCINATION CAUSING THE DEATHS WITH DOCTORS WARNING OF THE DEATHS AND TELLING THE WORLD TO BE PREPARED SO YOU SEE YOUR GOVERNMENT SAVIORS HAVE NOT BEEN SAVING YOU AT ALL HERE IS THE RUB THEY KNEW IT – YOUR BEING PREPARED FOR THE MASS DEATHS TO COME AS THE VACCINE KILL SHOTS TAKE EFFECT THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT – THE GLOBALIST ARE RELYING ON IT COMING OUT TOO LATE DON’T HESITATE TO KNOW THAT TREATMENT MEDICINES WERE DENIED TO THE PEOPLE RIGHT FROM THE START ISN’T THAT RIGHT JACINDA JAB

Thank you but Maori are Independent and have sovereignty It is the illegitimate NZ government that is in TREASON and coup. Under The Restoration room is made for all Kiwis, the NZ Government has been attempting to hi jack this for quite some time yet they can not no matter what they do or those in Maoridom who go along with the carrot. 2040 is way past the 2030 agenda of the globalist and Maori need to consider how many Maori will actually be living for a start because this and any globalist installed Government will betray you all as they now are by jabbing you with an experimental gene therapy that breaks you RNA and changes your DNA – Let that sink in people especially with your links to your tupuna. Will you even be Maori by 2040 if you happen to be alive. Like ISRAEL committing genocide on its own people due to being controlled by Cabal you have used Marae to vaccinate your own people and now BroShot, it might not be guns this time round people but it is as lethal. What did Jacinda do, promise you all this if you went along with her UN agenda and of course paying media from the Government ensures the people see only what Jacinda wants them too and does only what Jacinda wants them too. UN is nothing more than the HQ of globalist criminals now. Maori you may think you have gotten what you wanted; far from it you have walked into evil and done nothing more than sign up to the UNNWO shame on you for you have gone to bed with the criminals and the crimes and done nothing more than join their divide to conquer through setting yourselves into a position of apartheid. As leaders of Maoridom you have lead the people into the worst scenario not best and been brought dirt cheap.As to Guardians of the gates of heaven, that is now fully compromised by those leaders who have misled you. That I knew this was happening is in no doubt as I have stated it many times to elders and one of the many reasons The Restoration was done. Thank God that your deal is illegitimate as is the NZ Government and its all coming down

“Sometimes you can’t tell people, you just have to show them”! How The Feds Became An Organized Medical Crime Syndicate – Doctors becoming murderers as Hospitals turned into genocide centers.They are afraid to lose their license not comprehending they will not have jobs or licenses as this all plays out . It wasn’t an excuse in the Nuremberg trials so doctors need to think twice – same message if you stay silent and do not stop it you are complicit and in pre meditated mass murder How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart. JacindaJabs Media Hospitals are planning how to cope when Covid becomes endemic in New Zealand and the unvaccinated turn up seriously sick. BREAKING NEWS House of COVID Cards Collapses: FDA Vaccine Panel Comes Out Against Deadly InjectionsSeveral doctors from the Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

“Today, we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that vaccines were perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

Kirsch also explained that in nursing home death data shows about half the vaccinated died, while none of the unvaccinated died. It was mass genocide – The kill shot

Hungary choose Freedom, they remember Tyranny and simply quit the narrative

The state of Uttar Pradesh in India, which has the equivalent of two-thirds of the United States population, has been declared COVID-free, the state government announced last week.

There are no more active cases of coronavirus in the 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, which has a population of 241 million people.

“Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while the positivity rate came down to less than 0.01 per cent. The recovery rate, meanwhile, has improved to 98.7 per cent,” Hindustan Times reported. Alex Jones FDA comes out against Covid vaccines these are not vaccines they are GMO rugs they are not safe and have failed. Australia huge awakens to criminals actions of Government and police BREAKING NEWS HUGE WINS FOR THE PEOPLE *************************************************************************** new world order devastated

COVID-19 Vaccines Killing and Harming People: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony!

Federal Australian government commits crimes against humanity

A WAR is brewing in Australia!!!
Riccardo Bosi Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) is a much sought-after speaker and consultant in leadership, strategy and innovation, and he works with private industry, the public sector as well as the military by drawing on his over 40 years of experience in all three. He is a former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel who served in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, as well as a long-term adviser to the United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command. Riccardo’s experience in industry spans international corporations to small to medium enterprises. This is How You Say No To Tyranny! Australians Stand Up Against COVID Police State Epic videos out of Australia show what the power of the people looks like when they finally stand up to COVID martial law tyranny. Truckies block Melbourne highway giving the people a hand and protecting the people

RBG 7 fold ret 100 Thou shalt to bear false witness

THE LAND IS SHAKING OFF THE EVIL, REJECTING NWO AS THE PEOPLE DO Alex Jones Show: Biggest Story of the 21st Century!!!!! DARPA/Pentagon Have Blown Whistle on Secret Plan to Release Covid-19! Bombshell: Docs Reveal Wuhan Lab Planned Release of ‘Genetically Enhanced’ Coronaviruses Download docs Biggest Story of the 21st Century!!!!! DARPA/Pentagon Have Blown Whistle on Secret Plan to Release Covid-19! WOW IT HAS BLOWN WIDE OPEN – ITS OBAMA – SHARE AND SPREAD

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [24.09.21 22:01]
BeachMilk, [24.09.21 21:57]
[Forwarded from VIC FREEDOM MOVEMENT EVENTS [OFFICIAL] – Next event 24th Sept]
Immunity protects the individual person, no-one else.

It is again, my firmly held belief that these protests clearly show that our actions in Policing these “lockdown” measures and draconian CHO recommendations, do not pass the SELF test, as they clearly;

do not pass public scrutiny,
Do not meet my own standards of personal ethics
Are dubious regarding their lawfulness
Are completely and totally unfair and a clear breach of human rights, with respect to freedoms of movement, speech and discrimination.
I have always done my upmost to be a good employee of Victoria Police and always been willing to personally sacrifice to aid the organization in meeting its’ Tasking and Coordination commitments, however I must now draw a line and take a stand by speaking out against our current approach to Policing this situation, which I believe is causing irreparable harm to our relationship with the community and sewing a distrust in Police by the citizens of Victoria that we have all worked so hard to gain. I fear that lost trust will never be regained, certainly not through force, intimidation, coercion and threats.

I therefore, with respect, due to my own conscience, decline to be a part of any activity that I believe breaches the Human Rights of any Victorian citizen who choose to not comply with the current lockdown measures and threats of segregation and discrimination through vaccine mandates by the state government.

I only hope that you can clearly see that my feelings are sincere, genuine and comes from my position of what I believe to be ethically fair and reasonable.

I also hope that others within our organization, who hold similar beliefs to myself, who whisper those beliefs but dare not speak out from fear of retribution, find the courage to also express their discontent regarding this situation.

I understand that there will be some within our organization that view my position negatively, however what others think of me pales in comparison to how I feel about myself and my own conduct. My honor and self respect mean far more to me than anything and I cannot allow myself to blindly follow or carry out unjust orders.

It is my sincere hope that raising this issue does not negatively impact my future with Victoria Police as I fully intend to continue to protect my community with pride, honor, respect and dignity.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,”

Senior Constable

(police number and station redacted)

September 18, 2021 Australia is the New North Korea RBG 7 fold ret 100 – SHOCK VIDEO

Australian Police Commissioner Refuses to Enforce Vaccine Passport Mandate
Revolt grows after unruly protests. The Police Commissioner of New South Wales has refused to enforce the state’s vaccine passport mandate, revealing that officers will not be checking people’s vaccination status in restaurants, clubs or bars.

This just published study should be the final nail in the coffin for Vaccine Passports.

The title of the study tells the story.

Any politician or bureaucrats pushing for vaccine passports is ignorant, bigoted and prejudiced. They are not following the science – they are following superstition and witchcraft.

They will be condemned by history as ABUSERS OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

BeachMilk, [05.10.21 18:56]
[Forwarded from AustraliaOneParty_Official]
An email received for all VICTORIANS…

Emergency Powers Safeguards Legislation
Amendment Bill 2021

Click to access 591PM98bi1.pdf

Victorian’s …

The State of Emergency is due to expire on 21st October. If the SOE expires, all COVID measures will end,
including vaccine mandates, masks, the ban on protesting etc, etc, etc. Everything ends.

In order to enforce the vaccine mandate and the rest of the covid nonsense, Andrews will have to reconvene parliament and ask parliament for an extension sometime in the next two weeks.

Any extension to the SOE requires support from 3 of the 10 crossbenchers. Andrews struggled to get the numbers last time and only managed to do so with the reluctant support of Fiona Patten at the last minute.

It is worth noting that Fiona Patten has gone on the record as saying that she does not believe that Covid should be managed under a never ending SOE and that she would be unlikely to extend the SOE again.

A reason the media is being quiet about the SOE ending, is to not alert us to start organising any campaign against the SOE being extended.

Below are the email addresses of the Victorian MP cross benchers.
If contacting all of them is to much please just contact Fiona Patten.
We probably have two weeks to organise opposition to the SOE being extended.
If writing is not your thing, call their office and voice your concerns.

THE OTHER WAY IS TO DEMAND THE EARLY TREATMENTS ENDING THE VAX AND ALL EMERGENCY POWERS ONCE AND FOR ALL Pentagon papers Covid Vaccine data – So Real is the crimes and genocide as Pentagon data proves just how bad it actually is Analysis of the Pfizer and Moderna nucleotide bases and the resulting spike proteins reveal the the genetic code for these two drug vaccines biologics DO NOT MATCH the Sars Covid 2 Wuhuan Hu Virus genetic code!!!!!!!!!! DOD Docs Prove COVID Vaxx Not Safe or Effective – Incontrovertible truth – we have got them My old stomping ground I love Perth God on you all and thank you Police speaking for police and to police ALERT Covid Roundtable No.3: By Police, For Police **********************************************

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [20.10.21 17:24] Fan-flipping-tastic! What an embarrassment of an interviewer. And as the Mayor says: I’m not “anti-vax” she’s for informed consent “I’m pro FREEDOM and CHOICE”.well done thank you

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [20.10.21 17:24] Elizabeth welcomes Bill Gates and other business leaders at Windsor castle. No masks no distancing what does that tell you people

24TH NOVEMBER 2021 – It is now obvious that the governor General, police commissioner and all others who have received written instruction to do their duty by the people will not, making them complicit in the continued crimes being rolled out by the government and thus derelict in their duties to the people, passing no jab no job is force, is a major crime, and there is not any excuse for it and no other word but intent to harm and kill the population one way or the other. These people have been given plenty of opportunity to cease and desist the crimes, not doing so they are intent on carrying out the fullness of their mass genocide program. For those of you who will not agree to your own suicide and slavery the line has been crossed, the time is up, your now in a to the death, nothing to lose position, they have placed you in, and that is not a choice its their actions that have put you there. No amount of narrative to con you all is going to alter what they have done and are doing.

Any amnesty GIVING PEOPLE TIME TO CEASE AND DESIST is now up – from today on-wards any further administration of the Covid JAB IS MURDER PRE MEDITATED AND A CHARGEABLE OFFENSE


27TH NOVWMBER 2021 Australian MP Joins Infowars to Send an S.O.S. to the World: Stand Up Against Medical Tyranny Now!

Unvaccinated to be DENIED Access to LIFE-SAVING Surgery, Australian Gov’t Declares
Queensland Health imposes minimum requirement of two COVID-19 vaccine doses prior to kidney, lung or heart transplant.

rbg 7 fold ret 100 open mass murder by Australian Government arrest them now and take note vaccinated 2 shots minimum

Afira Memon, [6/01/2022 4:17 PM]
[Forwarded from Christiane Northrup M.D (Christiane Northrup)]
My good friend Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, with whom we & others wrote a series of open letters to the European Medicines Agency, is utterly distraught.
Listen carefully.
He & his colleague, a pathologist, have confirmed that, even in people who’ve died post-covid19 vaccination & where their death was not attributed to the adverse effects of vaccination, in almost all cases DID die as a result of vaccination.
The numbers killed by these vaccines is much worse than we thought, already.
But it’s what they’ve just discovered that’s much worse.
We knew of blood clots from expressing spike protein.
We were aware of autoimmune attack on ones own tissues expressing spike protein to which our killer lymphocytes were primed, such as myocarditis.
But what’s new is the revelation that lymph node cells are also being invaded by the gene-based agents and marking THEM for auto destruction.
When you destroy that part of the immune system, which we loosely call “immune surveillance”, every manner of nasty, latent infections, by viruses & also bacteria, explode, uncontrolled.
Hundreds of millions of people are going to die of unrestrained tuberculosis, Epstein Barr virus, toxoplasmosis etc etc etc
AND on top of this, the daily accidental production of cancer cells, normally deleted swiftly by immune surveillance, before they can divide, ceases.
Guess what happens next?
I don’t care where you’ve sat during this ridiculous “pandemic”.
Whether you’ve gone along with it, knowing it was an overreaction. Or even in ignorance.
Please put this on every platform.
Swamp the ‘fact checkers’.
Please do it now.
Rescue our civilisation while there are innocents to save, ESPECIALLY our children & grandchildren.
Thank you sincerely,

Dr Mike Yeadon

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light Mother of the Nations

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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