Covid Vaccine detox SMOKING GUN: Fauci Admits COVID Vaccines Can Trigger Death World under full bio weapon attack


Detox Dr. Merritt Talks COVID Vaccine Detox – its time to stand up it now or never



• Zinc / Zinc Ionophore approach inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP)

• RDRP is essential for some RNA viruses such as:

• all the Corona virus strains

• all the influenza strains


Zinc Ionophores include:

• Hydroxychloroquine

• Ivermectin

• Quercetin


We can potentially cure all Corona, Influenza, and RSV infections with a safe, cheap, and oral treatment approach. Powerful Interview! Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Fauci’s Cancer Causing Injections – A MUST WATCH – A GAME CHANGER FOR VACCINATED AND UNVACCINATED Dr. Judy Mikovits: Protect Yourself From Shedding And Recover From The Shot! Guidelines!

Dr. Judy Mikovits: Protect Yourself From Shedding And Recover From The Shot! Guidelines!

Orbs, [18/11/2021 8:41 AM]
Covid support and vaccine support. Shared by Elly. Not sure how long this info stays on here due to checkers but may be useful to know so take some sceeenshots or save the info…

Note the actual disease isn’t really in the country yet, as our borders have been closed for so long. Remember it was made in Wuhan & distributed via the military to Europe/ Israel etc. That form of man-made viral warfare is dangerous & the same things that treat that there, listed below.

Firstly let’s talk preventatives:-
Keeping your body well.

Nourish your system to be the most whole it can be to avoid any pathogen coming in- virus, bacteria or parasites.
Avoid food intolerances to reduce any inflammation in your system.

Be aware that people who are vaxxed around you are shedding both viral load of past infections ( There is no actual viral matter in the injection) so off covid/ corona viruses are being released as newly transformed viruses etc. hence delta, theta, skelter, & whatever other crap they want to invent from the injections.
These are affecting peoples kidneys spleen, liver & nervous systems generally.

Hearts appear to be only affected by the stress of what is going on, rather than transmission or shedding.


  • Vitamin A/ betacarotene to protect mucosa layer – which is exposed to viruses etc first.
  • Also helpful for the mucosa are chamomile, liquorice teas. Slippery elm powder.
  • B complex to protect the heart – folic acid & B12 especially, & the rest of the B’s to minimise the stress levels that cause dis- ease in the first place.
  • Vitamin C- 3- 5000 mg per day as a preventative. For those of you who are allergic to citrus & ascorbic acid – use Sodium ascorbate or calcium ascorbate. Be careful with this if you are on contraceptive pills, as it can make you more fertile.
  • Vitamin D – 1000 iu daily
  • Zinc- 30 – 50 mg spread out throughout the day, helps prevent viruses attaching to the system.
  • Quercetin ( bioflavonoid – part of vitamin C & other fruits & veggies) – take as a supplement or make your own:- ie. use a variety of oranges, mandarins, grapefruit & lime. Boil their skins for 3 hours – drink one cup per day for 5-7 days after exposure to vaxxed people. You may notice you’ve been exposed by sensing slight changes to your nervous system, digestive system or hormonal system
    ( Hydrochloriquine, the medical version is made from Qercertin)- So this remedy can be used as a preventative or to eradicate vaccine toxins in the air / environment for you.
  • Fennel seed or aniseed & pine needle- all contain shikimate, which good to take to neutralise any spike proteins that enter your food or water supply.
  • Magick mushrooms- lions mane, shiitake, heal nerves & cells after exhaustion or exposure to neurotoxins.
  • Probiotic – immune support via the gut- Lifestream mood & immune is testing strong for a lot of people minimising the stress & boosting immunity in this time
  • Wormwood- / artemisia – Buy on line, from a herbalist or use Malcolm Harker’s intestinal cleanse- which contains wormwood ( The medical version of ivermectin is made from this )- Note you only need this if you think you have parasites or covid . Otherwise it is not needed & it is in short supply. If you can grow some let me know.

If your family members have had the vaccine , they may need one of more of the following- though everyone is individual

  • Take all of the above as its needed plus a fibre to remove toxins for 6 months after the jab.
  • Some fibre examples:-
    Apple fibre pectin
    Fruit & veggie fibres
  • Have more vegetarian legumes, nuts & seeds in diet so the lignin’s help the body detox
  • Good health or lifestream Bowel fibres = which contain things like psyllium hulls, flax seed, celery seed, aloevera. – twice a day for 6 months
  • Dandelion Leaf- helps the kidneys deal with the spike protein
  • Glutathione – made from amino acids- including NAC (Cysteine)- 200 mg daily
  • Milk thistle – liver cleansing & regeneration

Other great healers of covid vaccine symptoms are:-

Everyone can be fixed, take off your masks, don’t take another shot

Dr. Carrie Madej explains how to detox from the vaccine.
@HATSTRUTH 1-2 cups baking soda ans 1-2 cups Epsom salts bath detox This Can Save Your Life! Frontline Doc on How To Treat Covid AT HOME!

Wormwood is an alternative to Ivermectin Absolutely true and correct – This is the one video you all need to watch and comprehend Is There HOPE for Someone who had the Boosters? with Dr. Bryan Ardis Nicotine, zinc. Hydroxychloroquine invermectin quercetin N A C Vitamin c Copper Bentonite Clay Corticosteroids Budesonide (Nebulized)

Debra (TeManawa) (TM) Potroz, [19/04/2022 8:51 AM] Can You Detox the VAX? with Dr. Bryan Ardis How Can We Protect Our Water?

Wastewater testing is being used as an extra tool to help monitor for COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is being used as a surveillance tool alongside testing of symptomatic people in the community and asymptomatic testing of workers at the border and in managed isolation and quarantine facilities.31/10/2021

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