Who among you?


To say the New World order is the same thing as the New world is like saying the devil is Jesus and there simply is the core issue of the choice humanity is making, either one is with the devil or with God.

We the people do not give permission for the New World order or the devil to have our world or our beings and any person/s signing up to the New World Order has signed up to the devil.

To those of the NWO and Agenda 21, sustainable growth, Illuminati and eugenicist planning and actively involved with the greatest con of man kind with the darkest of concepts being created against humanity. Who among you asked God what God’s plan is and how to serve God to best bring about Gods plan. It is obvious that none of you have. Certainly no one who is talking NWO  and the many minions following along with your diabolical plans has talked to God or listened to God.

We the people do not give anyone permission to create harmful and purposeful harm in our world and its creatures or humanity and we do not give permission for NWO, Agenda 21 or a few to have all while all have little or nothing. Your all most welcome to leave our planet now. We no longer accept blindly

Vaccines that are being forced on humans that are loaded with death

The people are being kept poor by design

To all who are with God and Gods Creation

Know It doesn’t have to be this way and do not be caught up by the spin. Open your eyes see the patterns, work it through, and work it out.  Tell others what you know.

By extracting ourselves from this manipulative system we will have the freedom that God gave to us. We are the only creatures on earth required to pay for our existence but there trying to change that where does it end? In destruction of all things and it is already happening with the imploding already actively occurring everywhere.  Aotearoa is not exempt and no one on the planet is either.

Do not be diverted off onto meaningless issues that allow the NWO to increment more control over you.

Remember all it takes for evil men to win  is for good men to do nothing  (If it is to be it is up to me)

Today’s victims are the ones out there demonstrating without you they will be the targets hurt and that makes them the victims because you are not standing up with them but letting them fight for you. If they lose you will have to fight there is no escape from this so get in now not later.

If your dependent you are a victim. Take help from others, come together as family, and or groups, and leave no one out or behind. Share what you have. Become independent as soon as you can.

Do what ever you can to make sure not to sign up for renewing your contract with Governing bodies for it is simply re committing to your enslavement with those who are asking you too.  Do yourself a favor and remain free from bondage by simply saying NO.

Buy local

Grow your own food

Buy country brands ie made in NZ

Refuse to buy foreign brands

Filter and catch your own water

Refuse to be dependant

Home school

Stop watching TV

Go off the grid

Look after each other

Be your own doctor

Spiritually refuse permission for the NWO to exist and cause crimes against humanity

Declare your free will and liberty to exist and be active

What do I stand for – Freedom.

The right to be free to develop your faculties and to seek your fulfillment in your unique way in potential with your endowments. Where the Governing/ Government and Royal bodies has this set as its guiding star. These being set for all without exception. Where the laws of the land apply to all and those in leadership are answerable to all. Where transparency, accountability, and responsibility, applies in every aspect for want of a better word rule. This is what the tablets of the heart are based on. These are the universal laws of God and creation thus learning to live in co-operation with these.

Why do we not have liberty? A  risk free existence loses all liberty and freedom yet this is what all Governing bodies aim for today. Risk free in exchange for Liberty that takes from you and makes all candidate’s for prison because all have the ability to be evil even if in a small way.

By the right to be self-determining we must demand freedom over risk free society which simply restricts all causing Authoritarian/Totalitarian society.  The down fall of all past Empires. The British Empire is falling down. The catholic church is falling down. The United states is falling down. We are in phase 6 of a 7 phase cycle. If we as humanity are to learn from our past to understand our future, today is the day to produce that learning and step back from the outcomes of history or repeat the cycle and this destruction thus take part in the  down fall so often seen in what has been before..

Freedom means we would rather have minimum risk than live risk free. Where Government does not know better than you. Your  master of your soul, captain of your own fate with the ability to be responsible and accountable through choices you elected. Learning by your mistakes is a God-given right and how the soul is grown. Government  is not there to take your pride and dignity of determining your outcome where you make of what your endowments are. Leading bodies is simply there to make sure it gives you an even playing field.

We can change the outcome of the heading we are all on but we must stand up now and demand the steps from our leaders that lead us back from this final and devastating brink.

You have control of your own moral high ground living on the side of your God self and minimizing mind self.

Why and how we accept Tyranny?

By allowing an individual or small governing body all the power to play judge, jury, and executioner (Giving up our power to another or others.

By not really paying attention or caring which allows incremental stages of Tyranny to be placed right under our noses without resistance……

We the people refuse to be subjected to Tyranny and do not give permission to those who make attempt to place Tyranny in our world. We do not give permission to those of Tyranny to cause harm to our planet called earth and to all life and creation upon or in above below or through our planet.

About TeManawa

Build on truth for lasting foundations Introduction I am Debra Ann Potroz, my hapu is Ngaati Mahuta. Born Under the watchful eyes of Mount Taranaki in Aotearoa Land of the long white cloud(NZ) I am descended from a long line of Kings. I was raised by my Tupuna, great ancestors of the past. On July 4th 2007 I was informed by an elder of the council of elders I received and in response accepted succession to the Maori Throne (confirmed Oct 2011). Later in the year this same Kaumatua informed me Mother of the Nations had been conferred adding the elders had called me TeManawa (The Heart) by which I was to be known. Previously an elder of Maniapoto had bestowed the name Hawaiikirangi. There is also official and validated Authority as The word made manifest, Christos, anointed one, since 1999, which has also been documented and recorded since 1992 to current. Barry Brailsford one of our great New Zealand authors released prophesy of the one to come who would hold up a stone at the temple of the 4 winds, he wrote she is the Leader of the Children of Light. In a glass case it waited 5 years for the hands that would lift it. In 1999 they arrived. The profile picture is of the stone (Petros Petra) named "Te Tapu Manawa nui" meaning The sacred big Heart (Manawa nui means Heart, brave, patient steadfast) yet it is the intent of nui to express in this case pure, Immaculate. Green stone is the stone of pure creation. It is the stone of peace, of The Gods, the fish, The stone of heaven and The Grail stone. Poutini is its guardian and is the first star of Orion's belt. It is held up at the gate of Tula on earth under the stars of Orion's belt, by Te Manawa (The heart) the person and first(An) in the sacred marriage as Poutini and Te Tapu Manawa nui in her hands join heaven to earth and earth to heaven. TeManawa as The word (Christos, anointed one) makes declaration standing in the circle of creation - Te means tree thus the true cross of Christ or the logos/word. Those with true hearts being the fertile soil shall find them. Debra also received "the foundation stone" in Maui 1996. Barry is of the Waitaha people, Te Manawa is Maori her (tribe) Iwi is Waikato whose waka is both on earth and in heaven being te waka o Tainui o te Ra. The waka bow is the Pleiades, Aldebaran is in the sail also known as The Golden Arrow and Orion's belt is the stern. TeManawa is The Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth. Kuia Taini Drummond explained the people are the heart beat. And thus TeManawa is announced to the world. All material is copyright Soul Directions 1992. Permission must be obtained to reproduce or use. Where permission is given no alteration to the material may be done. Bragging rights TeManawa has two sons, Tristan Pascoe and Samuel Potroz (Hill). Samuel is anointed and was held up to the four winds by Kaumatua Pereme Porter shortly after Samuel's birth in ancient ceremony. Telegram - Song of the Heart
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