Treaty of Waitangi

Rewi, let us plant our tree of peace at Kihikihi, in the midst of our children, and when this tree bears fruit, our children both Maori and Pakeha can help themselves. Rewi, warrior chief listened to Governor Sir George Grey as they stood together on the 28 June 1878 at Waitara. Rewi was the last elder chief of the Ngati Maniapoto of Ngati Raukawa and a great leader of the Maori people. Custodian of harmony between European and Maori. He held steadfast to the principles of the seal of the treaty of Waitangi.

Oct 1994 Ribbons of love will entwine you. Trust. You have the truth now and forever. Trust.

What is the triangle of fire, who is the long-forgotten King David. Who leases the pacific area known as such and how does this lease influence world affairs today.

Why is the seal of the Treaty of Waitangi so important and what of the trust account that funded the International Money Fund and World Bank.

What of the ancient coded symbol of Hawaii and how is it that TeManawa must use it for a Foundation? What really is the connection between all these events throughout history? Why does it have bearing on mankind today?

The wailing watersWaitangi

Tears flow from ancestors long past towards those remaining on life’s shores,

Crying out to be heard once again.

Shatter not all that is within thee.

Break not what we have laid down for thou future and set forth upon the journey.

Strong, able, true, and straight, that what has gone before never leaves but flourishes for thee and those that thou shall leave one day remains truth, wisdom and love.

Carry this light with thee, never let it dim.

Always strive to leave more than we and sing thy song with an open heart before all that they may learn and grow true and straight to carry on.

This is our cry, this is our gift,

 This is out heart and our love for all that is to be.

26 January 99

 Wrote treaty of Waitangi (Pereme has draft copy of this) now revised and this 28th day of January 2019 released.

Your Mind Power manifests

There are moments in history were all present know that what they are witnessing is an eye account of history in the making and there are moments in history when it is not until later that there comes a realization that they attended history in the making.

History mostly written by those that murder the truth of events for political alliances, which raises the question of “how reliable is our history?” History created moment to moment. How much truth of it will be told? 

I speak today of this for one day in the future our nation will be a leader for the rest of the world and as a nation we must wake up and grow into the role placed by the creator at our shores.  Will our history be that of soul truth, for our souls yearn for such validity, or will we sit by our home fires disillusioned with what we learn?

I wander the days ahead of the road and plant for mankind the seeds that thou sow, thus I have stood already, and I have listened to all whom speak upon this occasion, debating, raising issues, and grievances, driving forward disharmony, and promoting conflict.  Emotions are filled with these words as they are delivered upon the listening ears of mankind.  Many have been filled with anger, bitterness, sadness, aggression. Many are confused, lost. Hope is lessened when such words are spoken. Your words are living spirit.

All speak, debating, raising issues, and grievances, driving forward disharmony, and promoting conflict. Emotions are filled with these words as they are delivered upon the listening ears of mankind. Many have been filled with anger, bitterness, sadness, aggression, many are confused lost. Hope is lessened when such words are spoken. Your words are living wairua. Speech comes often to the tongue of man with little thought behind the words. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and is God. All languages are thus. Each thought of word manifested is chosen, is sent on the wind towards the light and thus spoken brings truth of the true intent in the manifestation. Dark thoughts bring dark clouds. Thoughts of wisdom upon the breath of man is much required.  

Too many speak just to hear themselves. Wise men say little and produce only good on their tongue.  It is not physical only, but spiritual events that take place. Your mind activates much within your body, even unto your truth. Action of this upon your breath. Words give living energy. So, when you are feeling frustrated, low in energy, confused in the heart and mind it is not a good time to put upon your breath your thoughts.  Disruption occurs, angry words many be spoken, black clouds are among this. 

When in what you ask for, you are thoughtless, and disregard what you are asking for, it does not come in the way you want it. If you took the time to impress the truth in its fullness and not be clouded by the interplays of your own needs. For example, asking to be sent someone to lead you and when you receive a stranger to the people you don’t want that.

You control your thoughts. Next time you display negative thoughts think upon what you are manifesting. The effect on others manifests in you.  Love one another, be kind, to those around you. Love them as you would love or like to be loved by yourself. In the truth of your heart lies all wisdom. If you find your thoughts clouded, they are of earth, not of the higher place. Look to the higher for the actions you seed from thought.  Face who you are in a positive light and overcome the everyday battle of light over darkness. Place thoughts wisely in your mind and you will see the change it brings in those around you.

Let all words be good for all. Do you not realize that this outer conflict is for no other reason than each of you is in conflict from within? Man’s eternal battle with himself. Master yourself and there is no conflict manifested outside of yourself. Do this and unite all New Zealander’s unto one force.

Let those that have descended from their ancestors bring forth the good that was intended by the signing of the treaty be they English, Maori white skin or dark.

Let the ancestors raise unto this day and begin the healing of the Nations.

Let there be acknowledgement of the treaty being broken so that the ancestors and their descendants may grieve for the path they have been lost upon. Damaged seal ‘makes Treaty void’  – a sign

Let there also be a beginning for the path found. Celebration of the victory for all upon the lands of Aotearoa. Be not self-serving for five minutes of self-glory rather be selfless in serving for the glory of all.

Let all leaders be selfless in their service, their reward a job well done. These ones need to be reminded that they are servants to the people. Let the leaders be not self-serving for five minutes of glory rather be selfless in serving the glory for all.

Do this and your enemies shall bow down before you for you shall have become Gods truth on earth. God believes in you for God would not have sent me to deliver this message otherwise.

Let all words be for good. for all, and spoke with the breath of ha

Let only the seeds of good thought, words, decisions, and deeds be planted unto manifesting upon earth.

Let each tribe send five forward; One tohunga, One kaumatua, One kuia, One Rangitahi and one mokopuna no younger than thirteen. Let these sits together in hui (meeting) to listen to the ancestors and wairua allowing wisdom thoughts to come that these ones may show the path clearly for all nations.

Let a consensus be formed by both females and not less than one male reaching agreement. Let this hui continue until all are in agreeance.  Let the females rise and speak to return the mother essence to its sacred place in the heart of man for she hath returned with holy breath and shall be thine great comfort.

Let the spiritual leaders gather, not to debate the various religions nor- theology of them, rather to find a way that people of all colors, creeds, cultures and stations, in life may live in peace, and abundance, for there is no need for any one soul on earth to go without.

Let these ones come together having taken their findings back to the people and forge a new path, a new way to bring peace to all.

Let there be a new Treaty for the old one has outlived its use and God is done with the conflict of those who live by its words and not that of Gods. If you are to be as God then let it be that you behave as God and remember that all God’s creatures are God’s children That there are none among Gods children that are forgotten or unloved.

Remember that the politicians are your representatives, your voice and that you are the power. 

Let the people be reminded that each one is God within. Go within and communicate, for all answers lay therein. Listen, see and master self within thus expression upon the outer must surely follow.

Let the politicians do as all upon earth are required to do and live by higher law then you may learn to rule by higher law for the good of all.

Think not that leadership is not required for even in heaven this is so. Remember as you work for the good of all upon earth there are those on high brought to do this. That your thoughts, words, intent and deeds are known in heaven and all upon earth are answerable to the laws set down in heaven and to God. Even if you believe it not, it is so. It goes on regardless of you, but you shall not go on regardless of it.

Let none whom do not understand what is written be set forth as decision makers for others.

Let each issue be brought forward by the people and the leaders seek out the core, the cause, of each issue bringing forward a truthful solution by the higher laws, that the symptom of disharmony upon earth shall fade away as to nothing for when one enters a dark room and switches on the light nothing remains bar the shadow

Look at the children. These souls look to you for their future upon earth.  Let go of your embitterment for the past, stand in the now and look with a clear heart to the view of the future that these your descendants shall have. What you do now will be their future. Use your experience of your upbringing to understand this new path for these descendants for whom you work on behalf of.

If you unite as one force now, then you can win. If you win then we will have something we have never had before upon earth. Peace in the light of God for all within these shores of Aotearoa and beyond. Do this and your enemies shall bow down before you for you shall have become the creator’s truth upon earth. 

The creator believes in you for he would not have sent me to deliver this message otherwise. Sent from above not one you chose, a truth that cannot be undone even though one might try.  Challenge this and I, you but challenge the all.  One cannot challenge something that is already tested by the all.  Many are called few are chosen, higher council chose this, not those upon earth. Let it be done upon earth as it is in heaven.

Its right there within you all that you have sought You are all free, each and every one of you. Gods hand held up in front of you.  You are the fingers upon which he joins you to the hand and thus when clenched becomes the mighty fist of peace upon earth.

Let the mighty fist of peace raise up and smash disharmony upon earth, not by violence towards your fellow man but by living the higher laws. They are but simple and common sense. All you need do is look within your own light to find them and thus your answers for all part of your life shall be truth and your life become the higher good for all.

All universal laws are truth that cannot be changed by man and all mankind can find them in this way for these laws are written on your hearts and the truth of them cannot be changed.

Let it be known and understood that to eliminate the Mother of the Nations is to have her return with a force and fist mightier than this one and shall smash all opposing Gods plan.

Be true to those you meet, where ever you place your feet, for in these seeds that God hath sown, each moment you have grown. And together you will form the mighty tree of peace.

Whether it’s been happiness and joy or darkness on the way, Gods truth lays within. Honor all that he hath made. Shall it be so easy to make the lesson hard when limitless is possible, your thoughts give no direction to riding on the waves in limitless condition of the golden path he hath made. Reach higher always for the view that shatters all discord, or dishonor will reach out and take a hold of you.

Let the sacred books, the history books and caves of knowledge be opened that review of these history books be your guide to that which does not work and that which you do not want, thus bringing forward that which does work and that which is truly good which shall be wanted by all.

To be true to ourselves is to be who we are not what we want to be. If you do not change today where will you grow tomorrow Many find the time but not the way.


Let it be realized that SOME Maori chiefs put their signatures, marks and signs to this treaty and took it upon themselves the responsibility of ensuring they understood this agreement before signing it. Had they no full understanding of what it was they were signing then simply they had also the responsibility not to sign it. Therefore, let those that look to the ones that have broken this treaty and understand both sides have been remiss.

Let it be understood that firing ammunition at each other be it bullets, or words, or deeds causes no more than hurt to each party and this is no answer to the solving of issues surrounding the treaty.

Let there be no escalation of these wounds. Let it be a true healing for both sides, by the understanding in truth and fullness of the all, including higher law.

As a Nation we have been the first to give woman the vote. The first to declare ourselves nuclear free We have a choice to lead the world into the light Age but as a people we are divided. This raises the question what kind of leadership will we be? What truth will we teach?  What path will we walk into the future?

My people cry out “We have been betrayed and hurt by the pakeha, we can never trust them again” and give me give me. Yet I see some of our own people betraying us and taking from us. In truth I see a few sayings what I can give to my Nation with a pure intent. 

When one has received compensation still the cry goes out for more and more from the government. Simply you cry out to take from yourselves for you are the government.  The NZ Government assumed rule illegitimately long ago and it is not Queen Elizabeth who pays, it is this corporation named The New Zealand Government that pays and who pays it – you do. Where do you put the compensation money when you receive it? Yes, right back into their hands through their banking system. How do they corrupt our elite, out leaders, Money?

What has been done with that which is already received. Is it spread among the people that they may begin to reap the full potential of their lives or are they told not to return to their lands as there is nothing there for them?  Why is this so?  Land has more value than money.

As custodians of all that you have received by way of compensation are you not honor bound to implement such programs as to benefit all of the people? Are you selective as to whom are your people?  And is the thought and intent that it would lessen the share of that compensation if all members of the nation were to return to their lands?  Are you not also selective in whom you shall assist by the sharing of such compensation judging them to be fit to receive such a share for what it is they will do for you and for the people?

Let all share equally that those whom are fit to give to the people shall rise by their own efforts to fulfill their potential and be not judge of such things for you do not have the all of these matters therefore how can you then make such a judgement in truth as you do not have the truth in its entirety You delve into the individual contract between God and each soul. Only God has the all of God’s plan. You may not interfere with this plan.

Let all be share holders of all enterprises that all is shared equably

Why is the government being asked to assist in ways for you the people when you the people do not assist the government but decry those in office there?  Rising this one up or lowering this one down, they are all in the same system WHICH IS corrupt and broken, false and manipulative and designed for your failure. And what of those in office within the government those that berate each other in one upmanship and take their own comforts. Serving self rather than what is true and the people.

Will the elders be like the humble bees reaching out to flowers pollinating them while collecting the nectar for the good of the hive?

Flight of the humble bee

Sometimes God gives us what seems the impossible to do. In his infinite wisdom, we see it not that he loves us so much he gives us only that which we can bear, even if this seems impossible at the times we suffer. I see coal black eyes burning before me and see my heart open to all that God sets before me, and in this instant, I know God has asked of me more than my soul can bear to lose. Take courage as I do that in his infinite mercy all shall be revealed. I love you. In the discovery of this truth lays my greatest pain and joy and in one instant of time the unbearable becomes lost in the wonder of his glory to see life such as it is. As in all his creatures upon this earth plane as he looks upon them as I do you.

Let it be known that in the apology of the queen also needs an acknowledgement of the mere 3 million acres of Maori lands left from the original 60 million and that the treaty signed did not hold those signing on behalf of the crown from stealing through other laws this land from the peoples. Indeed, breaking up New Zealand into reservations and parcels of lands is not acceptable as Maori Sovereignty exists for all the lands and territories of Aotearoa (New Zealand) Negotiating with “The Crown” which is no more and The New Zealand Government which is illegitimate makes all that they have done illegitimate. Hence the great striving and effort of duping the people and thus in silent coup governing when The Queen is no more Head, long has this been the case.  

Let there be acknowledgement of the apology of the Queen and that the treaty has been broken so that the ancestors and their descendants may grieve for the path they have been lost upon. For the apology has been given, now all must accept that this is indeed the acknowledgement you still cry out to receive.

Allow this apology to flow unto your hearts and minds for to do otherwise is to deny as you have been denied.

Let the crown, Queen Elizabeth and her descendants, uphold in truth the fullness of their apology as their responsibility before God.

Fight no more for a deed to be done that is already done, thus wasting your efforts.  Alike the compensations another acknowledgement that has succeeded and in many cases been done. Make no mistake once settlements are complete the New Zealand Government under foreign orders will seek to take from you all that you believe you have gained. They do it already and have made many attempts to take over New Zealand legally. This shall not be. It is true they are illegitimate and unable to become legitimate thus do not let them do more erroneous actions, make more agreements or laws for they have no such rights. 

Let it be known that the entirety of Aotearoa (New Zealand is under Maori sovereignty and that sovereignty existing allows for the settlers to be part of New Zealand but never shall the day come when Maori are not the sovereigns of New Zealand with the sovereignty of the country in tact but are also the guardians now and forever more of the country and its territories being lands and sea bed and foreshore.

It has been ensured also with the Restoration which has been delivered both to the Corporate New Zealand Government under John Keys Administration and to The United Nations along with other Agencies. There has been no rebuttal and thus after the required three years it is now ratified. Their system is broken and dying thus do not fight their system but be the system coming in with the dawn. Rise up to meet and match that which God has sent for the new day.

Let it also be acknowledged that to gain back those lands and then return them to the government for upkeep means issue is not one of ownership of these lands making it clear that both parties have not upheld their agreements and this dishonor to their office, signatures, and peoples, is obvious for all who wish to see it.

Raising the question of what is the real issues? Could it be sovereignty? Yet that has nothing to do with the Treaty thus signed. For sovereignty says the Crown is with the Crown yet Maori state it is with Maori. In reality it has always been with Maori regardless of the Treaty through the declaration of Independence which some will say was dissolved yet has in truth never been and will never be so. Sovereignty of Aotearoa, otherwise known as New Zealand has and will always be with Maori.

The treaty of Waitangi is simply a document signed by some chiefs that formulates the crown governing its unruly peoples over land theft and unruly behavior.

Certainly, an industry has grown around the Treaty of Waitangi and many generations have been caught up is the struggle between The Crown, the illegitimate governments of NZ, and the Tribes.

Children are lost everywhere

All mankind is filled

With the essence of all that’s divine

Grown from source

You, his seed

Planted upon Earth

Feeding and nurturing

From all he sows

Reaping the harvest

Upon which

He doth mow

The vine

Man’s life

Spreading, in search of the light

To grow and be strong

Budding the leaves of protection

This cover of truth

His shade

Bearing the fruit

Of all he hath made

Living and dying

The seasons of wine

Full bodied in flavor

Let go your grievances, for simply you have experienced these to provide you with understanding. Teach the children not to be embittered for what has been done but for what is to be done. 

Let the way be one of peace and understanding.

Think not that by letting go of the old and worn out ways that all you struggled for has been a waste. Sometimes it is good to shatter into a million fragments of all you have ever been through. For as you turn to scatter them you will see the brilliance that is you. 

In gathering up each tiny piece, the wonder of each moment sparkles shinning true. And all the things you have been hiding from yourself comes suddenly to view.  Whilst you have been running scared, too afraid the pain may too much to bear, the naked truth is waiting, watching, silently for you to take the time and cry a humble tear.

Let this day be known not as one for grievance to be explored for that becomes nothing more than a taking of a part of each day one lives and nominating it only for gripping, one must never assert such negativity into one’s day. As a Nation of peoples, the escalation of such an absurd fretting on one particular day causes a great darkness upon the land. A heaviness that does not honor Gods own country.

Let the nations come together and grieve their losses and those of their ancestors and let go of the pain of your past. Those that lived before you will rejoice for you will have healed their pain and suffering and taken steps towards healing your own.  Thus, you pass unto your descendant’s honor, wholeness, truth.

Do you not realize that this outer conflict is for no other reason than each of you is in conflict within?  Man’s eternal battle is with himself.  Master yourself and there is no conflict manifested outside of yourself.

We know that there is not one thing working upon earth, not welfare, politics, hospital nor law.  So, we have nothing to lose by dreaming something bigger for those upon earth. 

War is a daily and constant number of battles we each have with ourselves. Each thought, each word, each decision, each deed, the solders on the battle field of our spirit. Our foe and our enemy our lower self.  Thus, the word treaty means those that have externalized their internal battle by not having the courage to stand alone in the truth of God or one’s self.  For the truth can never be undone by man. 

Mankind bow you heads before God humble and ask forgiveness, for the sins of your fathers is yours and it is done to you what you do to another. Man need only win the battles of himself individually for peace on earth.  Do this and mankind shall rise victorious and celebrate for the war shall be won and peace restored on earth as it is in heaven

Let the condition of peace be found within each soul on earth. let those that are this condition Lead by example and teach those that are not how to be so. Do this and unite all New Zealand unto one force.

Let those who have descended from their ancestors bring forth the good that was intended by the signing of this Treaty, be they English, Maori, White or dark skin.

Let the ancestors raise unto this day and begin the healing of the nations.

Now the whole of humanity cries out, we are betrayed by the elite known as the NWO

Let it be known and understood that should you decide these words are not for the cause then you are not for the cause for I represent higher thought, God upon earth in this matter and God would have truth as the basis for all peoples of Aotearoa, and the world.

Simply put not liking the truth does not change it. Better to be open to change that brings forward advance than to eliminate any chance of greatness among the lands.

Know that nothing can alter truth and to remove such as I for your own purpose of moving forward under your intent will bring forth nothing but a swift return with a force and fist mightier than this one and you and your descendants shall not be victorious. For even in death I shall surmount mine enemies which are God’s enemies and they shall pay a far higher price in accordance with the higher law.

Whilst such powers deem themselves to be Gods voice by means of violence and aggression to stifle Gods truth upon earth know that for all monetary gains and height of office held in the past the day will come when these ones shall fall and full retribution shall be given for the law is the law and the sins of the father are the sons, hath thee not seen these very events take shape lately.

Let this be a reminder that the short term of mans power and glory is nothing, to the ones that hold such positions including those illegal and supercilious in their own intent, it is a falsehood to God’s power and Glory.  

The glory of God and those that represent God must be placed by Gods means and not that of those that would have their own way upon for the glory of God and those that represent God must be placed by Gods means and not that of those that would have their own way upon earth. 

Politics serves nobody spirit serves all.

Over 150 years and the struggle has been on going and none resolved, his is nonsense and all those that have struggled through looking ta mans laws to counteract those who have been duplicitous  in holding all in a suspension rather than resolution of matters have now come unstuck for the whole to the greats con of man has been exposed for all the world to see and there is no going back from the collapse of the old system. Break free as the way has been opened and cease being caught in the nets of those who would control abuse and subjugate you as individuals, families, and Nations.  

Do so by replacing it with one based on truth that it will truly last the ages and one based on God’s laws which are immutable to humankind’s multi-layered scale on the ladder of ascension and descent.

The Restoration is placed for such purpose as well as Gods sovereignty.

When another walks upon your path and does not honor who you are, honor thy self in truth, therein lays all your treasures, all your wealth.


Life sends some souls towards right order, inner peace and love their condition, thus lack of conflict becomes certain for these ones, yet they come unstuck as they enter play grounds of those that attack each other through self-ego, selfishness, greed and desires of lust, control, and power – so often in the name of law. Politics and wisdom. Vanity more likely, for a moment of self-glory.   

Why is it that man believes he is so vital to the harmony of the forest, the land, the bird people, the river, the insect, fish and reptile.

They exist alongside of each other in the balance of nature.

A law universal, made in Heaven long before man

When man was named to hold dominion over his world

Law became the written word

Sin escalated – Why must this be so?

Due only to be so, as no understanding remains of all given by God unto the journey of being

You his children, made in his own light, suffered no remorse as you went your own way, determined by power, so harnessed by the will, to give self-property, one to the other, over each other

This was not how it was meant to be

Children of God, all of the Same light, begun to see differently

Not believing in the power above, stole they thought the power, making it possible to

become as God – This cannot be

Universal Law holds dominion over man, as strongly as man holds dominion over his world

Continually man has striven to overcome himself, by overcoming others

Seldom has it been realized, to overcome himself, he needs be nothing more than Gods light, held within himself by his birth right

To claim dominion over his world is to claim his birth right and live among his brothers as one

For no man among you had a hand in the light, the Universal law of God’s name

You make your laws believing it possible to enforce them

Revolution comes, destruction rebounds on that of the law giver

All systems fail, no civilization lasts as no other law than that of the universal will endure

Surrender to this statue

Unite the peoples, unite the nations

To do anything else brings failure eventually.

To do so brings eternal truth, eternal life to all

Hope for peace brings no change

Look to your history books for this truth

Remarkable that so many intelligent one’s note it not

Universal adherence to the higher laws brings life eternal peace and right order

Civilizations last, endure

Would thee bring thy self to a moments self-glory or do ongoing good for all mankind?

Harm yourself is to harm another, to harm another is to harm yourself

To those that make the laws, there is no other than the higher realms.

Here before you, here long after you leave

Learn the higher truths, the higher laws have spoken over time

Lost civilizations did ignore them

It is man’s destiny to evolve, his fate to choose the path he takes

Walk the high road not the low road, else all you do is for naught

Your choice to suffer on regardless of these laws or to live in accordance to them

For no man of earth can change what God has given to live by

Leadership – Saving the world

Global vision – To change the worlds view of itself spiritually

Everywhere it is the same and yet different. All peoples daily struggling with abuse and violence it comes in some sort or the other. There is neither a country nor a person that this is not happening to or for. In their own way each person each country is struggling to survive. The systems are failing the people and the people are failing the systems.

When will true service to the people and Nations begin?  Leaders you are not and leaders you have forgot the higher law is Gods and God is watching you. You may deceive the people and yourselves, but you do not and cannot deceive those that watch on high.

I would go to the New President to come upon America and seek treaty worldwide for all indigenous nations and in this that no nation shall invade another and I should say to him you can have your conflict over oil for when it is gone there shall still be the people and they have feet they still shall be able to grow their foods and this is the true wealth of any nation.

In this way I would see my people become great once more.

There are those trying to introduce New Zealand’s future as a Republic. This in its self provides one with the comprehension that those illegitimate are moving as they please and illegally. New Zealand can never become a republic it is a sovereign nation under God, sacred and holy.   

Avoid Destiny Church for we are not a cult we are a way of life.

Wake up Maori wake up for simply you too are being led into being sheep.  Place not the well being of our nations into the hands of others it is in your hands as one peoples, and God has firmly placed this with you.–waitangi-tribunal Mana of North Island iwi damaged by Crown Treaty breaches – Waitangi Tribunal


Any Maori moving against what God has ordained for Aotearoa is along with the many leaders around the globe falling and will fail, being on the wrong side of her-story. What is written is done, what is done can not be undone as it is done in heaven and now upon earth. It is sealed by God and cannot be undone by any other than God.

I’m saying to the rest of the world Hey, you got it wrong. By addressing the change form old to new and you have all seen this as it is occurring globally, I am saying to all Gods plan prevails and there is no more to be said. The nonsense of man’s laws, cons, wars, systems is over.  Play not with what has been paid by God for it will do thee no good. The destruction laid by the NWO, the elite, the globalist was such offense in heaven and to God it could not go forward and thus God has responded. Now all must on earth do the same and in this conviction by Gods judgement or freedom is the outcome.

12st June 2008

Whenna stood before you many years ago and spoke of her dream for the children, for the future. I have gone about providing a way to it, under God.  Not easily understood the methods or means yet nether the less it has been an immense journey and is done. Now it must be picked up and carry by all who dream of a better future for our people, our nation, our world.  

 So, I am going to give a great gift in releasing the truth This will change how history is viewed In addition, how religion is viewed, This will bring a great Peace to the world that we can all stand up in whom we are.

Judgement persecution and some even same I have been crucified for what I have walked is not for the faint of heart. Some have said my form of purity, is naivety, but it is not I know it is a form of maturity. Some have recognized this, people were starting to understand to see to know. Perhaps it will come to the fullness, to the limitless potential. One can only wait and see.

Pereme said my standards my integrity is so high. I know you. You are kind to others but do not do the same for yourself and he was correct. I am harder on myself, expect more from myself than from others but herein lays a truth if I can do something then others can also. Nothing is impossible with God. You Are About to See Dramatic Changes in Our Republic That You Never Imagined – USA

It is the law of the land any Maori descendant or anyone Maori is considered Maori it is not about percentages. One drop of Maori blood and your Maori there is a reason for this beyond the political. One drop and you have the X GENE and the ancestors. It is that simple.

In a vicious circle? then break it. Often the feeling of “I am one person, not important to the whole” is thought, but what strikes me the most and often is the double victimization. Others place these hardships and then point the finger when failure occurs and one goes down like a ton of bricks. Double victimization is in our society and it needs addressing. We have to stop rewarding those that are immature and start rewarding those that are responsible.

I have contributed to society. Achieved a happy household even without the material things many take for granted. I have focused on my future and not become side tracked by making it about money, the false success that man chases. My reward for this, to succeed in what is my true path; I have followed my heart even when I do not want to. I have stayed with truth even when others dirtied it with their falsity and I have held my authority in this world, even when most cannot see it, recognize, or know it. The lowest shall be raised to the highest. I have succeeded because I have been true to God, to myself, to my children, and to my people.  And to me I have achieved more than most will ever come to know. 

I have been attacked, and death sent towards me and mine “a target” in so doing they have taken someone with the same name, taken a daughter and in another way even a son. I took this hardship to kaumatua.  

The reason given by Kaumatua when I asked, Why is my life on the line It is not really, the response. They will have to fight me says the kaumatua. There are others wanting what you have. They will have to get you away from me and I’m not going to let that happen.  I hold Pereme to that, my people.

How rear the bloom that blossoms under the harshest of conditions, whoever wrote that had forgotten to add and how beautiful in the purest of form is such a bloom. This is what I dream for you, that out of the harsh environment of politics and betrayal by the crown and NWO all bloom into such a rose

Why will you not set the success of your efforts? Rather this than continue crying for what has been done long since by those before you. While you continue to carry on in discontent you lessen the joy of your success.

I wait to be invited to Waitangi, had I made that a season of discontent it would have built up over a 20 plus year period.

The contenders and pretenders are rejected by God and have no more to provide as all proof has been given to the multiple offices held by TeManawa

11 June 2006 The contender.

Mo Nga Te Kooti O Te Ture Whenua Nga Aotearoa

Whakapa to Tühoe


I Te Rangitane Nui a Rangi the Ariki Nui of Aotearoa makes me the

legal owner under the constitution of Aotearoa.

No, it does not. Even in office as Christos I do not own New Zealand or it’s people I serve them and hold the sovereignty of God the Creator. I own little in this world A true Arikinui o te Ao for there is not an authority on earth that goes beyond that of Christos validated, witnessed, fulfilled, no other shall make such claim and it be true. I own my Authority for I live it and in this have done what there is for me to do. It is not laying claim to land and wealth it is owning what is already laid upon my spirit directly from God, reaffirmed and confirmed by others elders inclusive.

Stand up all ye spiritual leaders and announce to the world

The gates have been opened. The hall of records released.

Keys of hope

You cannot ask another soul to stop being who they are that is like telling the rivers to run dry. Dreams are Gods phone line and to stop a person’s dreams is to disconnect from God as when we separate ourselves of from another we separate from God. That the peripherals such as those say no or attempting to put down the dream or destroy the person because they are the dream evolving must be cleared away so that the person can walk towards the dream destination unimpaired.

22 June 2006

Declarations Unity of the Indigenous Nations globally

9 pm Declaration for the uniting of all indigenous peoples around the world and that Maori stand up and be the heartbeat of this.

Ceremony of giving thanks.

Declarations were done for a World Treaty based on Waitangi Treaty for all indigenous nations globally.

No Country to invade another

Tibet to go back to Dali Lama

Indigenous cooperative, Recompense

I had just opened the way for the unity globally and the world treaty.  I would hold this now until it was done. I had woven around all Maori to hold them, keep them protected, safe, and this I would always hold until my time was done.  This leadership would have me alone in this sense for the rest of my life.

And so my people it has been, but now all has changed for the whole world has responded to mine song and I am alone no more in this world.


This is where we draw the line

Call to end ‘state trafficking’ of children

Te Karere Ipurangi@Karere·17mTreaty settlements are a fraudTreaty settlements are a fraudIn this charged essay, Spinoff columnist Morgan Godfery takes stock of Treaty of Waitangi interpretations that pay lip service to values without honouring the core tenets of power.  I suspect New…

Ihumātao proposal signals need to revisit ‘unfair’ Treaty settlement process – Māori Party

God blesses


Exposed seal removed, peoples heart beat restored to God

Featured in the New Zealand Official Yearbook from a century ago, the map shows New Zealand stretching across Italy and into North Africa.
Helen Clarks #Mapgate same as seal of Crown of the mauri nation They are the swamp RBG 7 fold ret 100 caught red handed – Your gates has been closed

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #Christos of the Age. Leader of the Children of Light. Mother of the Nations

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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