Dark to Light, December 2018 Declarations

Solstice 22ND December 2018 will be at 11:23 am on


Nga hau e wha – The four winds

Winds still at my command hold back until I command thee to go forth, TO BLOW.

The Four Winds are the power of God in the natural world, basically where “miracles” can occur and where the strength of God is made visible to humans.

Zechariah 6:5

Verse Concepts

 The angel replied to me, “These are the four spirits of heaven, going forth after standing before the Lord of all the earth,

Matthew 24:31

Verse Concepts

“And He will send forth His angels with A GREAT TRUMPET and THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.

“And then they will see the sun of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory, 27 and then he will send out his angels to gather his elect from the four winds from the end of the earth to the end of the sky.”(Mark13:26 27).


The Four Winds of the Bible

The-four-winds-of-the-bible-2/The power of the four winds of the Bible is tremendous, both figuratively and practically. It can churn the great sea, it can uproot and scatter powerful empires (Daniel 7:2, 8:8, 11:4, Zechariah2:6). The combined power of the four winds of heaven was to be deployed against the nation of Elam, to scatter the people in all directions (Jeremiah49:36).


What does the Bible mean when it refers to the four winds?

There is a third kind of role that the four winds will be playing in the last times.John, in his vision, saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth,holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree (Revelation 7:1). This would amount to a circulation pattern of the atmosphere in which there are no highs or lows whatever, or an atmosphere of infinite calm!

Te whānau puhi, the wind family, comprises many different winds. The common word for wind is hau. Hauraro is the north wind, or wind from below. Tonga is the south wind, and Hauāuru the west. There are numerous tribal names for winds.    

The east wind was known as Marangai, also meaning a storm, or bad weather. However, in some districts, marangai meant the north wind. It is likely that its meaning depended on the quarter from which bad weather tended to come in that district. Similarly, ori meant wind from a bad quarter and could be north-west, or north-east to south-east, depending on the locality.

The Maori Canoe

Compass-points and Wind-names


The Sacred Circle & Four Winds

http://www.sophian.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1049TheSacred Circle & Four Winds

Dark to light

I am the keeper of space

To be or not to be

I am the founding father of infinity beneath the God head of the trinity

 Do not change one second of space for I am joined to it and that would be to change me

I am the mountains

I am the waters

I am the fires

I am the winds

I am the four directions

I am one with the all


I am the heights

I am the depths

I am the energies

I am the breath

I am everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.

All things are preparation for that which is to come Never miss a step for to do so disrupts the flow and to do so is to miss a heartbeat of life

Thus, a healing remedy unfolds

Be well at peace and perfect

Infinity (rangi nui)

I TeManawa give thanks to rangi nui as I++ am

And call upon the guardians of the four directions, keepers of the four winds

Gather round and draw ye close

In Gods authority I am authority

In Gods light I am light

In Gods breath I am the word of God upheld and manifest  

I am the breath of life Given birth to The Restoration I am the Christos

Bless and protect this life, thus creation Atua

Father, husband son

As I hath Blessed and protected it so that it may live eternal life

The mother brings the gift of life throughout all the realms, principalities dominions and heavens eternally

It is alive sneeze it is alive sneeze it is alive sneeze it lives eternally

Born is the light of heaven on earth

Here is Te tapu Manawanui. Here to is TeManawa, the heart

Here is the living seal, The living bread, the living stone.

The Living Stone
4As you come to Him, the living stone, rejected by men, but chosen and precious in God’s sight, 5you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 6For it stands in Scripture:“See, I lay in Zion a stone, a chosen and precious cornerstone; and the one who believes in Him will never be put to shame.”…  

I come to close the darkness, make way and open up the light as man comes away from the dark into the light, I am the light and come to open up the light to the light and to the dawn, the day.


The devil and his body know that free will is the gift of freedom God given, they use trickery and cunning through mind control. This is not freedom, choice to exercise freewill. Magic via reversal the manipulations to manifest the devil’s outcome is thus reversed and made noa as though it has never been, and all such magic is no more eternally that year by year all attempt is gathered up in this way and destroyed and in this can never be created onto the fabric of life evermore. This is my command and is executed without repercussion consequence or loss to me and mine, the body of Christ and the Army of God thus no sacrifice is required for it is done under grace and not under law.

Thus I stand in the circle of creation throne on earth as it is in heaven and before the courts of heaven in the authority of God and for sake of humanity in my name I declare Satan’s reign on earth is fallen The nets hath all been cut away and the Restoration in progress hath decimated Satan’s kingdom.  All temptations Satan hath laid upon humanity now be lifted for the true and faithful hearts, all the curses humanity has created against each other and against God lifted same, that Satan’s reign upon the earth and Satan’s body shall by this fall complete and be no more

All humanity that in repenting hath received forgiveness must also take the steps of asking for the curses upon thee to be lifted in self responsibility and in my name. I have interceded for thee for I have seen the struggle of the many and in truth God so many are good inside. Bring this upon thee humanity and walk forward in that good and in the truth to view the cleansing and healing that thou must claim.

No more thus sin to claim, humanity arisen shall ascend to be more than it is become and, in the leavening, restore to humanity its rightful place


Know in truth it is not God that hath cursed thee but thy self for in opposition to the covenant and commandments of God thou hath laid such judgement upon thy selves. Ner walk this way again for by giving into temptation thy will bring increase of sin again thus renew the covenant of God and be the goodness not the greed, the life and light and not the dark and death this the seed to eternal light and life and to immortality  



To be cursed by God means that you are set for doom or destruction.  The Hebrew terms in the Old Testament where you find the word “cursed” — alah,meerah, qelalah – those Hebrew terms all mean the very same thing,devoted to doom, devoted to destruction.

Pope Francis Calls for a ‘Christian Populism’ that Hears and Serves the People attempting to hijack Gods movement RBG 3 fold ret 10 Lucifer’s church is to fail and fall- they have been judged. The one world spiritual alignment to God the creator is through “The Heart” and will not need churches as the tablets of the heart is written on the hearts of all humanity.

Pope hopes new UN global pact sparks compassion for migrants rbg 3 fold ret 10 


Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer

 Do not change the Lord’s prayer the words of Christ are the word of God and so must stay as intended. In the prayer Lead us not into temptation is asking for protection not inferring God the father is leading one into Satan’s ways,simply through asking one receives thus is asking for God the fathers protection from Satan crossing thou path to cause thou temptation

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks,the door will be opened.


Why would the Christos sit upon the Throne of David in the land of ISRAEL when still they are deniers? Yet more importantly ner was it said that the old Jerusalem would become the new. More so the land fought over through the ages is defiled. Gods curse not lifted nor will be while men go about in such disgraceful error.  


The curse of Jeconiah is found in Jeremiah 22. First, the LORD likens the king to a signet ring on God’s hand—a ring that God will pull off (verse 24). Then, God pronounces a curse: “Record this man as if childless, a man who will not prosper in his lifetime, for none of his offspring will prosper, none will sit on the throne of David or rule anymore in Judah” (verse 30).


The Two Genealogies of Jesus, the Curse of Jeconiah, and the Royal Line of David


ISRAEL prepares for the false messiah “THE ANTI CHRIST”

I am conscious of how the will of the unholy ones send the false messiah to the world.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZXtZ9ONnDE  Something Intensely Prophetic Just Took Place & the Ramifications Are Shocking!

The declaration by the priests in Israel and the blood sacrifice the false song of Israel and covenant of death are rejected and cannot be created onto the fabric of life I command the words of these rituals choke with the speakers and writers that the winds reject all such things thus cannot be scattered on the winds. Their rituals are unable to be activated are made noa and are no more and in their rituals, words, writing, and deeds only invoke gods curses upon Israel are invoked by them in full. 


Hear me oh mighty winds, hear me ISRAEL. Free will all humanity hath and by this free choice is made, in stubborn endeavor thou work to bring forth the False messiah It is the lower path and offensive to the Christos – you are still the denier. Should thou continue know that by earthquake history repeats as thou end the life of Christs covenant to allow the false messiah to walk upon mine sacred and holy ground this shall be the sign again and the death knell of the false. I AM REJECTS THE SONG OF ISRAEL AND THE COVENANT OF DEATH. The declarations from all others are not the word upheld, hath no authority, are nothing thus make no mistake thou declarations are no more upon the fabric of creation I Am declares thou words choke within never to be scattered on the winds they are rejected by my command.

Oh, mighty winds hear me I REJECT THE COVENANT OF DEATH AND THE FALSE SONG OF ISRAEL thus The false messiah.  NONE is able to stand against the holy and divine, nor the Christos and God the father, THE UNHOLY is nothing but a darkness now blown out, a false light, put out and gone from all of humanity, principalities,realms and dominions. In this Satan’s, agenda falls along with all Satan’s plans. Be gone Satan from all creation thou destruction, chaos, and darkness has no place left to hide for mine light, the light of God the Father, is now in command and none can stand against this not by politics, war, or wealth of Gold, for it is the true and all-encompassing power of God in full creation -the light upon the dawn, the day.   

Until ISRAEL REPENTS RESTORES THE COVENANT WITH GOD AND SINGS THE SONG OF THE HEART ALL GODS judgements upon ISRAEL STAND, let the lands be restored by the sign of their repentance and acceptance of the true messiah Christos signed sealed and delivered upon humanity – I AM 

When the covenant of life is restored by ISRAEL and the song of the heart is sung in thou true and repentant hearts ONLY THEN SHALL God’s JUDGEMENT THY CALL curse upon the land of Israel be gone

Man would  maketh what God already hath. No prophecy can be fulfilled by man manufacture or attempt the only way prophecy is fulfilled is by God, is Gods way not mans and thus it is apparent ISRAEL goes about endorsing that which is false claim without evidence or sign nor seal they raise the anti-Christ and even know it  the false messiah thus I reject this abomination and false endeavor. It is foul in the eyes of God the father, Christos,The Holy spirit and denied   

Here me oh mighty winds, here me ISLAM thou prophet is a warlord and is that of the Christ. Thou shariah laws are man made and foul thus rejected is thee from salvation until thou reform and remove all abomination. Remove Gods curse upon thee and in this thou reformation must exist repent to redeem and in redemption be saved else stay under Gods judgement in full for none shall be in paradise but fallen shall remain in consequence of Gods judgement until thou are no more.

No matter what religion, creed culture or belief Gods laws and grace, mercy and ways operate for all the same. Make no mistake and correct the error of thy ways    


Democracy is sacred thus God is never to be displaced from it as God is in all things and those that are on the political path must adhere to the truth of divine law for lasting results in co creation with God. This is what is to be. Those against God and co creation that are not in exodus from Satan’s system of the old age are to go. They cannot stand in the light let alone work in it 

God’s commands are not up for debate, exist and apply regardless of anyone. True Democracy works with God and this is called co creation when those aligned to God and Gods plan for humanity and earth the harmony is built the vision unleashed and the dawn becomes day This is the light that humanity is struggling to claim as it exits Satan’s system the greatest Exodus of all history they shall claim. Let it be known it is HIS STORY (Satan’s) they name,mine is The Restoration, Light, dawn, the day, HER STORY, in truth it is gods glory

Like the end of the age and the beginning of the dawn this solstice set to end the darkness and bring humanity to the light. One must cleanse away the evil and the darkness not simply from one’s self but from all the past and in the transition purify from all darkness to all light. The age is set for this to occur and like all journeys it begins with a single step. God the creator I say all are blessed whom embark upon this sojourn, let the journey commence.  For the compass has been set and all may gather to them in the light, and truth from within their hearts that is of God.By this very compass ner be lost upon the way and walk forever more in the light that is the day.

The body of Christ unites with the heart, the sacred marriage manifests

I reaffirm and confirm and declare the deactivation of all evil symbols and structures, the arch of Baal inclusive


China suppressing its people using a behavior credit system is abomination. Know by suppressing one’s spirit, by writing despair into the hearts of humanity it shall die thus it can’t be allowed. Let china die as it lives in this it has set a course to no longer exist by free will its choice or turn to God and to Gods light and ways thus repent, redeem and in so doing be saved.

For every dollar stolen from the people by the Globalist they shall lose their power and control until they are no more and the people hath their monies returned and restored. For every dollar returned to the people let it multiple by 3 the holy trinity in alignment to The Restoration and universal law

Mighty winds here me now pour God the creator’s energy upon those fatigued in the battles against Satan. Destroy all efforts to destroy the earth, humanity and creation by those so attempting thus destroy all evil at the core.

I reject and make non-existent all NWO protocols thus they cannot be created onto the fabric of life ever more.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2omzJyf1DY&t=180sProtocols Project #1: Presentation, Contents and Preface 1 through to 9

I am declare the inability to use the people like pawns in political strategies or life as God’s gift to humanity is free will no other may use any form of suppression, manipulation, control by whatever means or methods, tools or strategies against humanity, against the people, against the body of Christ, God’s army inclusive that all humanity is active in its free will and thus ruled by Gods reign,universal laws and commandments, the tablets of the law,.


I have rejected “the time of Sorrows” (Soros) agenda against humanity and it is done like all the houses of those above unto the top. Let it be known that The NWO is over in all its manifestations. God hath sealed their surrender, no more the now shall live. All non-acceptance of this end shall increase Gods judgement on all those so doing until they repent or are no more in existence. The world has witnessed these events until it hath been made clear. Now the cleansing and the clearing has begun let also the healing wipe away the tears.

All leaders acting against the people, against the free will of the people, what is done and been is no more. All attempts now and in the future shall be no more as though they hath never been.  God has given humanity free will thus all those acting to suppress, manipulate, control using whatever methods, tools, strategies, against the free will of the people is no more and cannot be created onto the fabric of life

All those who have and are or will in the future act in treason against their nation is under God’s full judgement as is NWO, criminal in their actions and are to beheld accountable, they shall no longer be enabled in their actions and thus all their actions are no more and cannot be created onto the fabric of life regardless of their thoughts, WORDS, WRITINGS, AND DEEDS.. They shall fail,fall, and falter in all their endeavors now.

Those that repent shall be enabled to be forgiven yet none-shall be enabled to continue in positions of power of leadership and all those actions they have incurred shall be washed away and is no more and can no longer be created onto the fabric of life

All the tentacles of the NWO gone out around the globe I cut off they are now destroyed, ameliorated AND all residue disintegrated that they become no more as though they have never been and cannot be created onto the fabric of life now and forever more. I declare and make declaration that the NWO be tied up in its own knots IS OCCURRING and they cannot be undone by anyone other than God.

Only upon true repentance may cause redemption by all those in the NWO that have acted against God, creation AND humanity   as I declare it as I say it AS I SPEAK IT so it is and so it shall be now and forever more ameni

I declare all the destruction placed in the world, principalities, REALMS, and dominions by Satan and the NWO AND the body of Satan be reversed in instant manifestation without lag time or delay


Here on The Restoration in full apply that those in office of duty and responsibility must adhere to the tablets and commandments that all is thought, spoken, and done in the interest of the people in their higher good UNDER GOD THE CREATOR THE COVENANT WITH GOD, GODS COMMANDMENTS, TABLETS AND UNIVERSAL LAW.

In all moments those in such office go about all actions with the least amount of hardship for the people

THUS, HUMANITY IN TRANSITION GOES FROM Dark to light, light to light

The symbols of the Illuminati, the religions, even political whom are using the light falsely to be the dark, all such working in this manner are no more active thus I say heed me God has come and is the light, the way and the truth.

I declare the NWO vision broken. The veils of Satan’s system dropped. All in the world to see and awaken from it, ner caught up in it but to cleanse from it and thus be reborn, restored

I break all brainwashing and its methods used upon the people

I break all curses made and spread by the NWO

Winds hear me now all Witches spells incantations and methods now are no more to be,remove all destructive power from such activity, they are part of the body of Satan in full judgement they face their final hour the abyss.

Every attempt at cursing another is made noa as though it has never been and cannot be created onto the fabric of life All such attempts be they through abuse,toxic thoughts, words, and deeds are lies, betrayal, and false witness, clear these from all HEARTS NOW and from all winds cleanse them

I command close off all Satan’s darkness

Lift the curses mankind has made against each other Let humans begin to speak the language of the light The song of the heart the words of good and kind filled with truth wisdom and light shoot not the dark into the light must now begin as human learns to be a higher being let this now begin.

Bless you, NATURE MAN GOD aligned is co creation. it is responsibility and building on truth for lasting results

I acknowledge the body of Christ and the army of God the two witnesses and 2 olive trees AND COMMAND THY GROW TRUE AND STRAIGHT IN THE WAY OF THE FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN

Protection prayers for you who are the body of Christ

Dear Father, please make me a humble servant of people like Jesus Christ.  I will push myself down, so that you God can lift me up.  Remove my human understanding and wisdom and fill me with your wisdom and understanding.  I’m a worm before you, Lord.  In accordance with your word, my righteousness is as filthy rags.  I can’t do good without you.  Please have mercy upon me and help me change day by day to become more like Jesus Christ.   

I ask that you please send your ministering spirits to protect your people; and all people and animals that would be sacrificed or cursed by occult practices.

In the name of Jesus, I loose legions upon legions of angels to warfare, restore souls, protect believers, stop us from believing and agreeing with lies and release breakthrough upon myself, my family,friends and the world in the name of Jesus.

I loose the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of understanding and wisdom, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and fear of God, and the spirit of adoption upon myself, family and the world.  I invite your Holy Spirit who is the spirit of power, of love,and of sound mind against the spirit of fear.

Father, please pour out your Holy Spirit to convict the world of sins and to soften hearts to see truth.  Above all, I pray for your will, Father, to be done on earth even as it is done in heaven. In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

I now confess all of my sins, known and unknown. I repent of them now in the name of Jesus. I ask You, Lord to forgive me. I now confess the sins of all of my forefathers. In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break and renounce the power of every demonic curse that was passed down to me through the sins and actions of others. In the name of Jesus Christ, I break the power and the hold of every curse that came to me through sin, my sins and the sins of my forefathers.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that came to me through words spoken. In the name of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that came to me through disobedience — mine or my forefathers.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now renounce,break, and loose myself and my family from all demonic subjection to my father, mother, grandparents or any other human being,living or dead, who has ever in the past or are now dominating or controlling  me or my family in any way contrary to the Word and will of God.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I renounce,break, and loose myself and my family from all psychic heredity, demonic strongholds, psychic power, bondage’s, bonds of inherited physical or mental illness or curses upon me and my family line as a result of sins,transgressions, iniquities, occult or psychic involvement of any member of my family line, living or dead.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare every legal hold and every legal ground of the enemy broken and destroyed. Satan no longer has a legal right to harass my family line through the curses. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, I am free. Thank You,Jesus, for setting me free.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demonic spirits that are harassing me through curses to leave me now. Go! in the name of Jesus! I confess that my body, soul, and spirit is the dwelling place of the Spirit of God. I am redeemed, cleansed, sanctified, and justified by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, neither Satan nor his demons have any place in me nor power over me because of Jesus.



* This prayer has been used all over to world to cut off generational curses and/ or occult activities. It is important to pray it out loud to God. The words do not contain power, but the Holy Spirit will set you FREE!

The word of God can not be changed is upheld in all moments throughout eternity all dominion’s, principalities and realms ever lasting  

God grant those whom believe, your protection and thus blessings under grace and not under law that those with a true heart giving of themselves to your ways in reaffirmation of your covenant are confirmed, thus sealed

Humanity is made in the creator’s image, thou is not the off spring of fallen angels. Any so believing, believes Satan’s lies and thee has been captured by such and is enslaved, caught in this net now, falsely believe in such state, thou has been utilized by war faring agenda’s which is not Gods way.

Tempted by Satan thou hast lost thou memory of who thou are and what thou are and strayed.Thou came from the stars away from God for such temptation now must put away thou war fare to journey home. The spark of God the creator is within and all thou need is to ignite it full to flame thus once more thou destiny to claim.Gods truth is the same for all it does not alter. Simply apply universal law ask to receive thus discover.

God’s matrix is laid upon the earth, the gates, the doors have all been secured,realigned, open they now belong in full of Gods reign, it is the new Jerusalem.I REMIND THEE IT IS TRANSITION thus tune into God’s frequency and remember thou all have bodies, and spirit, none are the same. What remains constant never changes are God and Gods flame.

Learning shall be applied in the manner of thou need. I TeManawa call forth the children of the four winds and the army of God into the circle of creation, gather before the throne of God thou are my body and I say thus give reverence to God the creator and the holy spirit thus be baptized recognized. I give command Seal the witnesses whom respond.

Mandate is this for thee, reject all evil, suppression and dark, spread the word of God throughout the lands and nations. Rise up the sacred sites and approach only with a pure and sacred heart to receive all blessings poured upon thee from the heavens.  Ask God what thee can to do in alignment to thy purpose then follow through in synchronicity, and as thou doth thou teach as thou learn and learn as thou teach. Do this in mine new name.

In such intent one journeys, and thou experience grows truth and understanding that gains the wisdom. The light shall grow within the heart, purify, and the holy shall pour in. Humanity thus gains true status as with one bear fruit and becomes the co-creator. This is the harvest  

Go to the gates at each turning of the light, solstice December and June. The start of the new cycle Enter with an open mind and heart to receive the light of God to fill thou vessel. Make no attempt to be lord, logos, Christos, for thy hath not the seal and cannot. Simply navigate thou own soul thus listen and believe to see. Gods word is absolute one must not attempt to counter it thus grow true and straight in the ways of thou father, Mother who art in heaven here on earth.

Look up, look in and thus always know thou soul direction.

The harvest

Super wolf blood moon

The harvest will begin with the crying of the moon, the howling of the wolf and the rising of the sun

https://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/winter-skywatching-quadrantid-meteor-shower-supermoon-lunar-eclipse-zodiacal-light-conjunctions/117537 Super Blood Wolf Moon the star for Winter 2019 sky watching

The world is two halves of the peach, while on one side it is winter the other summer and vice versa through the cycles always it is winter summer in the world. Winter see’s the seed planted while the seasons in between see the plant grow and in summer the fruit is ripe the harvest is bestowed in this way God hath made the world whole. 

The seasons of winter begin and end with summer the harvest This is how the force of God upon the winds blow. From heaven through the space’s principalities, realms and domains thus always know that in alignment with God is universal no matter where one exists.

Cease following Satan’s path in revelation END OF DAYS destruction,rather walk the higher path with God. All humanity has free will thus with God the end game is salvation it is creation and yours to claim.

Humanity made in our own image has been caught in the defiling nets of Satan, cut away Ba’al, purify humanity with mine holy spirit, bless all such in exodus from Satan and Satan’s corrupt and evil ways

Q The Oval Office Prayer Circle [Light vs Dark] Truth vs Lies

Mine Elect I acknowledge, give thanks for the tremendous duty and responsibility upon thee is immense. Thou journeys are the same as the Christos and all who journey home. I see thy works and it is good, still I have issue with those surrounding and those who hath not followed through with their mandates as given. I acknowledge where realignment of thou heart has been and shifted too and in so doing realigned to God. Thy using of thou compass is whole and complete. Nothing stands before thee that the can not defeat for the force and power of God holds thee true and sweet always when one has come to Gods feet.Stray not for the judgement in breaking they seal is utter destruction of all thou hold dear and will be absolute. Know the higher one ascends the greater the fall thus in breaking covenant with God the breaking of thy seal the greater the judgement of god shall be upon thee until complete

The Elect chosen by the Christos are in the world and going about their mandates.Humanity stand with them and ensure their success for theirs is yours and is Gods and know God is successful never doubt this and thus has won the war in heaven and on earth you simply have not arrived at Gods destination point yet.Know that thou will and strive to reach forth always endeavoring to produce the good and mighty works of God upon humanity.

Trump Elect

The trickery used against mine elect (President Trump upon the signing of the new NAFTA treaty) is rejected.  Here me Globalist whose agenda is not mine I declare these items null and void Sovereignty of the United States and free speech stands

Hear me winds I am speaks, clear away the cunning, the deceit, and betrayal, wash away the treason, the treacherous, wicked and Satan’s frequencies.

Fill the sail with God’s good and holy ways, flood the world with God’s frequencies

Cleanse those that carry hatred in their hearts and fill the vacancy void with clarity,freedom and truth, wisdom, love and light thus peace of true insight

Churches,all has sold out for thou 30 pieces of silver are under curse, clean away Satan’s temptation, remove the temptation of those entrapped by such




Cleanse away all evil and the unholy from all principalities and dominions until it is no more able to access humanity. Cut off all entrance points.

Here me oh mighty winds

The false 1000 lights of the NWO put out.   Replace all vacant in the void with Gods breath, sacred heart, light and holy ways

Align the beat of the heart to the heart that all may find the way

Judgement is upon the dark of Satan’s unholy ones. All false light now is to be exposed to the true light of God and be put out. The unholy veil of Satan ripped Satan’s unholy system, wicked mimic of Creation, and false God disintegrate. Satan’s body inclusive.  Pour God’s light upon it until it is no more existing.

I call upon God The Father and all in the Kingdom of heaven that come from God and Gods light, who has love in their hearts and the best interests of Mother earth and all life in the fullness of all directions uplift the curse of Satan’s reign upon The Mother and her children  all the curses of those caught up in that false reign of Satan lift away. The curse one to the other and to those they have inflicted such upon thus upon themselves lift away that humanity is reborn ready to ascend into the light of dawn and into the light of day

Let go the sins of Satan’s reign and set free thou souls upon the discovery of ascension to the heights of limitless potential and Gods universal laws, to live and abide by them in the reign of God upon earth and all life in the fullness of all directions


I call upon the winds to go out and cleanse the earth and all life in the fullness of all directions

PREPARE humanity thou souls to be forgiven and to forgive, to be re aligned to God and live forever thereafter in the light

Thus in the fullness of all life restoration as given by God and Gods blessing’s

Divided the light from the darkness no more, those in the light hath no darkness, those in the darkness conquered. Light rules the day and night


Prov. 30:4 pictures God holding the winds of the world in His fists, and all through the Bible God is the controller of the winds that produce the music of nature as they go singing through the canyons and the forest.

“God holds in His hands the winds of the East,

And the West and the South and North:

And He stands in love in the skies above,

And He sends them leaping forth.”

The winds of all four directions are dealt with in the Bible, and each has its own special purpose.

The very first picture of God we have in the Bible is in Gen.1:2, and that is of the Spirit of God hovering over the waters. The Hebrew word for spirit is the same word for wind and breath. It was God riding on the wings of the wind that began the process of turning the chaos into a world of order. It all begins with the wind of God,the Spirit of God, the breath of God. All three are the same Hebrew word.

 The Spirit and the wind have much in common. They are both invisible, yet very powerful. Wind is air in motion, and the Spirit is God in motion. Jesus linked the Holy Spirit and the wind in His night talk with Nicodemus. He said to him in John 3:8,”The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So, it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

 The wind can lift up millions of tons of water into the atmosphere, and yet it is an unseen power. It is doing things of enormous power all the time, but we cannot see it. So the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of people doing wonders in changing them and motivating them, but He is unseen. Like the wind, His influence is seen and felt by His effects that are visible. Wind is ever doing mighty things in the realm of the physical and spiritual. We need both the natural and the spiritual wind more than we realize.

The cleansing wind

“God keep a clean wind blowing through my heart night and day.

Cleanse it with sunlight, let the silver rain wash away

Cobwebs, and the smouldering dust that years leave, I pray.

God, keep a clean wind blowing through my heart: Wind from far

Green pastures, and from shaded pools where still waters are;

Wind from spaces out beyond the first twilight star.

Bitterness can have no place in me, nor grief stay,

When the winds of God rush through and sweep them away.

God keep a clean wind blowing through my heart night and day.”

This is a prayer for the Holy Spirit to cleanse us from the pollution of the world and give us a clean inner atmosphere where the fruit of the Spirit can grow. The Holy Spirit blows out the contaminated air of our soul and gives us fresh air to breathe. The result is a revived interest in the things of Christ. Our affections are set on things above, and not things below. Revival comes when God rides the wings of the wind blowing away the chaff and giving us clear vision of what really matters.

When the rushing mighty wind came upon the disciples at Pentecost, it was the wind of the Spirit, and they were filled with that Wind and began to declare the wonders of God. The wind and the Holy Spirit are both message carriers. They make sounds, and these sounds convey a message. The Psalmist says, “He makes the wind His messenger.” The poets often refer to the winds as messengers. Shakespeare wrote,

“The southern wind doth play the trumpet

To his purposes; and by his hollow

Whistling in the leaves foretells a

Tempest, and a blistering day.”

Tennyson wrote, “A wind arose and rushed upon the South and shook the songs, the whispers, and the shrieks of the wild woods together; and a Voice went with it, follow, follow thou shalt win.”Longfellow wrote,

“I hear the wind among the trees,

Playing celestial symphonies.

I see the branches downward bent,

Like keys of some great instrument.”

At Pentecost, the wind of the Holy Spirit was playing God’s song for all nations. The Gospel melody rung out to the crowd,and the great commission fulfillment began as people from all over the world responded to the Gospel. The power that propelled the church forward on this glorious mission was wind power: The heavenly wind power of the Holy Spirit.

How did God restore the earth after the flood so that it was fit again for man and animals. Gen. 8:1says, “But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and He sent a wind over the earth and the waters receded.” By wind power God did to the whole world what the Dutch did to Holland. The whole world was reclaimed by the wind.

How did God save the Israelite’s when they were trapped between the Red Sea and Pharaoh with his army of chariots. Ex. 14:21 says, “All that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong East wind and turned it into dry land.”God is all powerful and could by His mere word make the river bed dry, but He preferred to use wind power. God uses this great force to do his will in creation. He saved Israel by wind power. He was, that night, riding the wings of the wind, and using this natural power for His purpose. And the message of all this is that God is immanent in His creation. That is, He does get involved, and does in some way really ride the wings of the wind. Some of the reasons why He does He has told us. First of all-


It was the wind of God, or His breath, that pushed back the water and made the dry land possible. It was His breath breathed into the animal world and man that gave them life, and then we read in Ps. 33:6, “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, the starry hosts by the breath of His mouth.” The whole universe came from the breath of God. The wind of His spoken word created all that is. And everything continues as it is by the power of His breath, or wind.Over and over again, the Bible makes it clear that if God withdrew His breath from anything it would cease to be.

The whole process of nature’s reproduction is maintained by wind power. If pollen and seeds were not blown by the wind all would soon be dead. But because of the wind every nook and cranny on the planet is a place for potential life, for seeds are blown everywhere. Lyll Watson in Heaven’s Breath wrote this whole book to show that the wind is the circulatory and nervous system of earth, and that all life is dependent upon the wind. The5600 million million tons of air that wraps this planet is a key to life. Each of us breaths about 10 million times a year. We begin life with a breath and continue life with breathing. The whole world needs to breathe to continue, and it does so by means of the wind. Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you?It is awful. We need wind going down our windpipe to survive. The wind also evaporates water from the sea and gives the whole world the drink it needs to survive. Without the wind the world would soon be a vast desert. The wind causes one and a half million tons of water to fall on the land of this world every second. Life needs water and wind gets water to all of life.

 Man is just beginning to see how the whole planet is kept in balance by the jet steam that tares around the world 30,000 feet above the earth. It travels up to 300 miles per hour and regulates the weather all over the world. It redistributes hot and cold air all over the world to maintain balance. Dr. Harry Wexler of the U. S. Weather Bureau wrote, “In a windless world the tropics would become intolerably hot and the rest of the planet unbearably cold; the parched continents would become dust: Cities would suffocate.” But God rides the wings of the wind to create balance. Secondly, God rides the wings of the wind-


The world is filled with corruption and pollution in the air. If the wind did not blow this foul air away all of life would soon parish in the stagnant air. Life depends on the cleansing power of the wind.

“There is ever and ever his boundless blue

And ever and ever his green, green sod,

And ever and ever between the two

Walks the wonderful winds of God.”

This was true even in the ideal world of Eden. Even in a perfect world there were certain times better than others. One of them was the cool of the evening. The sun could still be hot in a perfect world, and so Adam and Eve could sweat and even get sun burned, and so it was a refreshing time when the cool of the evening wind would blow. Gen. 3:8says, “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as He was walking in the garden in the cool of the day.” The Hebrew word for cool is ruach, which is the same word for wind, breath, and spirit. It was in that time of day that nature was providing the gentle breeze that God walked in the garden. The heat was blown away and it was an ideal time. The wind brings comfort and pleasure to all of us when it is hot. Thirdly, God rides the wings of the wind-


Wind is the driving force of life. The breath of God is what gives all that lives, life, and the ability to move. When we lose the breath of life we are dead and still. It is the wind within us that compels us to think, to act, and to grow. Everything that we do depends upon the movement of air. The Bible says we function by wind power, and when the wind stops,we stop too. To be born anew is to be born of a new wind. The breath of God’s Spirit enters us, and we are compelled by this new wind to go a new direction God wants us to go. Myra Scovel in 1969 wrote,

“Where does the wind come from,


“Rabbi, I do not know;”

Nor can you tell where it will go.

Put yourself into the path of the wind,


You will know the thrill of being borne along

By something greater than yourself.

You are proud of your position,

Of your security,

But you will perish in such stagnant air.

Put yourself into the path of the wind,


Bright leaves will dance before you.

You will find yourself in places

That you never dreamed of seeing.

You will be forced into places you have dreaded

And find them like a coming home.

Put yourself into the path of the wind,


You will have a power that you never had before.


You will be a new man!

Put yourself into the path of the wind.”

Dr. Jowett, the great preacher, went for a walk by the sea, and he asked a sailor if he could explain the wind. He said, “No,I can’t explain the wind, but I can hoist a sail.” Jowett realized then that we don’t need to explain the wind, but we need to simply cooperate with it and use the wind to achieve God’s purpose. We need to let it blow us in the direction He wants to compel us to go. Fourthly, God rides the wings of the wind-


In II Sam.22:11 God rode on the wings of the wind in order to deliver David from his foes. By the blast of breath from His nostrils came a conquering wind. All through the Old Testament the breath of God is a force for judgment.Some of the great victories of history were wind victories.

 England will never forget the winds of God that saved them from the Spanish Armada. The superb and towering galleons struck terror into the hearts of the English people. They had only small ships in comparison, but Captain Drake went out anyway to do battle with these giants of the sea. The wind became strong and the huge Spanish ships could not maneuver like the smaller English ships. They became helpless and those that were not sunk were carried around the channel and smashed to pieces on the rocks. By the power of the wind England won a decisive battle she could never have won without the wind of God.

 It was four o’clock in the afternoon on April 22,1915. The experts told the German Generals it was the perfect time to let loose the deadly poisonous gas on the Allies. They said the wind would blow in their direction for the next 36 hours. The gas began to kill the allied soldiers, but then the wind shifted and came back upon the Germans and they died by the thousands.If the wind had not shifted the Germans may have conquered the world. Never before was there any record of the wind shifting so suddenly. God again was riding on the wings of the wind to conquer the forces of evil.

We need the wind to win. We need God’s judging wind to create storms that bring judgment on evil. Wind is a weapon that no man can resist. It is a frightening power, but we need to pray that God will blow away the foul odor of man’s corruption and let us breath again the clean air of righteousness. We cannot do this with our puny power. We need the wind of God to conquer.

Captain Ahab in Moby Dick says, “Tis a noble and heroic thing, the wind! Whoever conquered it? In every fight it has the last and bitterest blow…….There’s something all glorious and gracious in the wind.” This is even more so when we look beyond the wind of nature to the wind of God’s Spirit. Let every cooling breeze remind you that God’s Spirit is blowing to bring refreshment into your life. Let every storm remind you that the wind of God’s judgment will have the final word, and we need to be sheltered in the ark of Christ or be blown away. Shakespeare was right when he said, “Ill blows the wind that profits nobody.” Every wind can profit the Christian if they will, like the Psalmist, look for and see God riding on the wings of the wind.

 The New Dream

Pour forth the measure of Gods blessings on the body of Christ, Gods army inclusive. Seal all those belonging. The two witnesses, olive trees stand strong.    

Spread the gold color of Aotearoa across the lands upholding covenant with God the Creator assign.

The path of truth hath laid the foundations returning and restoring humanity to balance

In unity the body of Christ and the army of God, the two witnesses those mighty olive trees grown may now stand in full glory and go about bringing forth the mighty fist of peace together as one. Aligned to God the creator they are the heart beat.

As one they walk, as one they pray, as one they breath and sing the new song of the heart (wwg1wga) under God they shall remain forever blessed

As one they reflect one being in the light, in truth become co-creators with God the creator in unison

Bring forth the joining of Gods frequency. As this is done forming the true body of Christ No longer the DNA SPLIT it becomes whole All creation begins in spirit to be life, moving through the layers becomes the form, thus know thy sound of God and thou shall grow in spirit and in form. From the Heart all creation is born. 

 I claim the faithful and the true as mine own – The new Jerusalem, the new people of ISRAEL. And the covenant thus stands, raise up thou hearts and sing.


When we join the first and last letters of the Torah, we have lev, the Hebrew word for heart

I am the beginning and the end, I AM THE HEART.

I declare God the creator victor and victorious

Sing to the LORD a New Song
1A Psalm.Sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done wonders;His right hand and holy arm have gained Him the victory. 2The LORD has proclaimed His salvation and revealed His righteousness to the nations.…


96 O sing unto the Lord a new song:sing unto the Lord, all the earth.

Sing unto the Lord, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day.

 3 Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.

For the Lord is great, and greatly to be praised: he is to be feared above all gods.

For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.

 6 Honor and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.

Give unto the Lord,O ye kindreds of the people, give unto the Lord glory and strength.

Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering and come into his courts.

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.

10 Say among the heathen that the Lord reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.

11 Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad;let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof.

12 Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice

13 Before the Lord:for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth.

Revelation 7:1-8
And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth…

Light to light – the day fulfilled, the office by Gods seal fulfilled.  

I am the light

King of king’s, Queen of Queen’s man made labels doth thou comprehend the office

I am the Christos, word of God – the Christ

My new name written – TeManawa, The Heart signed sealed and now delivered

The love I have for you God the Father is beyond this world open the way for it to fill the world with the same of light and thus carry it on the winds,winds I now command thee blow, carry Gods will and word to all corners of the universe, principalities, realms and dominions, to the four corners of earth and to all on earth. The dawn is birthed now becomes the light of day, of God upon earth in full array

I. THE EVENTS FIGURATIVELY REPRESENTED BY THE FOUR WINDS. Different opinions have been expressed respecting these winds.Bishop Newton and other writers understand by them those Pagan persecutions which assailed the Christian Church prior to the time of Constantine, and which were removed when he took the Christian religion under his protection. The text evidently includes all winds that injure the Christian Church and impede true religion in the world; but Constantine only suspended one wind to let loose another,equally, if not more, injurious than the wind of persecution; I mean the winds of error, formality, earthly-mindedness, and general corruption. Mr. Jones,author of the history of the Waldenses, makes these winds to mean the influences of the Holy Spirit, which, he says, were with. held from the Church when she became the favorite of the state under Constantine. It is quite true that the influences of the Holy Spirit are frequently represented in Scripture by the figurative term “winds.” Still this cannot be the true meaning of the term “winds” in this passage, for this reason, the four angels are commanded to restrain these winds till the servants of God are sealed;whereas this sealing cannot be effected without the influences of the Spirit.What, then, are we to understand by the winds mentioned? I answer, two things:

1. Divine judgments. Wars, famine, pestilence,the overthrow of kingdoms, and the universal wreck of all earthly things. The particular judgments to which these winds refer are, I think, those mentioned in the sixth seal, at the close of the sixth chapter, and whose fearful operations are represented by the seven trumpets in the eighth chapter.

2. All events and influences unfavorable to the cause of Christ. The wind of persecution; the wind of false doctrine; the wind of delusion and wild fanaticism; the wind of temptation; the wind of infidelity; the wind of open profanity and blasphemy; the winds of affliction,adversity, and distress; by all of which the Church is frequently assailed.These things are called “winds,” because they produce agitation and commotion — breaking the branches, blasting the fruits, and uprooting the trees of God’s spiritual vineyard. They are called “four” winds, to show their universality, their wide-spreading desolation. They are called winds of the “earth,” because earth is the scene of their operation — they are for ever excluded from heaven; their coming from the four cardinal points at once shows their violence, rage, and fury.

II. THE AGENTS TO WHOM THEY ARE COMMITTED. This notion of angels ruling the winds is very ancient. Herodotus says it was held by the Persians; Eusebius says it was held by the Phoenicians; Pausanias says it was held by the Greeks; says it was held by the Romans; Seneca and Virgil say it was held by the Gauls; and most of these people worshiped these ruling spirits. Some understand by the four angels four monarchies, the Babylonian, the Grecian, the Persian, and the Roman; but this cannot be, for at the time to which this passage refers, the monarchies will have long been forgotten, while existing monarchies will be the objects of this vengeance, and not the executioners of it. Others understand by these four angels four emperors, Maximinus, Galerius, Maxenfius, and Licinius, or their praetorian prefects; but the same objections stand against them as against the monarchies. Others think that four persecuting powers are meant. Others think four evil angels, or demons, are meant, who hold back the winds of the Spirit from blowing upon this valley of death, that the dry bones might live; or who are charged with destructive powers, as the messengers of an angry God; but as their work is first to restrain all antagonistic influences to the gospel,while it effects the high purposes of God, and then to execute the Divine vengeance at the day of Christ; and as these employments are nowhere ascribed to wicked angels, this cannot be the real meaning. These are four good angels.This appears first, from the fact that they are here represented as taking apart with the fifth angel in sealing the servants of God; also from their being entrusted with such an important post — restraining wicked spirits, persecuting men, antagonist influences, and Divine judgments, till grace has worked out its wonders. Then their attitude — standing — signifies that they have no settled dominion; that they are the movable ministers of God; that they are ready to do His pleasure.


1. Bishop Newton, and several other writers both before and since his day, tell us that this angel was Constantine the Great,who, they say, brought light, protection, and deliverance to the Christian Church that had been greatly afflicted under the persecuting tyranny of the Pagan Roman emperors. As far as I can judge, there is not even the shadow of a reason for thinking that this angel was Constantine.

(1) The language applied to this angel is too sublime to refer to a fallen creature like Constantine.

(2) The events which this angel is said to control, and the magnificent work he is said to accomplish, are not the narrow and limited circumstances of one man’s life, but they stretch through ages; spread over kingdoms, continents,sea, and land.

(3) The character of Constantine differs widely from what we must believe was the real character of the angel referred to in this passage.

(4) The influences on true religion,which followed Constantine’s interference, were, in many respects, just the opposite to those which the angel in the text is said to produce. This angel not only suspends persecution and postpones judgments, but vital godliness greatly prospers, as is evident from the number that are said to be sealed.Besides, this prosperity of genuine religion is not for a brief period, but it  appears to extend through centuries. Now, is there anything analogous to this,which may be regarded as the result of Constantine’s interference? That some good resulted to the then existing and persecuted Church, from this interference,we do not deny. Persecution was suspended. Still we maintain that the evil accruing from this change preponderates; it brought her in contact with a secular power that tarnished her purity, beclouded her glory, enervated her native power.

2. Well, who is this Angel? Why, the Lord Jesus Christ, the uncreated Angel of the Covenant, to whom the figurative language of the text applies to the very letter. This Angel is described —

(1) By the point of His ascension.”And I saw another Angel ascending from the east.” This was literally true of Christ; He came from the east, and hence He is called the East, or, as it is commonly rendered, “the Day-spring from on high.” But His ascending from the east shows the favorable nature of His mission and character. The east is the great fountain of light, life, fruitfulness, purity,and joy; so this Angel, Christ, is called the Sun of Righteousness, that visits our world with healing beneath His wings. He is that bright, shining Sun, that never sets, but whose heavenly radiance always beams upon His Church, giving salvation, light, beauty, and joy.

 (2)By credentials He bears. “Having the seal of the living God”; which refers, first, to His office as Mediator between God and man. This refers to a custom among the kings of the earth, who have their own confidential servants to whom they deliver certain seals of office. These seals of office are the influences of the Spirit without measure; authority to bestow them, procured by virtue of His atonement;energy, to carry all His plans into successful operation; and all power, both in heaven and in earth, to render all things, creatures, and events,subservient to His designs.

Seal of the living God – The Heart 

Seal of the living God – The Heart

But His having the seal of the living God goes further still. It refers to the dignity of His person, as the Son of God, as well as to the glory and credentials of His office, as the Savior of the world. Having the seal of the living God —that is, having in His own nature the visible impress of deity, the authentic testimony, proof, and demonstration that He Himself was the living God, the brightness of His Father’s glory, and the express image of His person.

(3) By the supreme authority He assumes.”He cried with a loud voice,” the emblem of supreme authority and power; He commands or forbids as He pleases, and whatsoever He wills is done.

(4) By the command He gives. “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea nor the trees.” No devastating wars, no raging persecutions, no fearful and wide-spreading judgments, must be permitted to hinder the cause of Christ. The contrary winds must sleep at the feet of their presiding angels, till the ark of salvation is filled with the whole family of God and safely moored in the peaceful bay of heaven.

IV. THE REASON ASSIGNED FOR THEIR SUSPENSION.”Till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.”

1. The nature of it. To seal a person or thing is to set a mark upon it for a specific purpose. The term is frequently employed in the Scriptures to express the operations of grace, by which believers are separated from the world and made meet for heaven.

2. The agents of it. “We.” The work of salvation is of Christ from first to last.

3. The subjects of it. “Servants of God,” that is, true believers, those who serve God by obeying His commands and seeking His glory. They are sealed to serve Him here and to enjoy Him hereafter.

4. Visibility of it. “In their foreheads.”

5. The chief design of it. That believers should not be “hurt” by the fearful calamities that are predicted in the sixth seal, as speedily to fall upon the wicked. God marks them as His special property; and being thus sealed, they live under the special protection of His providence while here, and will meet with an effectual shelter in the great day of His wrath.

6. The extent of it. The question was once put to Christ, “Lord, are there few that shall be saved?” Here the question receives an answer which shows that there will be many, so that in this, as well as in all other things, Christ will have the pre-eminence.

(1) We have a specific number. Twelve thousand out of each tribe were sealed,making one hundred and forty-four thousand in the whole, which in prophetic language signifies completion and perfection.

(2) We have a general number. The whole assembly of the redeemed, including Jews and Gentiles, rises in splendid array to the apostle’s view.

7. The ultimate glory of it. “They stand before the throne, and before the Lamb.”

 From the east Christ will return from the east. See note2a.
  Having the seal This is what the”servants of our God” need to survive the blowing v3. For more on the servants and the seal, see on ep0606.The seal is also a mark of pledge loyalty. It generally has the following components:
   * Name of the one to whom loyalty is pledged.
   * His office (for example, “king.”)
   * The territory which he governs.
  Consider the following examples 1ki2108,es0808,ex2008-11.

The four winds of Revelation 7 and 8 are a good example of God restraining evil, in this case, by having His angels hold back the winds of destruction.The restraint is maintained for a time until an objective is reached and then they are released. Then, in a sense, permission is given for Satan to work or we can look at it as God no longer preventing him from causing destruction. (Wm. Gregory.)

God bless the winds and all upon them. Thou are the glory

God rest

Seal of The Christos

TeManawa The heart

Te Manawa The Heart defender of the of the faith, Gods live sovereign de jure and sovereign de facto of the Age (TM) #MotheroftheWorld#MotheroftheNations#Christos of the Age #Revelations#God#TheHeart#NextLevel#SaveThePlanet#SaveHumanity#Maori#AlexJones#POTUS#VladimirPutin#NigelFarage#PrayForTrump#MarkTaylor#JeromeCorsi#PaulBegley#LionelNations#QAnon#PrayForPutin#GeoEngineering#Vatican#Pope#PopeFrancis#UnitedNations#EU#NATO#Bilderburg#ISRAEL#Jerusalem#FreedomOfSpeech#internetbillofrights#FreeChina#FreeTibet#FreeTheWorld#WeThePeople#TheGreatAwakening#NZPolitics#DrainTheSwampNZ#NWO#Satanic#SatanToGodsSystem#God1st#Maori#Iwi#NewZealandGovernment#Parliament#TheBeehive#MaoriParty#LaborParty#ActParty#NationalParty#NZFirstParty#NewZealand#NgaPuhi#Tribes#NgātiPorou#NgātiKahungunu#NgāiTahu#WaikatoTainui#NgātiTūwharetoa#NgātiManiapoto#Tūhoe#TeArawa#MovementAgainstGlobalism#MAG#MAGNZ#YellowVest#Truth#EraOfLight#ChristchurchTerrorAttack#JacindaWhatHaveYouDone#NewZealandStrong

Gods word, Gods code is beyond mans.

Speech comes often to the tongue of man

with little thought behind the words

In the beginning was the word and the word was God

Each thought of the word manifested

is spirit chosen

is sent on the wind towards the light

and they bring truth of the manifestation

Dark thoughts bring dark clouds

Thoughts of wisdom upon the breath of man

is much required

To many speak just to hear themselves

Wise men say little

and produce only good upon their tongue

It is not physical but spiritual events that take place

Your mind activates much within your body

your universal truth

Action of this upon your breath

of words

give living energy

So when you are feeling frustrated,

low in energy

confused in the heart and mind

It is not a good time to put upon your breath.

Disruption occurs,  angry words May be spoken

Black clouds are amongst it

Your thoughts are living spirit

When, in what you ask for from God

You are thoughtless and disregard what you are asking for

It does not come in the way you want it

If you took the time to express the truth in it’s fullness

and not be clouded by the interplay’s of your own needs

For example, I need somebody to love

 and when you receive a midget

you don’t want that

You control your thoughts

Next time you display negative thoughts

think upon what you are manifesting

The affect on others

God manifests in you

Love one another

Be kind to those around you

Love them as you would love yourself

I would leave you with one more thing to think upon

In the truth of your heart, lies all wisdom

If you find your thoughts clouded,

they are of Earth, not of the higher place

Look to God for the actions you seed from thought

Face who you are in a positive light

and overcome the everyday battle

of light over darkness

Place thoughts wisely in your mind

and you will see the change it brings, in those around you.

The Dark is the occultist the light Gods and the battle rages and the enemies are often those that profess to be the light remember this God reveal slayer upon layer.

It is not easy to comprehend the fullness of what I go about yet know this I hath been about absorbing the dark and turning it back to light so while one may wonder why is this within Gods works one must also comprehend what works are not of Gods in the end – TM

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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